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Can you believe that E3 is less than 2 months away? While, of course, most E3 goings on are kept top secret, I’m happy to share one bit of info today: we will be throwing another PlayStation.Blog meetup during the event. Currently, I’m targeting Sunday afternoon (June 13th), in the Downtown LA area. We’ll, of course, confirm all the details on the Blog 7-10 days in advance, as per usual.

Many of you have been asking about this, so I wanted to let you all know… yeah – it’s on!

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of April 12, 2010)

Oh, and this.

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  • Nice batch, I’m looking forward to Tuesday updates.

  • I say this every year…but I’m *really* hyped for E3 this year. Hopefully Sony won’t let the Natal/3DS hype trains dominate though.

  • I can’t wait till E3. I’m hoping for Resistance 3, Big Playstation Home news, Playstation Move, SOCOM 4 and much more! :D

  • Pretty good reading list… here are are a few more interesting articles:

    “MODNATION RACERS” (Dave Jaffe’s Blog):

    “March NPDs: Kratos slaughters the competition, PS3 FFXIII doubles 360” (1UP):

    “Crytek getting ‘Slightly more performance’ out of Crysis 2 on PS3” (1UP);

    “21 Random Qs: Getting to Know…Robert Bowling (Modern Warfare 2)” (Bitmob – Dan “Shoe” Hsu)

  • hopin for beta xmb….

  • Hey Jeff, will that horror game shown off at GDC for the move be announced at E3? i really cant wait to see more on it. i just remember it looking like you controlled a flashlight with the move.

  • I don’t want confirmation of the game, I just want confirmation of the confirmation. Did you announce Ape Escape as a move title a while back?

  • i might see you at e3 jeff.

  • i want to congrad PlayStation for having a outstanding March. plus for the Final Fantasy XIII out selling 360’s version 2:1 without advertisement. what make it funny now Sq/Ex now know they back the wrong system. scratching there head asking what version you bought.

  • If Sony is bringing Updates on tuesdays then does that mean the store will be updated at a sooner time? it would be to have the updaes in the morning instead at the end of the day…..

    • The time of day won’t likely change significantly, but you’ll be getting your goods 48 hours earlier. I think that’s the definition of “win.”

  • so updates will be coming on teusdays now??

  • Really wish SONY would do a better job having info available for things like the minis. I still havent seen even a screen shot of the Monopoly game.

    Also…more minis that don’t play on PS3….can we please have some consistency.

  • So when can we expect PSN Tuesdays?

  • Hey Jeff i just like to know as a psp go only owner y is sony support for it just awful & i’ve noticed some songs on the go won’t play on it. i really like the go but if i would’ve known that not every new game made for psp doesn’t have to be a digital download as well i would’ve never bought it. now if i want these games on the go i have to beg & plead the publishers which i should never have to do as a consumer but according to u i have too.

  • Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Collector’s Edition costs $50, includes ‘exclusive artbook’ – Joystiq

    this link is busted. here it is:

  • Will we get some news about Dead nation soon?

  • @Dex_DarkDefender

    First of all your name is awesome. that is the best show ever lol

    in the link it says May 4.

  • Is it only me or is everyone getting ‘Upgrade now’ screens when they try & watch a video on YouTube via the PS3? Any news on when we are getting a patch to address this?

  • My commment has been awaiting moderation for 3 hours. Does it usually take this long?

  • Any news on Castle Crashers? Hope to hear from those guys soon. :)

  • Jeff please tell the guys at Playstaion Japan that we NEED Demon’s Souls 2.

  • More Ps3 game from Japan Studio.
    i have read about LittleBigPlanet2 and i would like to know if we are ever going to see MediaMolecule working on something that isn’t littleBigPlanet

  • Any updates on Castle Crashers and the PS Blog Podcast?

    • Chris was helming the PlayStation Blog Podcast, so with him jetting, it’ll have to wait until we make another hire…

  • Did anyone even see the last link Jeff posted? I figured one person would have mentioned it by now.

  • will demon soul’s drop price soon in canada? the game looks good but i dont want to pay 80bucks tax included to buy it!

  • Going to LA for the first time ever in May, and E3 just has to be June….

    And Jeff, I demand proper compensation in return for Roy Halladay! Jay’s games just haven’t been the same without him.

    • We gave up the farm for him. Quite literally! You’ll enjoy Drabek and Taylor for years, I think.

  • Whats with the last post?
    Im guessing your hiring since Chris left

  • Hey Jeff,

    Do you have any idea why an offical site hasn’t been released for the soon to be released Fifa World Cup video game? Thanks! it would be nice to know somemore information on the game.

  • Hey Mr. Rubenstein,

    I was thinking of booking a hotel for a couple days down in LA as well as the flight (NOT driving this time) its going to be pricey,
    Should we look foward to a similar “prize” as last year? I would love to go to the sony presser…and Im willing to pay if bribes are acceptable!!

    Thank you sir and I hope you can answer this……GO GATORS!!!!

    • Can’t confirm anything yet, but that is indeed something I’m hoping to do… Fortunately, Virgin flights from Seattle-LA are pretty reasonable. Hotels… somewhat less so.

  • Hey Jeff im glad to hear that the ps store will now move to Tuesdays. it sucked having to wait till Thursday. im also glad to hear that GOW3 sold so well…its an amazing game and ive played it 4 times already and ill probably give it a 5th time..its that awesome.. by the way Jeff your gunners aren’t looking to good right now. 4-1 against Barcelona, 2 -1 against Tottenham and 3-2 against Wigan today..bad 2 weeks for you gunner fans..Go Chelsea!

  • I am REALLY looking forward to 3D game dot heroes! the 8.5 (i think) that ign gave it, was just the added incentive i needed!
    now we just have to convince ATLUS and FROM SOFTWARE to make DLC, and what-not and we’re perfect!

  • Jeff, can you tell the person responsible for the store updates to put up the Crysis 2 trailer on thursday.

  • I’m glad to hear PS store will update every Tuesday from now on.

  • Alright Im sold….Ill see you there!!! Now to find a decent hotel….

  • I’m still a sad panda after missing PAX East. :(

  • i was first hesitant to buy 3d dotgame heroes because it was retro and also because it was an action game. but, i have changed my mind after watching the vids(with the witty humor) and the accolades that reviewers are giving it.anyways,i hope your having a great weekend over there,jeff

  • YAY my question was answered. My life is now complete!

  • @25
    DS is 59.99 at
    and 49.99 at

    Where the heck are you shopping?

  • Yea I seriously hope they don’t over do their natal mess I hope the show a variety of things to make us hype to wait for

  • Wonder how that study of connected ps3’s changed after Xbox banned the million consoles :P

  • The PS Blog is having another pre-E3 meetup in Downtown L.A.? Nice! I am as good as there Jeff, count me in! Last year was lovely, we got to preview Fireteam Bravo 3. Hopefully there will be some nice games on hand here as well!

    Looking forward to it.

  • I look at this website to find all the latest videos on PS3 Dynamic Themes:

    There really is’nt any other site out there that shows all the dynamic themes.

  • I hope they don’t allow motion controls in socom 4’s mutiplayer with that stupid auto target stuff cool for singleplayer but that could very well ruin mp I won’t buy it if they do at least have a way to block noobs with motion controls from your lobby

  • Didn’t read anything about angry early adopters, eh?

  • google PS3 Refund and you’ll see what I mean.


  • Hey Jeff, I’d really like to continue buying stuff on PSN. Unfortunately I can’t access it anymore without losing my Linux functionality I paid for. Any chances?

  • Im sure this is completely off topic but the AK pieces thing in Socom TOC and Oposing Force on PS Home are not registering right and its getting a tad bit irritating.

  • so even though the store will be updating on tuesdays, us on the east coast will probably still have to wait until nightfall or wednesday mornings? Are you guys still NOT getting the whole picture? There is absolutely no reason why the store shouldn’t update before noon on the east coast. It took you guys over 3 years of the PS3 life cycle to FINALLY update on tuesdays… don’t take another 3 years to make such a small adjustment.

  • ►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►
    @ Jeff I been a Day 1 Blog User and Thank You for being a Big Supporter here on the Blog. It’s all about the Community I always Say.. and im sure you agree too.

    I have a Favor to ask you Jeff

    Could you Make a Count Down Counter for E3 for All of Use to Get Excited about :D

    I have been updating my PSN Comment Status Every Day for all my friends how manys Days Left to E3 2010

    Thank You in Advanced :D

    PSN: Skater_Ricky

  • GREAT READ Jeff, you bought us AMAZIN news again buddy =P

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