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  • I think a countdown for modnation is in order =)

  • When is th map pack for modern warfare 2 comming out for ps3?

  • Hi Sid, any word on how much space modnation psp will take up on my memory stick if I buy it from the PS store. Thanks

    • Not sure on specifics like that, but more details should be out as we approach the game’s release on May 25th! Keep an eye on the Blog

  • I think it’s ridiculous Sony destroyed plenty ps3’s, and won’t own up or fix it.

  • the updates this week were incredible. Keep up the hot stuff and ill keep spending 100 per week for weeks like this one and section 8 etc. I have been buying a ton of minis and psp wares since they have such good deals.

    Jeff, and Grace. Thankyou and I was just curious. Are we getting another update in three days on tuesday? or is it set for a specific date?

  • Ruffday is right. Mine is one of thousands sony messed up with thier latest firmware downgrade. No SONY this will not go away until u own up & fix the problems. Nor will thousands of us be buying sony in tuture. Rule 1 in business is always keep the customer coming back. SONY is a huge FAIL on that rule.

  • Thanks for the update Sid S. Also.. any word on Grand Tourismo5?..

  • ok when are the psp users going to get a new update i know you guys been busy and all but i’ve been waiting for one since last year so please release one soon are we going to get psproom sid would you know if you don’t who does?

  • Thanks for the update but for the love of god take that pic of the dude eating cake in the dress down.I have nothing against guys in girl clothes but man that one is creeping me out.

    Any update on a podcast sid?

    • Frazz, podcast is very much in the cards — hope to have a more informative update soon, but it’s definitely being discussed.

  • @7 PSP Room has been canceled, apparently. Check most gaming related sites for the story.

  • im lost(and damned) in liberty city…

    fantastic game, recomend episodes from liberty city to everyone!

  • pretty good patch for MAG i might start playing it again

  • Am I the first person whose share idea is used?

    I…I…was actually listened too.

    I’m scarred, hold me.

  • SONY, please update your Flash player on PS3 I can’t even YouTube on there anymore

  • Hey Sid, did you actually remember to send the note to the PSN Store team regarding God of war III Chaos Trailer (Release Trailer)?

    Cause I didnt see it in this week’s store update :-(

    • I did mention it to them, Velmonte, but there’s no set ETA/confirmation on something like that. I’ll check in again though.

  • Heya Sid,

    Any updates on when the digital comics (or movies, or TV shows, for that matter) might be available for download in Canada?

    Thanks in advance! :)

  • psp room?

  • Thanks for the reply Sid.
    As long as its just 3 or 4 guys chatting about PlayStation and there personal experiences I’m sure the podcast will be awesome.Answer questions from the blog readers(the ones you can any ways).As long as its not full of PR Mumbo Jumbo I will listen.

    Thanks again

  • so what do you guys think on the leaked reveal of Little bigplanet 2 by its composer via twitter?

  • Hey all @ Zipper, just wanna say that me and my friends are really enjoying your game. You guys saved FPS gaming imho, but anyways here is my question. Are you guys ever planning on adding destructibility and maybe some update on vehicular combat in MAG?

    I know your bringing more maps and guns for dlc, but you said before that this game will be updated, I hope so cause me and my friends agree that MAG is the best shooter ever created. Thanx! Beyond!

  • So which one of you will be at the Canadian Video Game Awards in Vancouver?

  • I want a Söldner-X2 trailer. Would it be possible? That video was superb; I’d love to see it in HD :)

  • ok does everybody agree that we need some game play videos of the PSP VERSION of mod nation racers …. i mean com on the PS3 has more than 85 vids and the psp has like 1 video… i wanna c what the mod spot looks like on the psp i wanna c some kart customization on the psp .. i wanna c an story mode race on the psp…and most important..

    thats all sorry for the bad english XD

  • by and large a good update, thanks for the monopoly mini, but we need some more genuine psone classics not just the old games. i do understand one persons trash is anothers treasure, but i mean come on, there were so many real honest classics, and yet we keep getting the god awful trash. please it would not be a stretch to give up 1 classic per month would it? i can only handle so many of these old games, my son now 6 years old wants to also play some of these really good games, and i for one would not mind him being able to play some of these if they would ever come out. he can only handle so many mediocre racing titles, and other platformers, as for me just put out the legit classics other than a couple times per year. so many still out there that when the ps4 comes out you will probably give up on the classics titles altogether, which would be a shame, because with the rising costs of each system i do not see myself with a ps4 or beyond.

  • Sid I love your name…
    Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman Sid Shuman

  • It’s a bit off topic, but can you guys look into the formatting problems with the blog? On several different browsers & a few different computers, the blog seems to misalign links within posts for some reason. Usually a refresh (or two) fixes it, but its a little annoying

    Ive seen it in (no ad blocking btw):
    WinXP IE8, IE7, FF
    Win7 IE8, FF

    If you guys dont know what issue I’m talking about, I can follow up with a ss of it.

  • Does anybody know why Sony took the PS3 of the shelves until next week?

  • Hey Jeff im glad to hear that the ps store will now move to Tuesdays. it sucked having to wait till Thursday. im also glad to hear that GOW3 sold so well…its an amazing game and ive played it 4 times already and ill probably give it a 5th time..its that awesome.. by the way Jeff your gunners aren’t looking to good right now. 4-1 against Barcelona, 2 -1 against Tottenham and 3-2 against Wigan today..bad 2 weeks for you gunner fans..Go Chelsea!

  • @ 4 & 5 Sony didnt ruin YOUR ps3 expierience . george shotz otherwise known as geoshotz did . Sony did what any wise company would do . if your going to complain … take it to george .

  • hi sid n jeff.

    i’m not happy these days with my ps3 mainly 2 things and people are going the bac way buying outfits from PS home like final fantasy 13 costumes:

    1. Please update you’re flash drive or let sony know we are unable to look on youtube.

    2. I’m having a problem using you’re playstation forums on my ps3. I can’t see people’s posting, replying and the pictures.

    3. I’ve been seeing on NA playstation home people are wearing final fantasy 13 costumes. those people are saying “URL I’m buying only through the PSN” then they get it on NA playstation home. An lets look for these people then get them ban. I hoping and praying this thursday we get final fantasy 13 costumes.

    Hope to hear from you two or sony about thses problems and people going the back way buying NA playstation home outfits and costumes its wrong.

    Sincerely a playstation customer.

  • Why are comments on share ideas disabled after 30 days?

    You’re got mechanisms to let the newest and most popular stuff go right to the top so it seems completely pointless.

    There really should be no cutoff date.

    • krae_man, that’s something that’s in place on the Blog side (posts older than 30 days rarely receive comments anyway). However, you’re right… ideas here have a much longer shelf life. Therefore, we will reverse this policy for Share.

      Comments will remain open unless an idea is closed off (enacted or ruled out).

  • Cool thanks, Seemed kind of pointless(and Meta) to suggest that on the share page:p

  • Oh and FYI the Contact form link is broken. The one that’s in this sentance at the bottom of all the share ideas closed off:

    “We close the comments for posts after 30 days. If you would still like to comment on this post, please use our contact form.”

  • Next Store update ? April 22 !?

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