Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker – a Field Guide

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Since completing Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots a whopping three times — once for each difficulty setting! — I’ve been positively fiending for a new Metal Gear fix. Luckily, series mastermind Hideo Kojima has been busy cooking up a new chapter exclusively for the PSP, and this time, it’s a story-centric adventure that picks up where Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater left off. And I got to play it!

Check out the new trailer for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker below, and read on for more details and new screens.

That’s right, the Bearded One himself — Naked Snake, aka Solid Snake’s pops — returns to the lead role in Peace Walker. Set in 1974’s Central America, in a war-weary time at the tail end of the Vietnam Conflict, Peace Walker will further explore the philosophical and political ramifications of war as commerce, as well as its longterm deleterious effects on society, the economy, and ourselves.

But don’t worry. You’ll still be able to blow stuff up real good, too.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (PSP)

Peace Walker has earned much press for being a “true” sequel to Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, and also for harnessing the strengths of the Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots development team at Kojima Productions. Thus far, the results are undeniably impressive: Peace Walker looks and plays like a full-fledged console MGS title.

Take the graphics, which look terrific in still screenshots but positively explode off the screen when seen in motion. Peace Walker is clearly pushing the PSP hardware into uncharted territory with its intricately detailed human faces and lush, MGS3-quality jungle environments. Visually, Peace Walker is right up there with PSP graphical heavyweights like God of War: Chains of Olympus and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. But you don’t have to take my word for it — check out the MGS: Peace Walker playable demo on the PlayStation Store and see for yourself.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (PSP)

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (PSP) Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (PSP)

Snake doing what he does best: look really, really cool

On the gameplay side, Peace Walker could perhaps be best described as a hybrid of elements from MGS3: Snake Eater and MGS4: Guns of the Patriots. MGS4 fans will feel right at home with the heavier action and shooting emphasis, while MGS3 fans will appreciate the return of classic characters and continuing story threads, such as Snake’s lingering guilt over (SPOILER!) killing his mentor at the conclusion of Snake Eater.

The PSP is a different beast than the PS3’s DualShock 3 controller, but Peace Walker successfully scales MGS4’s legendarily fluid controls to fit the PSP’s button layout. The results are tight and responsive. I quickly learned how to free-aim in the over-the-shoulder aiming mode (while aiming with R, just tap L). With a little practice, I was soon popping headshots and body-slamming fools just like in the old days.

One new feature that caught my eye is the ability to equip Snake with various armor and weapon loadouts, depending on your play style and tactical preference. Some armor sets are more suited to full-on assault tactics; other loadouts are better suited for pure stealth or absorbing incoming fire. This kind of character customization is a promising addition to the series’ classic gameplay, giving newcomers a more forgiving way to get their toes wet while enabling MGS veterans to sneak their hearts out the old-school way.

The custom character loadouts will also make a major impact on Peace Walker’s cooperative play modes, last seen in the previous PSP installment, Portable Ops. Peace Walker takes co-op to the next level by enabling two players to coordinate on main missions; up to four players can team up against the series’ trademark bosses. A host of new co-op maneuvers will give you plenty of reasons to buddy up over WiFi.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (PSP) Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (PSP)

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (PSP)

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (PSP) Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (PSP)

Peace Walker’s cooperative play introduce plenty of new tactical approaches, and the four-player boss fights look downright epic.

The wait is almost over, and the pieces are all in place. Peace Walker struts its stuff on June 8th, only on the PSP.

(Protip: Check out the Peace Walker PSP Entertainment Pack, and the ultra-limited PSP “Big Boss” Pack.)

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Code Hunt

MGS-PW-84b2d-2db48ff Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Code Hunt Contest

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  • A must have for the PSP.. 9 out of 10 THE FAZEONES LOUNGE

  • So this takes place after MGS3 and before MGS:Portable Ops?

    • I think it’s actually after Portable Ops, too — Wikipedia says that one’s set in 1970, and Peace Walker is 1974.

  • The hawtness in physical form. This summer is gonna be one of the best ever for PSP!

  • I need to get my hands on that soundtrack ASAP.

    I’m strongly considering one of the PSP bundles, as my 4 1/2 year old heavily used PSP-1000 is really starting to show it’s age. I’m waiting til after E3 though, just in case a new model announcement sneaks out.

  • Definitely getting this game. I’m still hoping to find out if this is ad-hoc online only or if it has Infrastructure like previous MGS PSP games.

  • Definitely a MUST HAVE game on the PSP! WOOT!!!

    Militaires Sans Frontieres

  • I believe this takes place after Portable Ops. Since Big Boss doesnt represent the Fox Unit badge any more. Cant wait til i see, Master Miller and how he became the legend. oh smack i hope that wasnt a spoiler.

  • I didn’t know VA for Dr.Strangelove would be the same one who did Olga’s from MGS2. Oh this is heaven.

    • It’s awesome that they’re picking up the MGS3 story — that was actually the last MGS title I played (well after MGS4), and it ended up being one of my favorites.

  • Thanks for the reply Sid and vipergtx7. I didn’t think to check Big Boss’ unit badge.

  • It’s a Kojima creation — I must buy. This will probably be the deepest and most story-centric title on the PSP.

  • @ExcelKnight: MGS: Peace Walker takes place 10 years after MGS3: Snake Eater in 1964. TAKE NOTE: Hideo Kojima said on E3 2009 this is THE Continuation on the Metal Gear Solid Saga. MGS Portable Ops is NOT part of the story, it’s more like side story.

  • I really liked playing the demo in SP mode…

    … but co-op takes it to another level.

    Absolutely love the co-op aspect to this!

  • I just wish it was on the PS2 more than PSP. :-[

  • no worries. im really looking forward to getting the big boss psp camo pack. I hope this game has the one feautured that stand out soo sweet in Portable Ops of recruiting soldiers through new WiFi Signals. Hope it has it. Also, you guys might want to check this out;

  • Okay Sid… What is this Code Hunt thing? I like how you slipped it in there all stealth-like.

    • Hah! I had my Sneaking Suit on for that one. :) I checked out the URL and the contest doesn’t appear to start until May 5th…so I guess you’ve got a head start on intel!

  • I have already reserved my Limited edition PSP Peace walker Edition.

  • For me… I know that this’ll be the best portable game I have EVER played based off the demo alone. I probably played that thing with my buddies like a bazillion times!!! I absolutely loved the co-op aspect of it a lot. I felt the controls were great and similar to MGS4.
    Day 1 purchase, can’t wait for june 8th!

  • i was replaying metal gear solid and i have a feeling sniper wolf comes out in this game, maybe…..

  • Very cool!

    I hope to see lots of Promotions and more hype-building updates soon for this Legendary title release!

  • Is the co-op infrastructure?

  • Very very very excited for this.

    This IS a system seller. I don’t have a PSP. As a diehard MGS fan, I find it embarassing to say that I never played Portable Ops/Portable Ops + / Ac!d.

  • you are missing out number 21.

  • Sid, could you please tell me if Peace Walker can be downloaded from the PSN Store on June 8th?
    Thank you

    • Not 100% sure on this, but Wikipedia suggests it will be available as a download. Not sure on the DL release date, but we’re still over a month off until release so more details may arise.

  • I can’t wait until Peace Walker comes out. I really hope this game sell well. So more developers will make more PSP. Plus more games like this from Kojima is always a great thing.

    I have a question Sid do you know if PW supports the PS3 controller like some games do?

  • Cannot wait for this. June 8th needs to be here now!

  • Can’t wait to get this and my camo Big Boss PSP package. I’m gonna replay mgs3 and portable ops until this comes out.

  • SWEET!!!! Im sooo excited for this game, its the only MGS I don’t own yet… MGS avatars for the PSN would be amazing btw ;)

  • why aren’t blog videos like this one available to download at the ps store? I want to download some MGS PW vids on my psp but I guess some people at Sony don’t understand the concept of promoting.


  • WHY cant this be for PS3?! WHY?!

  • I can’t wait for this game, it’s going to be so epic!

  • Looking forward to it, can’t recall the last psp game I’ve anticipated this much. Konami is still not forgiven for killing Metal Gear Online with the HORRENDOUS Konami ID though. It coulda been a contender.

  • So Gray Fox and Campbell’s origins were revealed in MPO… I wonder who’s revealed in PW…

  • The Demo was cool;) & dare i say this – i wish there was Trophies for MGS4 :D

  • I’m sure this is gonna be the greatest MGS ever!

  • 2 Tips
    1. Get this on the PS3.
    2. Add Trophies to MGS4

  • MGS4 trophy patch please.

  • well i’ve beaten every single metal gear up to date time to beat this one on the hardest difficulty now >:)

  • this game looks AWSOME!!!

  • Yeah in Metal gear after you wound sniper wolf she said that when her village was being destroyed , that he came for her and taught her everything, or somthing like that, she doesnt seem to old. she could even be that little girl paz (however you spell it) you never know

  • Sniper Wolf was a kurd. So, it can’t be Paz. There aren’t any kurds in Colombia.

  • How about bringing this to the PS3? I mean this is going to be such an awesome game but guess what, I’m gonna be playing it on a small screen that only has one analog stick and 2 shoulder buttons. WTF

  • “That’s right, the Bearded One himself — Naked Snake, aka Solid Snake’s pops — returns to the lead role in Peace Walker. ”

    Naked Snake(Big Boss) and Solid Snake are different characters.

  • Sid, any details on what the code hunt is for? I’d like to know what I may be signing up for, cause I tend to get hooked on these types of things and I don’t wanna just dive right in blindly

  • just pre-ordered my “Big Boss” METAL GEAR SOLID: PEACE WALKER bundle from GameStop… and I don’t even need a second PSP. couldn’t resist the camouflage skin though. it’s bout time we got one of the limited editions that never make it over from Japan.

  • @Hideo2007

    Sorry bud, but Portable Ops is VERY much a part of the story. Terrible name, but the game is very much canon. MGS4 even used Ashley Wood’s Portable Ops cutscenes in flashbacks. That says it all right there.

    Portable Ops is the sequel to Snake Eater and Peace Walker is the sequel to Portable Ops. Hype and buzz words don’t change the fact that in Portable Ops:

    Sokolov from MGS3 returns. As does Sigint.

    More conspiracy behind MGS3 is revealed.

    It’s the first meeting/partnership vetween Roy (Colonel) Campbell and the Snake family.

    Big Boss meets/fights and befriends Frank Jaeger (Grey Fox!) for the first time. That’s megaton right there.


  • cont…

    The origins of BigBoss’ “Outer Heaven” term are revealed as a twist on Gene’s “Army’s Heaven” and BigBoss acquires the equipment, personnel and funds to build it from Gene as well.

    FoxHound is born.

    Ocelot kills the director of the CIA from the end of MGS3 and acquires the Philosophers Legacy, officially terminating the Philosophers for good and ushering in the era of the Patriots in honor of the Boss, his mum.

    The Patriots are officially born during the end credits phone call between Ocelot and Zero where Ocelot says he’ll join as long as they get Big Boss onboard.

    So yeah. I don’t see how any true MGS fan would brush aside Portable Ops for Peace Walker when they’re both one in the same. Sequels to MGS3. Both are true. Check it out Sid. It was a true sequel before “true sequels” were cool. ;)

  • I really wish this game comes as a DL on The PSN, because I’m now living in Japan and I want the game to have David Hayter’s voice once more

    • According to the Wikipedia page, it’ll be out a download on the PSN Store — though the final call on specific details goes to the Peace Walker team.

  • I pre-ordered “Big Boss Pack” (with camo, not lame green one). I can’t still believe they put Monster Hunter mission there. I wonder what surprise it would hold once it releases in June.

  • They should have used the voice of Richard Doyle for Big Boss in this game.

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