Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype Coming to PSN in May

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Hi everyone, this is Tet from eastasiasoft. In partnership with SideQuest Studios, I’ve been co-producing our upcoming PS3 shoot ’em up game Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype, expected to hit the PlayStation Network in the coming month.

Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype is the successor to our 2008 released PS3 game Söldner-X: Himmelsstürmer (yes, unless you are fluent in German, that was the game with the impossible-to-pronounce name). Gameplay wise Söldner-X 2 is taking you back to the roots of the classical 2D shoot ’em up (or also referred to as ‘shmup’) genre, audio-visually combined with what the PS3 has to offer. In this horizontal-scrolling shmup, it’s your mission to protect the galaxy from the D’aarg, a technologically superior race that is threatening mankind.

To leave it plain and simple for now, during the seven stages of the game, you can expect nothing but pure action with hundreds of enemies to shoot down, thousands of bullets to evade and huge boss battles to be fought.

Well, I guess I could go on and on for a while, so I’m trying to make it short. In Söldner-X 2 you can expect high-definition graphics with classical 2D gameplay, combined with 3D backgrounds in up to 1080p, exciting bullet patterns that require your best skills, powerful weapons, limit attacks and fourfold chaser system, a newly-designed chaining system, detailed online high score ranking tables with replay file sharing, an adrenaline pumping soundtrack with 30 unique tracks and so much more.

Finally, I’m pleased to present you a first look at Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype in action. Check out our launch trailer and don’t forget to watch out for Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype when it’s hitting the PlayStation Store in May 2010. As you can probably feel, I’m already more than excited!

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  • Really cool stuff. This reminds me of Super R Type. I can see me buying this game at a reasonable price.

  • Impressive stuff! Loved the first one so will pick up this one too.

  • WOW !!

    The 1st game is awesome, I will buy this day one !!

  • Looks great! I still have yet to finish the original, even with the lowered difficulty (though I refuse to play on anything besides normal)

    Question: Is there a more gradual ramp up of difficulty this time? I felt stage 3 is to be way to tough…

    • Yes, the game makes a new and different approach in terms of difficulty settings with a dynamic play rank this time. We will talk more about this in another blog update next month.

  • I was just playing Einhander on my lunch break and thinking that we really need more games like this on current consoles. Thanks for reading my mind!

  • Wow this looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • We demand a price tag! je je, what TakiFuGu said.

  • Excellent. Hope to get an actual date soon.

    For anyone interested, this blog http://soldner-x2.blogspot.com/ has a lot of interesting information about the game from the devs, including how the difficulty system works this time around. Check it out.

  • I was waiting for a game like this for a while, reminds me of Shatter. Sold!!

  • Bought! Had a blast with the first.

  • Absolute awesome. I loved the first & I’m definitely gonna buy the second one as soon it’s appear in the store.

    Good work guys. :)

  • Looks awesome, can’t wait to play it.

  • ►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►
    I have allot of other games to be Beating right now.. dont have time for cool games like this at this time :(

    This game seems cool.

    Im sure this game would be really cool on PSP also ;)

  • Played soldner X on the PC and it was pretty cool . I might get this one on PSN.

  • Day 1 purchase, the first one completely rocked so I have total faith in it’s sequel. Keep up the great work, eastasiasoft!

    As for price tag, I’d say $10, just as the first one was. $15 would be totally reasonable as well, we need more hi-def shmup support!

  • I. MUST. HAVE. IT.

  • Soldner X, a journey into PSN finger pain.

    Loved it.

  • Great to see another game that has 1080p native art and supports co-op.

    The music sounds promising! Will it be 24-bit and/or losslessly compressed? It would be great for the music and explosions to really work out my Velodyne subwoofer and Tetra speakers! :)

  • Man, I am intrigued.

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard of the first title in this series. How about putting it on sale to wet our appetites for the next entry? I’d buy this if it were on sale.

  • Bought the first, will buy the second.

    After this, could you make a vertical-scrolling shmup? Please! We need more than the one we have.

    • I’d love to work on a vertical-scrolling shmup as well. But we haven’t decided yet on our future project.

  • Oh, a demo would be awesome too.

  • Damnit, I knew I should have bought a $50 PSN card instead of a $20 one last night. Any chance of the first one being part of the PSN Spring Fever sale? I’ve wanted it for a long time but for some reason I never purchased it.

    • Unfortunately no, but if you can hold out a bit longer, I think a small price drop is coming along when Soldner-X 2 gets released.

  • just found on the web psone classic upcoming release to be STAR WARS DARK FORCES.!!!!!

    it is about time they start putting a few of the better titles onto the network once again, just could not find a release date, maybe you could shed some light on the subject for us in short order.

  • The first one was WAY too hard for my liking. Gonna have to pass on this one. Looks pretty, though.

    • Have you tried the beginner mode in the first one? It was released with patch 1.10. Apart from that, I can promise you that Soldner-X 2 is much more friendly in terms of overall difficulty.

  • could you not just expand on Soldner X, i really don’t want to have 2 different versions and beyond of the game on my hdd.

    • Soldner-X 2 is a completely no game, it would not have been possible to expand on that with this quality. Hopefully you still consider to change your mind… :)

  • woot! i´m going to 100% this one aswell! Great game!

  • Thank you for making a sequel to this game. Loved the first one and can’t wait to play this one.

    I saw the trailer mention co-operative play. Is that online co-op or local?

  • I know some people were put off by the difficulty of the first game, but I absolutely loved it. I’ve been anticipating this game ever since it was first announced. Can’t wait to play it next month. Thanks for bringing this to us!

  • just made a mess in my pants

  • SO EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Loved the first game and I can’t wait to try out the sequel.

  • Looks great, thinking of getting it but is the co-op online?

  • Loved the first one. This will be a day one purchase for me. I can’t wait!

    Three different ships to choose from? Nice.

  • Bullet hell? YES PLEASE~

    • There will be much more bullets in SX2 with plenty of bullet patterns. But we didn’t plan on making a real “bullet hell” shooter.

  • The most interesting PSN Blog entry I’ve seen in MONTHS.

    You made my day with this, Tet! I absolutely love the first Söldner-X, and I can’t wait for this one. It looks superior. Glad to have an estimate release date.

    Thanks for the info. Keep the good work!

  • what is this running at like 120 fps!?

  • AWESOME!!! I loved the first one and I’ll pick this up day one! Thank youuuu!!!!!!!

  • this game looks awesome! I always did like these old school type shooting games with tons of bad guys and bullets flying everywhere, they are hard as hell but so fun at the same time!

  • I will continue to check your blog postings, but until I get to keep my Other OS, my PS3 is a shiny black paperweight!!!!

  • That looks awesome! ill get the first one soon. I just want to wait and see if theres a sale for the first one leading up to the release of Final prototype.

  • Surprised that this looks nothing like the first game.

  • This is so badazz, can’t wait til tomorrow!


    The first game was the only game I was proud to get 100% on, sadly from what I’ve read this game won’t be so difficult, and hence I will not be as proud of getting another 100%.

    Needs more hard games, and I’ve been practicing Nightmare, hoping for another decent run… in the midst of playing SMT: Strange Journey, Resonance of Fate waiting for something else that is actually AAA quality. MW2 wasn’t, Mag wasn’t, FFXIII wasn’t, alot of games these days aren’t but Soldner-X was.

    I’m already biased, but I’ve already spent enough time mastering the original to know that I’m not biased and know what a treasure truly is. So glad to know great games are being made on a smaller budget.

    • SX2 is easier for starters but it still has plenty of challenging parts in it. There are tougher difficulties you can unlock, some of the challenges will be far from easy and last but not least SX2 focuses a lot on its score mode. So if you are up to for a good challenge, I think Soldner-X 2 is still a very good choice.

  • @ 41 Hsanrb

    What you said is part of the reason I’m surprised at finally seeing what Soldner-X 2 is like. The first game is great and takes time, patience, and skill to master. It is nice to have 100%, and gameplay wise it’s nothing compared to the trailer I just watched in this blog.

    Soldner-X wasn’t about crazy bullet patterns and ripping off boss designs from Gradius and R-Type. A lot of the challenge in Soldner-X was actually environmental, like the crushers in world 2, asteroids in world 3, and of course little mine traps they put throughout the game. It also incorporated a unique and interesting challenge simply with the chain system and weapon management, and the bosses didn’t seem as copy and pasted as they do in the trailer, such as the world 2 boss you can’t defeat by conventional means.

    To me the game is great and feels unique for a shoot-’em-up, so I’m taken aback at how this new game looks nothing like Soldner-X.

    • We indeed tried to create something very new with Soldner-X 2. It’s far from a quick cash in as you can see from the trailer. It’s absolutely new in many ways. :)

  • OMG a shmup on PSN?


  • This game reminds me of Ikaruga so much!!! but without trophies this game will be a future purchase…. or i’ll just play my dreamcast…

  • Awesome! Loved the first one and so looking foward to soldner x-2 :)

  • Söldner-X: Himmelsstürmer & Söldner-X: 2.. Is taking you back to the roots of video gaming.. 7 out of 10.. THE FAZEONES LOUNGE

  • I’m pretty sure all newly released games require trophies.

  • I actually stopped playing the first one because the lightning weapon effect was so disappointing. It didn’t actually move… it was just this static 2D picture of lightning that just kind of scaled back and forth. I’m usually all about game play over graphics, but this was so embarrassing looking and utilized so often that I lost interest.

    What little I’ve seen of this sequel looks like it won’t have that problem.

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