Coming to PSN this Week: Final Fight: Double Impact

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Capcom’s ready to unleash the next masterpiece in its retro digital dynasty. Starting tomorrow, April 15th, fans can own two incredible Capcom classic releases — Final Fight and Magic Sword — all for the price of one ($9.99). Make way for Final Fight: Double Impact, hitting PlayStation Network with a vintage vengeance!

Final Fight: Double Impact (centered, crisp setting) Final Fight: Double Impact (Magic Sword)

In Final Fight, players follow the heart-pounding adventures of Cody, Guy, and Haggar — three heroes fighting their way across crime-ridden Metro City in hopes of saving Haggar’s daughter from the evil clutches of Mad Gear. In Magic Sword, users will take on the role of a brave warrior and his eight allies, all bearing the daunting responsibility of cleansing evil forces from an ancient tower.

These two games take us back to a time when arcades were sanctuaries of youthful bliss. They are un-self-conscious treasures, clear in their pursuit to inflame the imagination and turn players into brawling action heroes. At Capcom, we’ve sought to reacquaint our fans with this experience and refine it in the process.

Final Fight: Double Impact (widescreen, smooth setting)

Both Final Fight and Magic Sword are playable in HD, leveraging modern technology to elevate the visuals to the eye-popping standards of today. But we realize that some fans are purist about there retro experience and for them we’ve provided mode options that allow them to toggle back to a classic mode that renders the game in its original format.

Final Fight: Double Impact (cabinet setting) Final Fight: Double Impact (Magic Sword)

Outside of mailing a real live arcade cabinet to your house, Capcom has gone the extra mile in delivering the best retro experience possible. Play settings offer a classic arcade bezel to play with that looks so real, you’ll be looking for a slot on your console to drop a token in (we promise, it’s not there). The “GGPO” network technology creates a frame-accurate arcade experience across the internet with online voice chat and the ability to join games in progress. Thanks to the innovative open invite system, other fighters can jump into a game seamlessly just like the kids did in the pizza parlors and 7-Elevens of yore. And of course we’ve got essentials like the leaderboards for both games that track scores and instigate the inevitable smack-talk buffoonery we all love.

Final Fight: Double Impact has trophies and a ton of rewards. Cool nuggets like the collectable art pieces will make multiple playthroughs all the more satisfying. Vault mode houses the gallery of curated pieces which are fun to look at in between the head-bashing. Other extras include original game art, full motion video (including a long-forgotten epic Final Fight cartoon), manga chapters from Udon, and fan art for completing in-game challenges. There’s also an awesome soundtrack composed by the talented team behind the score for Bionic Commando Rearmed. Original music will be available as well.

We are incredibly excited to finally bring these games to the PlayStation 3 audience. Make sure to hit the PlayStation Store tomorrow and download this historic release!

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  • Gonna pick this up for Magic Sword

    • Magic Sword is so good. I fondly remember that game from my arcade rat days, along with another Capcom arcade classic: Willow :)

  • Let’s get this question out of the way:

    What is the intro to Final Fight like?

    Does it show Jessica on the little TV in that red dress (like the SNES version)? Just a bra (like in some arcade versions)? Or does it just show Damnd the whole time?

    I mean, I’m gonna get it, but I gotta know…

  • “Capcom’s ready to unleash the next masterpiece” WOW! Do you really have your head so far up?!? $10 for this POS. You guys are habitual tripple-dippers… When it is on a 90% off sale, I might consider suggesting it to people that want to pretend it is the 1980’s, meaning capcom supervisor’s.

  • Wow!! Final Fight/Magic Sword…i remember those good’ole days. Might have to pick this up just for nostalgia. Time for some button mashing, hope i’m not rusty. Wish me luck. SOLD!

  • Old-school games with trophies? Will probably be getting this then!

  • Cool, I remember these. And I remember final fight most ARCADE was a blast when I was a TEEN. But I was wanting MEGA MAN 1-8 and MEGA MAN X all on one blue ray. Cant play my Mega man collection any more. Stupid PS3 doesn’t play PS2 games any more=(

  • $10 bucks is a fitting price for two arcade classics, a little revamped and with online support.
    I think this is well done, dont start the too pricy whinning

  • MORE old-school games on PSN please :)
    & Namco and Taito etc have loads of old-school games to, but they seem to not want to put any on PSN :( All we got off Namco is *Namco Museum* so far? :(

  • Oh! I remember playing Magic Sword back in the day! … I just don’t remember if I liked it or not :)

    Didn’t see it in the post, but will there be a demo available?


  • ok, so can i play with 2 more friends on the same screen??, i mean multiplayer off-line, if this is checked you got a deal…i remember playing this with at least one friend co-op on arcades and was awesome (i’m talking about final fight)

  • I have only one favor; Please update the PS store ASAP. I don’t want it to be Friday when the store updates. Not everyone lives in California, you know?

  • I might be picking it up, I love old arcade games even though I’m young. And 2 games for 1?!?!?!?!? That’s an MEGA-deal!!!

    BTW, Jason, do you know when the Lost Planet 2 swag for playing with the guys at Capcom Unity in the Multiplayer demo will be sent out? Thanks in advance!

  • Speaking of old school games, i would love to see Capcom’s side scrolling shooter U.N.SQUADRON available for the PS3. Make it happen. I never finished that game when i was young and proud of my SNES. I need closure. lol

    U.N Squadron – FTW

  • This is so badazz, can’t wait til tomorrow!

  • DuckTales and Knights of the Round next. :p

    • dude, I’ve been begging them for DuckTales :-)

      PS, the Capcom team is currently at a press event (in Hawaii, those bastards), hence the dearth of replies from them. You know they’re usually super-responsive!

  • i want some exclusive love not an exclusive demo.
    the 360 has got dlc for dead rising and Monster Hunter which make it unfair

  • its so great to see the games that some of us older folk grew up on…great cant wait till tomorrow..wooooo old skool games :)..and both for $10..thats a steal..i rember putting in way more than that at the arcades…lol

  • Interesting, but when will 1942: Join Strike be updated with trophies and/or voice chat?

  • I spent more than 10 bucks on the arcades back in the day.

    Day 1!

  • I’ll probably get this for Magic Sword alone as I never had the chance to play it in the past.

    Any word on getting Mega Man Powered Up on the PSN Store and more Capcom PSO Classics?

  • I’d be interested in seeing Viewtiful Joe, Killer 7, and Genma Onimusha make it onto PSN in HD versions.

    If you’re really doing retro, Legendary Wings (arcade) or Ducktales 1 & 2 (NES) would be great to update to a higher resolution and deeper color palette. The soundtrack to both of those games beign redone similarly to Bionic Commando Rearmed would be awesome! One of the best things we loved about Bionic Commando Rearmed was the amazing soundtrack and it’s modern take on the retro themes.

  • I’ll be purchasing this one tomorrow. They should have included Forgotten Worlds instead of Magic Sword.

  • hey youtube videos don’t play on my ps3. anyone else having this problem?

  • People in the media, who is also on my PSN buddy list, had nothing good to say about Final Fight on the PSN. I wouldn’t waste my hard earn money on this.

    PS: Capcom can go to HELL

    • BloodyCow – you’re usually a tough, but fair commenter on this blog. However, you’re not going to tell our guests to ‘go to hell.’

      Consider this your one and final warning.

  • Aww yeah, cannot wait to play this tomorrow!!!

  • As much as I want this, I’m sorry……I just can’t support Capcom until they announce a Monster Hunter for PS3. Even if it’s just a port of Tri Capcom…..get it done.

    I can’t believe yo people at Capcom don’t feel like dihonorable sellouts for cancelling Monster Hunter 3 on PS3, making Wii exclusive, and now you have even announced a 360 Monster Hunter in Japan and still nothing on PS3. Wost decision making for a video game franchise of all time. Tri would have sold more on PS3 than Wii regardless of the install bases, and very few copies will sell on Wii outside of Japan.

    And 360 in Japan? Jeez……I’d hate to know how much M$ paid Inafune for that. You should all Hara Kiri for the disgraces you have made with Monster Hunter.

    “All our games will be cross-platform from now on.” -Capcom…….. but they for got to say “except Monster Hunter, a game alot of PS3 gamers actually WANT.”

  • @25 I was for about a day, then they started working again………..weird, btw check that your javascript is on, that wasn’t my problem just suggesting :)

  • Omg Final Fight is one of my all time favorites. Definite Buy!!!

  • Trophies only for Final Fight? why not both? for 10 bucks I guess its pretty good… I would rather play it on MAME… but HD is nice… Put those trophies in for magic sword and you have a deal..

  • @Darth-Krayt
    You forgot the exclusive content both Lost Planet 2 and Dead Rising 2 is getting on the OTHER system that PS3 owners are not.

  • i recently saw that star wars dark forces is about to make an appearance onto the network. any idea of a timeframe?

  • Played the trial version of this on the ‘Other’ system earlier and its pretty sweet. Gonna buy it on PSN tomorrow.

  • not too sure about Magic Sword, but I do want Final Fight, I remember dropping a lot of my money into this game after school.

  • @Jeff Rubenstein
    Holly hell, you are still with us. I thought you left just like Chris. Good to see that you are still part of the blog…

    hmmm…Since I cannot write “Go to Hell” to express my frustration with Capcom in regard to the way they treat PS3 owners, can I do a 128 bit encryption of the phrase “Go to Hell” instead of typing it out?
    So instead of writing “Company XYZ Go To Hell,” I can write “Company XYZ F8B004AF7E16F0D8015488A04E” :)

    Just joking Jeff. I get the message loud and clear, just trying to gave a laugh about the situation :)

  • magic sword does rawk! thanks capcom

  • Does this include the remixed soundtrack from the Sega CD version?

  • I’m getting this. Huge Capcom fanboy and a big fan of original Final Fight.

  • Wow, such awesome news! Haven’t played those games in ages!

  • Graphics just looked smeared as if it is passing through a 2xSai filter or something, thanks for leaving the original renderer :)

  • How (un)realistic would it be to actually get branded old-school Capcom games like Willow and Dungeons & Dragons re-released on PSN?
    Is it just too much work to justify the time and money?

  • I normality can’t stand it when games have boarders on the sides, but the arcade look capcom gave double impacted is pretty slick. I might just try it out. :)

  • Forgotten Worlds, Strider and Contra next please.

  • How can someone hate on Final Fight?

    Seriously O_o;

  • Getting this tomorrow. Final Fight is indeed awesome but Magic Sword holds a special place in my heart. Tried it on the PS2 compilation and got hooked.

    Fancy a Knights of the Round/The King of Dragons double pack next? Or, better yet, a 1942 collection with 1941, 1942, 1943 and 1943 Kai on it? You know you want some more money from yours truly…

  • Can’t wait!

    Knights of the Round and Saturday Night Slam Masters next, please! You can call it Saturday Knight Fever!

  • Buying this the moment store updates tomorrow, it’ll be the 92nd PSN game on my console. 8] And lmao @ BloodyCow getting owned.

  • I would hope for a demo? Ive never heard of these games.. lol Im sorry, but im going to look into these titles.

  • @31 pgsdi

    actually, both of them have trophies, here they are and they seem funny to get

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