ModNation Racers Artist Spotlights: Ratchet & Clank Get Girlfriends!

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It’s well known that Insomniac Games is one of the most creative and successful developers in PlayStation history. It’s hard to argue with franchises like Ratchet & Clank, Resistance and let’s not forget Spyro the Dragon all coming from the same house.

We wanted to see what would happen if Ted Price, the founder and CEO of Insomniac Games, got his hands on ModNation Racers.

The result? Ratchet and Clank get girlfriends!

This is just the first of many Artist Spotlights to come. We visited some of the most talented and influential folks from different walks of life and let them take a spin on ModNation Racers just to see how they Play, Create and Share.

So who’s next on the Spotlight?

Stay tuned to the PS.Blog to find out…but guesses are welcome! :)

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  • Ted Price is the greatest! Viva la Insomniac!!!

    and Mod-Nation Racers, too :P

  • Awesome video. Its got to be Stig, Jaffe or Evan Wells next.

  • I was so disinterested in this game when I first saw it at E3. Since then it has grown to me pre ordering the game. I know there will be a few tracks that clone from a certain game we grew up playing but some of the stuff that people will come up with afterward will be mind blowing. I wonder if you can make floating tracks?

  • Map editor confirmed in Resistance 3 :P

  • Glad they put Ted in the spotlight. Hopefully he will return the favour at E3.

  • Nice idea… This games sure looks like it will be fun with friends.

  • Awesome video loved watching it.

  • Must Buy!!!

  • This video has been online for a week. Should the PSBlog be last to the party?

  • I really hope that Insomniac doesn’t go multiplatform.. That would totally make me lose all my respect for them

  • I gotta say, I think Ted Price is the most awesome person in the video game industry. He seems really down to earth with everything.

    I cant wait for this game. been playing sonic and sega racing lately and its good but its just like a teaser while im waiting for Mod Nation Racers. hope there is a demo soon

  • A sincere request to Insomniac from a new Ratchet & Clank fan. Can you please bring the older Ratchet & Clank games to the PS3 ala GOW collection? How about a Ratchet & Clank collection? I will buy it day one!

  • jim lee would rock…let him have a go at it


    if you seriously have doubts on this game….. wow

  • Really excited for this game!

  • Saw this on IGN a few days ago. Still pretty awesome! Huge R&C fan here, and I also loved the old Spyro games on the PS1. Keeping make amazing platformers and being awesome, Insomniac!

    As for ModNation Racers, I didn’t care much for it at first. But it’s grown on me. Especially since they announced it will support 4P split screen.

    I loved LBP and like kart racers, so I’ll probably give this a go.

  • Gotta love Ted Price and Insomniac Games. He was the perfect choice for this first artist spotlight video for MNR. This game looks awesome and cannot wait for when it releases!

  • Ted knows what he’s talking about, MNR on PS3 and PSP, SOLD!!! 8)

  • Pretty nice video.
    and to Insomniac.. bring on R3! :)

  • Oh please tell me Naughty Dog will be on here too!

    On another note, this post gave me mixed feelings. On one hand it made me get even more excited for Modnation, but on another it made me sad R3 still hasn’t been announced yet. Regardless, I can’t wait for May 28th!

  • Ted Price is on a level of awesome not rarely seen.

  • I hope the rumor that second Insomniac studio is doing a multi platform game is not true. SONY should check that up and make sure whatever the new insomniac studio is doing it is for PS3 exclusively or for PSP2.

    Other then that, great to see Ted Price having fun whit modnation racers, I´m eager to get the game.

  • Oops, I meant the 25th lol!

  • Ted “The Frickin’ Man” Price knows what’s up.

    These types of games are going to have a profound impact on the industry at large as an entire generation grows up making games. Wait until they get their hands on CryEngine10.

  • I want this game NOW!

  • Its so obvious! Put all of the PlayStation characters in as ready made characters!!!

  • IronMan 2 comes out soon, and I still have Warmachine made so when that game comes out everyone will have a sweet Warmachine all ready to DownLoad. Nice.

  • now Jak and Daxter!

  • aright fine Ill buy it

  • Hey Ted.. please for the love of anything holy in this world. Go back to the roots of Resistance FoM.. the gray/brown atmosphere.. the deepness of the story, the narrating, everything was just EPIC.

    The suspense of the game was excellent, the game it’s truly on par with the HL franchise..

    What happened to Res2? it’s like you guys sacrificed quality for quantity.

    Do it for your hardcore fanbase. I get a big smile when i think of Rfom and when i think of Resistance3 i’m a bit paranoid for not knowing which way you’re gonna go.. there is NO SHAME in going back to Rfom roots. as a matter of fact 90% of comments i see about the franchise it’s always the same thing. Rfom better than r2

  • Great video! I would like to have those mods!

  • Very cool. Looking forward to this game.

  • R3?

    will definately pick this game some time.

    not when its release.

    im getting read dead redemption 1st.

  • Awesome!

  • that was pretty sweet, now I can’t decide which to get first: Red Dead or this

  • That’s great

  • That’s pretty cool. I’ll probably get this

  • WANT NOW!!! As much as I love LBP, I’ve never gotten much into making my own levels. MNR on the other hand…wow. It’s sad to admit I’ve actually already started thinking about what tracks I’ll create. I cannot wait to get my hands on the game and track creation. No doubt much of my summer will be spent racing and creating. Any chance we could have this game any sooner? Please?

  • I want it sooo bad!!!!! im so glad it comes out 2 days b4 my bday now i can beg my mom to pre order ittt i kinda want the nathan drake one but idk?? maybe rachet and clank so i can try to copy the girlfriend idea? or mayve i can make elena for drake??? huh?? wat cha think?

  • Cool! :D

  • Great idea for this “My Mod” Trailers

  • I’m glad I watched this, very awesome video MORE plz

  • Good choice – I have a man crush on Ted Price.

  • I miss spyro. Man that was a good series .

  • awesome.gotta make that dlc.


  • Ted Price is the man. I can’t wait to hear what he has to say about what Insomniac’s been up to. Hopefully we’ll hear from him at E3!

  • Sweet… This game rocks. The game at beta stage, months ago was already great…this game is going to be packed with content by release! Can’t wait!

  • I’m glad I pre-ordered Modnation Racers at Amazon. Ratchet and Clank look awesome as mods in this game. Sadly, I have to wait about 2 weeks after the game is released for my copy to show up in the mail. Luckily, it will be worth the wait.

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