Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City Has Arrived for PlayStation 3!

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We are proud to announce that the highly-anticipated, long-awaited release of Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City (including both The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony) for PlayStation 3 – is here. We know PlayStation fans have been anxiously waiting for this release, and we sincerely appreciate all of your patience and support over the past year as we worked to get this game to you as soon as we possibly could.

As most of you may know, Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City is two complete game experiences as episodes set in Liberty City: The Lost and Damned, and The Ballad of Gay Tony. Both games are included on one disc, and do not require a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV to play (though if you do own GTAIV, you can also purchase and download the episodes digitally via the PlayStation Network).

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll find in Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City:

  • New missions and storylines
  • New weapons, including a grenade launcher, sawed-off shotgun, and sticky bombs
  • Enhanced physics for motorcycles, as well as new vehicles (yes, including a tank)
  • New radio, internet, and television content
  • New multiplayer modes and locations
  • Full PSN Trophy support

Check out this all-new official trailer created in honor of the PlayStation 3 release this week:

Read the first Episodes from Liberty City PlayStation 3 review by IGN PS3 – an Editors’ Choice score of 9.2 out of 10: “The perfect way to close out the Grand Theft Auto IV saga.”

And join us this Friday, April 16th for our first Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City PS3 Official Social Club Multiplayer Event on PlayStation Network. Play against Rockstar Games from 4-7 PM Eastern and visit Social Club to watch the live stream and join in the chat. Click here for all the details.

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  • It’s…about time

  • Got it today and i’m about to try it out.

  • 2o buks each..NO THANK YOU..i can all the other cheapskates who do and get a great deal! rockstar got enuff money from the MiCroSoFt to keep it an xclusive..theres no way ima pay THAT MUCH for a ADD-ON :/ LOOKS VERY TEMPTING THOUGH..but i will save my 4o buks for Super SF4…:p

  • Anyone who owns GTA4 would likely be better to download this if you have the hard drive space. It allows you to add the new vehicles and music to GTA4 without getting rid of any music. If you own GTA4 and love its’ music, you would much rather have the entire 300 songs instead of the 150 you get in the Episodes disc.

    Basically, the downloadable episodes add the new music to the original game. The disc based episodes include most of the music, but some of it is replaced by new songs, which may be disappointing to some.

    I might be wrong about this, but this is what I’ve heard and maybe Mr. Barrera can confirm.

  • Yea and only a year late, I think I’ll gladly pass sell outs.

  • So we have to have GTA4 if we want to download them? Damn… all I wanted is Gay Tony, The Lost and the Damned isn’t all that great.

    Hell, they should’ve just included GTA4 on the Episodes disc since it would fit on a Blu-ray.

  • i downloaded the gay tony add on twice and each time i try and each time i try to install it, it goes to 14% than says something about an error. im starting to get pissed cause i thought i spent 20 bucks on a game not an error

  • Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City Has Arrived too late

    You can keep it greedy gentleman

  • Been waiting for this for a looong time and it’s finally here. Thanks RockStar and it’s nice to see you on the PS Blog. :)

  • A bit late? I think most people have moved on from GTAIV. I would have bought this a year ago maybe but who has time now? God of Way 3, Heavy Rain, Battlefield: Bad Company 2… and soon from Rockstar: Red Dead Redemption.

  • Way too late. But BOOO YA microsoft!

  • I want it so bad, but i bought the GT5 steering wheel, I’m broke. Imma try and get it this weekend.

  • woohoo i love gta, the long wait let me play other games while i wait

  • This DLC is 2 years late, but $10.00 more than the XBOX version!!?? Screw you Rockstar, you are not getting my money until it’s the same price as the other system! Rockstar is a sellout!!

  • about time you guys came here! I already played the ballad of gay tony on 360 but i’ll get it on PS3 it was just too good

  • Would have bought on day one if it had come out on day one across both platforms.

    Unfortunately, the sour taste left in my mouth from that exclusivity deal has me saying, “Thanks but no thanks” now.

    I own a 360 and a PS3, but I bought GTAIV on PS3 and deals like this one only serve to screw loyal customers, and I can’t support it.

  • Waiting on a Price Drop, Rockstar can go “S” in their hats if they think they are getting full price from me. They screwed over the loyal Playstation Fans that made them who they are today.

    Long live Greed and Microsoft’s infinite means! MS is the worst thing to ever happen to gaming.

  • @ Strykerisland dude me too. I bought it thinking the game was better on the ps3, but you know the deal. LOL! Did they even fix the online yet?

  • …this is the thanks we get from Rockstar…let’s sell it for $10.00 more than the Xbox version!

  • Sounds like the majority of people don’t want sloppy seconds. What a surprise!

  • Venemous comments here. Not without basis, though. This content seems irrelevant at thus point.

  • 19.99 a piece on PSN and 34.99 on Amazon for both on the disk! Seriously that not the way it should be the download should always be cheaper!

  • Ahh yeah. Me and some friends will be playing this later tonight. If anyone would like to join, feel free to add me; I will definetly be there for the social club event on Friday.

  • If Rockstar thinks they will get my money after selling out to Microsoft for $50,000,000.00 they are crazy. Why Sony would promote this when Rockstar has hurt them financially with their deals with Microsoft is beyond me.

  • rockstar, you can stick it! i dont want year old dlc for 2 year old game! who even plays this overrated garbage anymore? i havent touched it for at least 18 months. actually, thats a good point. i reckon it must be time to trade it.

  • I will get it later on, hopefully at a lower price, haven’t played GTA4 in ages and there are far too many new games i want to play first. Still great to see it on the PS3.

  • Daaaaamn RockStar..seem like LOYALTY still XSISTS in SOME PEOPLE..but again MONEY IS THE ROOT TO ALL EVIL…although gettin MORE MONEY isnt all THAT BAD :p i guess it will help make that XCLUSIVE game for the PS3 we are ALL WAITING FOR and BOXHEADS DISPIZE :p btw im really xcited for R.D.R. from the preview videos ive seen its looking really good. keep up the good work! Hopefully we can soon CUSTOMIZE OUR CHARACTERS like SaintsRow (my 2nd favorite sandbox game)yeah i went there!:p

  • More things to add…..if it wasn’t for Sony, Rockstar would be s*h*i*t. Remember Rockstar, one of your biggest games GTA III was on Sony’s system!!

  • Waiting for Red Dead.

  • Just got it today, about to play it. Everyone here complaining, we got it didn’t we?! Rockstar could’ve just kept it on 360. Stop complaining. We also have “The Agent” coming which is PS3 exclusive, courtesy of Rockstar.

    Now aside from these complainers, Rockstar, can you guys please incorporate custom soundtracks into GTA via patch update? Granted the GTA series always had great soundtracks but I want to use custom soundtracks for missions where you’re on foot.

  • Man, what’s with all the hate? I almost bought a 360 for these games, glad I waited. They are so beast.

  • I’ll check it out. Who cares if MS paid for its development? Timed exclusivity is bad for gaming in general, but I still put gaming ahead of my fanboyish pride.

    Besides, Rockstar is third party so I don’t blame them for following the money. Nowadays, thirty party studios need to recoup high development costs no matter how it’s done.

  • @Glacier

    We got it a year late because Rockstar thought $50mil from Microsoft was better than treating PS3 gamers equally. Also, until you’ve seen more than a logo from Agent there’s no way you can tell me that game is going to be good or not. And trust me, if it’s as monotonous as GTAIV then who really cares if we get that game.

  • All the hate is for making us wait over a year. A YEAR! Not 2 months, 6 months. A YEAR!

  • LOL, this stuff comes out a year late, and Sony locks loyal, honest, Three dot One Five users out of buying new content at the PSN store. Well, looking forward to seeing how the sales go guys! :P It only does everything (the wrong way).

  • To the haters: Go back to NeoGAF and stay there. To Rockstar: better late than never. And we better get some news about Agent soon.

  • LOL…Game companies have some nerve these days. Seeing how RockStar crapped on the fans and chose the almighty $$ first, I will pass.

    Get bent, RockStar!

  • Show PS3 users some love at E3, Sony made you what you are today and don’t ever forget that.

  • Gald to be finally playing through these episodes. Been playing the PS3 version since Saturday (Thanks, Target!!!) and lovin it so far. Can’t wait for GTA V!

    Unrelated topic, but any chance for a follow-up to “the Warriors?” This was one of my favorite PS2 Games and all time favorite movie-based game. You guys did an excellent job expanding on the film’s story.

  • YES!

    Now as soon as the price drops to accommodate a year old title, I’ll buy it. :)

    Next time don’t shaft us.

    GTA4 is the only game I ever stood in line for and I feel a bit shafted that you guys made us wait this long for something we should’ve had at the same time as the other people. .

    Never again will I ever pay full price for any R* game. Even GTA5 will see a price drop before I buy it.

  • are you kidding me?
    talk about greedy!!!
    you guy’s have been bum buddies with Microsoft for way to long.
    games don’t make people violent, greedy developers do.

  • @Dalejrfanfreak

    Just for everyone’s information, not just yours, but Rockstar contacted Sony first about the exclusive content and Sony never got back to them about it. So Microsoft picked it up instead. As for The Agent, you’re right that a logo doesn’t say much about the game but wait for it to be shown at E3. Unfortunately the gaming industry isn’t about loyalty anymore, its all about money. Games cost ALOT of money to make nowadays, millions of dollars. It sucks but that’s how things are. I’m not trying to play devil’s advocate here, I’m all for Sony, I HATE Microsoft with a passion. Bottom line is though, you don’t play a game for “loyalty”, you play a game to have “fun”. Everyone here who actually refuses to get this because of the whole “timed exclusive” deal with M$ can’t call themselves “gamers”.

  • Awesome! Just purchased both, thank you for the special Tuesday update!

  • I’ve got Lost and Damned downloading right now. 93% done. And I’ll be buying Gay Tony right after. I absolutely loved GTA4. Rockstar’s games are some of my favorites.

    But please, don’t make us PS3 owners wait like that again. At least let us know it’s coming.

    Also, I’m hoping you stick with this kind of approach to DLC for Red Dead Redemption. I won’t buy those tiny packs with very little content for $10 that so many publishers put out but I will gladly pay the money for something the size of these episodes.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, my download is 98% done!

  • Jesus, $20 each?! I can buy 3-4 awesome psn games for $40, not to mention SSF4.

  • Rockstar, you guys make amazing games, but come on this is about as cold blooded as it gets.

    I can ignore the sell-out BS of taking Microsoft’s money for a while, but when the DLC finally comes out on PS3 there’s no price drop?

    Come on, that’s just raw. I’m a logical fair person but I think i’ll wait for some kind of a price drop on this one. I loved GTA4 too even though lots of people didn’t like it, but it’s just not fair to PS3 owners.

    Hopefully Agent will be great unless you back out on that too and end up putting it on the 360 with the fail DVD limitations and no hard drive on every console so it gets dumbed down. Probably give them exclusive DLC too just because it’s the most popular American console.

  • Does it have Custom soundtracks ? if yes thats EPIC but if no its ok BTW cant wait for tomorrow to get it i dont know how to sleep tonight LOOOOOOOOOL

  • I think the ending on one of the episode was spoiled to me some time ago so i’m not feeling any hype to get this right now. maybe when the price drops to below $20.

  • I got the PS3 version of GTA just to be an [DELETED]. Today is the day I have succeeded.

  • Hey look at that, it looks like I’m not the only one who remembers when a company screws me :O

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