MLB 10 The Show Celebrates the Opening of Target Field

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Baseball fans –

It’s always exciting to see new stadiums pop up. The amenities, the technology, and just the overall ambiance of new parks always adds to the experience of seeing a game live and in-person. Today, our cover athlete, Joe Mauer, will be taking the field for his home opener at a brand new address that includes real grass, fresh air, and clear skies (hopefully). The Twins will play host to the Red Sox as they say good-bye to the Metrodome, their home since 1982, and say hello to the state-of-the-art sports cathedral that is Target Field.

So, to celebrate this historic day for Joe and Minnesota fans everywhere, we thought we’d give you a behind the scenes look into how we created the Twins new home in MLB 10 The Show. Our development team strives for ultimate realism in all areas of the game, and that’s no different in this case. I hope you enjoy the glimpse into the making of Target Field.

Welcome to The Show!

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  • Hurray for the best and most realistic baseball game EVER!

  • Still amazed by the detail that is put in this game. Love it… gonna go play it now cuz that’s where the Dodgers aren’t battling for last place!

  • Great game. Had absolutely zero interest in baseball, but find myself loving this game to death.

    Question: How does the left stick come into play when batting in Veteran mode?

    I’ve turned on the “see circle” option, which shows my placement. So, do I want to actively move that circle while the pitch is approaching to try to get it to match the location of the pitch?

    Because the manual just says to “press and release”. Which kind of implies that you pre-select your location.


    I wish they had spent as much time making a detailed manual (or detailed tutorials) as they did making stadiums…

  • Lucky Cyrus, he’ll be testing and playing all this exclusive games before us when he starts at San Diego Studio. :-)

  • Its glitched! Apparently on half the teams, you can substitute players who can’t bat with players who can’t field and viceversa (MIDGAME!)and the original player can still continue playing! Worse yet, there are two or three teams where you can just buy all the available players to effectively win out.

  • Target field looks really cool and i cant wait to buy MLB10 another collection to my MLB games.. hope to be playing it in my home. Thanks for the hard work you guys.

  • Very cool video…. The stadium look extremely accurate

    I don’t have this game and probably won’t buy but it looks like a good baseball game. I have The Show 09 and that game is hard to me and still have a lot of trophies to collect. Maybe I should try the psp version…

  • The SHOW 10 is Best Baseball Game of the New Generation.

    Bases Loaded/RBI still in my rotation =)

  • MINNESOTA TWINS take Target Field today at 3:10PM CST and face the Boston Red Sox for their first regular season home game. This will be the first regular season game played at the new Target Field facility.

    Awesome video and looks accurate as eddieMX07 said. Thanks!

  • Very interesting behind the scene stadium video.. Keep em coming..

  • whoa. its Eric levine. Yo Eric whats ya favorite team.. If possible can we play online one day . I hope to beat you with my pirates.. :)

  • i have been submitting ideas in PS blog.share and there is nothing happened since then not even vote counts somebody help

  • all we need now is the ability to download the awesome ballpark hotdogs to our home from the game…

    PS3…it only does realism

  • The Colorado Rockies.. are a good team to use on The SHOW.. That title has MLB Sytle down to the T.. plus wicked graphics.. 9 out of 10.. THE FAZEONES LOUNGE

  • Great video, great game, thanks for the post.

  • How about putting the man, Tim Lincecum on next year’s cover? All I know is the the Giants are taking the NL West this year!!

  • The best baseball game ever.

    Great job on Target Field, it is spectacular in game.

    Love this developer behind the scenes videos for this game as well.

  • Alright Finally PS Blog Has News about something in MN lol
    Go TWINS!!!

  • Keep this up. Love this game.

  • if it wasnt for my fiscal+monetary policies test and business stats test i would have been there today :( thanks letting me atleast glimpse it. cant wait for school to be over with. crazy that this is the first thing the blog has ever mentioned about mn.

  • The game is epic, the graphics too real, i feel sad for xbox users

  • Honestly the In game Target Stadium is great. But of course the real life one is simply breath taking…… BTW: Twins beat the Red Sox 5-2 with Coobile hitting the first ever HOME RUN in the new stadium…….

    It was a perfect start for the Twins this season we are currently 2 and 0! On top of that now we get a much needed week off, and after that I still can’t get a ticket.

    (The Whole Season is sold out here in Minnesota, same for the next season, we even have people from Florida, Wisconsin, Iowa, and West Virginia all coming into the State to see the new Stadium, and the twins.)

    Simply breath taking in 1080i HD on my new HDTV in my room……… PS3 games look even better in 1080p!

  • Truly remarkable. Just a little bit off topic though. I’m a huge Texas Ranger fan and if any one at San Diego Studio’s can read this, please make it wear you can wear the alternate blue top’s as an option when playing home games ( not the warmup one you have now). Also Solid blue helmet’s and not last year’s red/ blue helmet. It kills the experience and it’s my home town team.
    The Ranger’sd wear their solid blues at home the majority of the year. Sorry Ranger hater’s. Jus t looking for authenticity. No thread intended. Thank you!

  • That is an excellent video!

  • Target Field in real life is stunning. Oh, and every time after Mauer makes a good play, the snippet of Kevin Butler saying “Well Played, Mauer” plays. Hilarious. Oh, and they sell shirts that say “Well Played, Mauer”. I got one!

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