LittleBigPlanet: This Week in DLC Goodness

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Hey everyone, Happy Monday! Mick Perona here again with LittleBigPlanet’s “This Week in DLC Goodness” post! Here’s a look at what we’ve got coming this week on the PlayStation Store for LittleBigPlanet PSP!

Coming this Thursday:

Temples Costumes for LBP PSP (FREE) – Get these free costumes from the Temples Theme Pack!

LBP PSP Temples costume add-on

Temples Theme Pack for LBP PSP ($2.99) – A new set of costumes and CREATE materials to create your own Temples levels! The Temples Theme Pack includes 6 Costume items, 11 CREATE Materials, 15 Stickers, 1 Music kit, and 1 Background.

LBP PSP Temples theme add-on

Download the Temples Theme Pack Thursday.

Note: Some of you may have received an email this past weekend regarding a “LittleBigPlanet beta.” This email was sent out in error, and references the old, already-existing LBP beta. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

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  • Keep that DLC goodness coming. How does one sign up for LBP beta tests and are there any coming up?

    …still waiting for that ice

    • Hey Litho, We’ll do that! As for our ongoing LBP Beta, if we ever need to expand our existing user base, you’ll see it here on the PS Blog first! Thanks for asking!

  • As far as PS3 DLC, when will we get more Disney related stuff? Also is there going to be a lot more Disney related stuff, or just one more Disney related DLC left?

    • Sorry, but this would be something that we’d make an official announcement for in a separate blog post. Just stay tuned! :)

  • ya i got one of those beta emails and i was bummed when i found out it was a error.but thats for letting us now so i can stop tring for the 20th time

  • DLC goodness looking good. Nice costume. I think I just found my sackboy’s new look.

  • Will there ever be a Kratos and Final Fantasy VII and VIII character?
    oh and Tekken?

  • Media go for mac?

  • i know that your trying to catch up in terms of dlc on lbp psp but please we need more ps3 dlc!!!

  • is the PS3 version going to get more DLC?

  • Hey, I got an e-mail from playstation that says “You’re invited to play the LittleBigPlanet beta.” What is it? I try to redeem the code but it says it’s not valid. What do I do!!!

    • Hey Ivy, see our note above in the post towards the bottom. This was an old email that went out by mistake. You can discard that email. Sorry about the confusion. :)

  • Any news on the ‘Turbo Pack’ for PSP yet Mick?

    • More news coming soon, Riley! Because LBP is all about the community, we’ve started out with Dev Diaries first, so you guys can get the inside scoop on how this pack came to be. Keep checking in as we release more, and thanks for your interest! :)

  • I just don’t understand why the psp LBP gets more dev. level add ons than the ps3 version..

    • Hey Link, that’s a great question my friend. If you think about it, the PS3 version came out first. So some of the packs we put out for PSP(i.e. Weddings, Canyons, Metropolis, Islands, etc) are taken from the PS3 version, so you can take your favorite adventures from Sackboy’s PS3 adventures on the go with you, wherever you may be sacking about!
      There’s DEFINTELY a lot more fun to be had with the PS3 version of LBP. Besides the awesome community levels that are made every day, we’re still working hard to bring you even more exciting stuff you’ll love like we recently released with Sonic the Hedgehog, Disney’s Incredibles, and more! Stay tuned, and thanks for asking!

  • It’s always good to see that good things are coming to lbp each week! Keep up the good work

  • Hey Mr.Perona, I received an email from you guys inviting me into the “LBP beta”

    Is this a real beta or just a mistake?


  • Awww I was jacked at getting the beta invite—can those of us who were invited be put into the G.A.P. or something? I really like beta testing things for Sony and providing feedback–feels like I am helping out the team ;-)

    • Hey Zookey, Thanks for asking! That’s cool that you want to be a helping hand! Awesome! The G.A.P. (Gaming Advisory Panel) is handled by the PlayStation Network team, so I can’t speak to that, but I do know that if you visit the blog everyday and keep your eyes peeled, opportunities to join betas, G.A.P. and other PlayStation Nation efforts will definitley present themselves to you.

  • @Link01 Sony Cambridge just wants to put all the PS3 themes on to the PSP. And apparently they wanted to put as much DLC out as they could. :)

  • Nothing for PS3? I guess the support for the original game is dying… :(

  • @5 gamestop preorderes got the Kratos Costume.

  • Hey I got an email inviting me to an LBP beta but the code doesn’t work.

  • Nothing for PS3 LBP? Lame.

  • #5, you can buy the Kratos costume on the store since Jan. of 2009.

  • Will there ever be a section in the game devoted to highlighting some of the best user made levels? I know this is sometimes done on the blog but it would be a lot better if it was patched directly into the game in a section under Search Options.

    • Hey Kenshin, With over 2.1 million community levels created, it’s not as easy as you would imagine. But I can tell you that the team is working on ways to make it easier to find levels that YOU will enjoy the most. For now, the best way is updates here on the blog, and Stay tuned though my friend, stay tuned!

  • would like to see the lbp psp story content come to the ps3 version of lbp like the ps3 story content has come to the psp version

  • Please consider bringing this pack to the ps3 also! <3 Krishna ^^ definate buy :D

  • Lilfrenzy……

    look a the stickers, they looks like them from the ps3 game : )

  • @16 Just because there isn’t weekly content doesn’t mean the support is dying. It’s far from it. Jeez there was a big enough pack last week to last a few weeks without DLC.
    There is still plenty of support going into the game. Heck, there even putting in support for the PS Move eventually, and that isn’t even out ’till later this year. So there is plenty of life in this game still.

    @21 There already is a section like that. It’s called “Featured Levels”. It’s in the same menu as where you can find the “Search” option.

    @23 And you would buy this for the PS3… why? It’s already in the game as it’s a Story mode theme.

    @Anyone who got a BETA invite, as said before these were sent by mistake. There is NO new BETA, hence why they don’t work.


  • @26 And what about the weeks where it’s only DLC for the PS3 version? What about the people who only have a PSP then?
    Not to mention this is PSP only since it’s already in the PS3 version.

    Get over it, some weeks there is DLC for both, other weeks there is DLC for just one or the other.

    Sheesh, no common sense at all.

    And why you mention GTA4 in an unrelated Blog post is beyond me.

  • Is this for European PS Store too?

  • Just a question how old do you have to be to get in a LBP Beta?

  • How about some love for LBP PS3 owners? Also, what is this about a beta? I havn’t heard anything about it.

  • ive been having problems saving items i saved a few the other day and they arent there anymore :( i worked realy hard on this truck and now its gone

  • @ dotcody
    There’s plenty more DLC to come for the PS3. Final Fantasy, Marvel, even more Disney characters(there was a princess pack shown) and remember, the Incredibles pack was pretty big.

  • i downloaded this on my psp. its awesome on ps3 .but its cool on the psp and portable.but it costs so much.

  • hey Perona, do u know where i get those playstation cards. I cant find them

  • ooo cool but when is another pack coming out for PS3 LBP? I know im not a pro like you guys but i suggest a Pokemon costume pack because a lot of people make their own pokemon costumes and i think it would be cool to have an actually one

  • where is the character link in the ad? Come on… we ALL want to play as link… why do you REALLY think we bought the game for? The graphics??

  • Where’s ICE HAZARD. I wants it. So much could be done with that it’s unreal.


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