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Here’s our list of links from the past week… and while we’re looking back, I wanted to thank Seattle for helping us put on such a great event last Thursday. Attendance at our PlayStation Move meet-up was outstanding, to say the least. We hope those of you that attended had as much fun as we did, and that you enjoyed going hands-on with the PlayStation Move months before it’ll hit store shelves.


This week, we’ll add more pics from the event here.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of April 5, 2010)

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    Podcast beyond up in da house!!


  • First. Cool but when is a PlayStation Move meet-up coming to NYC?

  • Cool…

  • Hey Jeff, I didn’t have a chance to talk to you in Seattle, it was too crowded. I had fun though.

  • Hey Jeff, when is John D. coming back to the blog? last time he said he had a surprise for April.

    • I talked to him on Friday (we both had lunch at the same place, randomly), and he *will* be back on the blog this month! I think you’ll enjoy what he has to say.

  • Mang, this is why I asked why yah had to do it on a thursday. I got slammed with more work and had to work late. And all you said was its technically after work hours. Should have done it on the weekend. Another missed and dissed sony event.

  • Jeff I can you mention to the higher ups if we can get a sound when we get a psn message? Someone could be inviting me to a game right now and I wouldn’t know it. any alert sound would do.
    Keep up the good work, uncharted rocks!

  • Jeff, quick question. For the MGS Bigg Boss Bundle Psp Camo, is the camo painted on the psp or is it sticker based? Thanks bro

    • These things are *usually* silk screened on there, but I’m not positive.
      Let me talk to the hardware team tomorrow and reply back right here.

    • Update – found out it is *not* a sticker. Painted on!

  • Ooooh Killzone 3, I honestly can’t wait till E3 + Sony.

  • I can’t wait until E3 this year. Unlike last year almost nothing has been leaked yet.

    I think some Crysis 2 news is also note worthy:


  • wish i could try playstation move.

  • any word on when Canada is getting the video/comic store?

  • i went to the meet-up in NYC on April 23rd. just wanted to say thank you. I had a lot of fun!

  • There was a Game Design Expo in Vancouver, BC this weekend was really great and I got to listen to developers in the industry and play Modnation Racers!!

  • ^^ O.O Time travel IS possible!!! gasp….

    I’m really hoping to go to E3 this year. I was there last year, and i saw you, Jeff! I talked to chris too. But it should be exciting…and you guys really should feature Kevin Butler in the press conference! :P

    And is John D going to have another blog-breaker competition for us? ;D

  • Hey, Jeff I got this really weird email inviting me to some LBP beta, and the code doesn’t work.
    Add to your address book


    Welcome! You’ve been selected to participate in our ongoing
    LittleBigPlanet online beta. We’re always striving to improve our
    online experience–and whether it’s tweaks in gameplay, functionality
    or server adjustments, we need your help in making sure everything
    looks and plays just right. Included is your beta code to provide
    you access to our online beta. Thanks again.

    Here is your Voucher Redeem code for beta:


    How to redeem your Voucher Code:

    1. Open an account on PlayStation(R)Network (or use an existing

    It goes on with the standard email stuff

  • Jeff, are you guys going to do something big again for la when E3 hits? I missed it last year, when you guy went for tacos etc. I really want to go this time around!!

    • We’re planning that out now. We’ll definitely be doing *something*… what would you like to see happen?

  • Looking towards this year’s E3. For the past few years there’s always been @ least a handful of things that, @ a minimum, I’m @ least moderately excited about. I hope this year’s E3 sticks to the pattern.

  • thanks jeff, cause i still own the O.G psp1001 and i am straight out looking forward in getting the special big boss camo psp. but i am kinda concerned of the wear and tear of the camo.

  • Jeff,

    Does the name “Lionel Messi” mean anything to you? I told you it was all for nothing!

    Any word on you guys coming to Florida any time soon?

    • We did pretty well this year despite losing our leading scorer from last season and having van Persie cut down by a terrible challenge months ago.

  • Interesting article concerning The “it only does Everything campaign ” . I believe it has worked (WHOO HOO !!!! MORE PLAYERS !!!!!) I do however think that SCEA should have coincided the task of upgrading the browser along with PSN website changes . right now The forums are unusable , and although the knowledge center does work in the PS3 Browser it acts like its trying to map the entire human genome and load the site at the same time ( SLOOOOOW and ever so clunky . I do realize they are working on an upgrade , but i just think it should have happened right along with site changes . As it is , new users will be greeted by a surprise should they click the forums button on the PS3 home page , considering they just bought a product “that only does everything ” .

    dont mean to be so snarky bout it , Ilove my ps3 and i appreciate the hardwork you folks do but…. hurry with the browser upgrade already !!! LOL …. take care

  • Hi Jeff, I have a comment/question that I’m hoping you could maybe answer for me. I think the Share part of the blog is a great idea and allows everyone to submit suggestions and ideas. I do have something I’m confused about however and just want some clarification on so I’m understanding it correctly. Within the first few days of the Share section going up, I submitted a suggestion for quite a few TV series I’d like to see added to the Video store, mostly Warner Bros shows. I decided to submit the suggestion since the shows I suggested are all bigger name shows and surely others might want to see the same shows. Do you guys approve the first “TV Show” type suggestion that comes along and then not approve the others because they would be viewed as duplicates of the same idea so to speak? I’m just trying to understand why my suggestion didn’t get approved for posting. I thought all the shows I suggested were great ideas!

    • There are several of us working on approving submissions, so I can’t say specifically what might’ve been the hold up. Good news here is that we’re working on an overhaul of said system. Please don’t hesitate to resubmit your idea, but do it one show per idea. That would help.

  • Sorry for double post Jeff but if it is a case of you guys not wanting duplicate ideas could you please point me in the direction of where I can send my suggestions to, to someone who could maybe look into the shows I suggested for adding to the Video Store? Great work on the blog and everything Jeff :) Just trying to figure all this Share stuff out is all.

  • Yo Jeff, nothing to do with this post: is your crew hiring any illustrators/graphic designers/concept artists? Hire me.

    I’m from Toronto, but what you really want is a Canadian artist.

    As for something related to his post… well i’m watching a Move developer video right now. The concepts are great; just need to be taken further to show the depth of experience that it’ll be able to provide. I imagine ya’ll got that covered for E3. Bring that **** on.

  • I love sony and you guys have been doing a great job over all. Just need better psn updates. Plus better psp deal bundles.

  • i’ve submitted several ideas to blog share yet not one has been approved. what gives? i checked to make sure they werent duplicates (they werent), i tried resubmitting one of em a couple times(this was before i noticed the bit saying dont do that, so sorry… of course i wouldnt have bothered had the 1st idea just been posted to begin with.) anyway, its really frustrating to have ideas that youve submitted but by my user name it says, ‘ideas: 0’. come on already, its not like i used foul language or was disrespectful, just trying to participate! also, this was over the course of several weeks so dont give me the impatient speech, i saw lots of other submissions posted after mine.

  • This was a slow week for actual gaming news. Hope next week is better.

    Suggestion Jeff.
    Do you guys think you can get the SONY E3 press conference up on the PSN about an hour or two after it air on TV? I will not be able to watch the press conference live because my Senior Project presentation is during the same time frame as the SONY E3 Press Conference. I think it will mean a lot to the Playstation gamers that has work or school during the Live Press Conference.

  • Yah would have had more people than 180 if it was on the weekend. And, I would have been one of them. But, I’m done with playstation events, yah always make it inconvenient or something else, so that MANY others can’t make it.

  • Bring the PLAYSTATION MOVE to AZ State Fair. I’m sure people will want to try it.

  • Jeff,

    Messi is a fantastic player and he’s tearing every team apart so I wouldn’t be too upset. I understand about the injuries being a Liverpool supporter. One week we have Torres the next week he’s out. Drives me crazy.

    Any word on Florida dates?

  • Listen here Jeff, I don’t have time to sort through these “careers pages”, or putting together a “curriculum vitae”… I just want some C.R.E.A.M, ‘na i’m sayin’?

    Haha, I’m just kid-ding around. Thanks for the link man.

  • Jeff thanks for the reply man!

    For the E3 event, I hope you guys have a place where Los Angeles people that can’t get in for E3, be able to play PS Move, give out cool swag (like you always do), have a place to eat (like King Taco), and just have a good time!! I know it will happen, but this time I will do anything to go! I got a chance to play test Fat Princess a few weeks back, and it was so AWESOME (I heard you gave a helping hand in that, for letting Matt put it on this blog). I know the E3 event Sony will throw for their fans will be sweet too!

  • @Jeff: Thank you very much for taking the time to reply to my post! I will definitely re-submit my suggestions to the Share side of the site in the morning, 1 suggestion per show like you suggested :) Thanks again, meant a lot to get a reply!

  • Had a good time at the meetup!! GO GATORS! thanks jeff

  • Jeff I had a feeling I was talking to you on facebook in terms of the PSN team. I know you love your bee themes lol

  • Have to say, I bought the “Lord of The Rings Dynamic Theme” this Thursday and I’m appalled at the horrid quality. The preview image is a sunny, green Rivendale scene (wrong spelling, don’t care) and then what I end up with is a drab, Mordor landscape? I have several other Dynamic Themes and the animation is excellent- however this theme’s animation is laughable. There’s about 6 frames of animation and they tick by at about 2 fps. So ugly and so boring. As a theme designer myself, I’m disgusted by sloppy work like this and disappointed that Sony doesn’t hold their premium content partners to higher standards and perform better QC. :( Also, when I pay for a theme (or even design one myself), I expect all the icons to be custom. Why is the “PS Mini” icon and “Account Management” subset still untouchable by designers and default in even new premiums? Even if a theme has a default vertical icon, it won’t even affect the minis icon!

  • We need more character spaces on Blog Share! It’s hard to explain an idea in that few characters and it’s a pain in the ass to whittle each post down to what essentially amounts to caveman-speak. Also, one idea per day is a little limiting. We are signed in with our PSN ID, so I don’t see how spamming would be that much of a problem- and would be easily remedied with a simple ban threat. I have 4 or 5 I’d like to push through tonight and now I have to keep coming back everyday this week to do so…

    Finished GoWIII and Heavy Rain this week! Now I can start the games I had going before my latest YLOD over again. :/

  • when are we going to see more star wars stuff in home

  • it was a ok week for playstation.

  • yh, i agree with comment 43!
    It’s only tw, but we need MORE!!! XD

  • My god that was CROWDED! When I saw the guest list had grown to over 200, I decided to stay home. Glad I did! See you at PAX, where I’m sure the Move will be on display as well. :)

  • when is the ps move meet-up in chicago??

  • i have been submitting ideas in PS blog.share and there is nothing happened since then not even vote counts somebody help

  • will the episodes from liberty city be available for download on psstore launch day? hope so.

  • Good job Sony and Sega (Yakuza)
    Now time to go high with Psn and invade North-America and Europe!
    ill be there watching people getting crazy!

  • thanks jeff, you are the man. now only if that paint was lasered in so i wont be concerned about wearing out. haha. check this out and tell me what you think.

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