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  • Looking forward to seeing more sales on the ps store in the future ;)

  • i will definately pick up hexyz force as the game looks pretty interesting!

  • Hi there.
    I’m the italian guy who won the GOW 3 Ul. ed. during the party in SF.
    I received your shipment 2 weeks ago and i want to write you : THANK YOU SO MUCH.
    Sorry if i haven’t written until now, but i was busy

    Anyway, i have a question for you:
    i’m wondering if you’re doing something about the protected saved games files.
    I changed 3 ps3 since it was released and every time is a serious drama.
    There are games such as Rock Band, Resident Evil 5, Guitar Hero that you can’t move the games files to a new console.

    I can understand this thing is to prevent profiles with thousands of fakes trophies.
    But you can create a remote saved games files, and make it possible to move a saved game from an old ps3 to a new one.
    Valve software already do this (i’m sure you know them)
    Otherwise, next time you ask what is important for us in a new firmware, please, consider this request.

    For me, this is the worst thing about ps3.
    I don’t care about chat cross over the games.
    Thank you again for everything

  • Yo Sid! Will be looking forward to seeing more blog posts from you man!

    • Thanks much! We’re all bummed about Chris Morell’s last day yesterday, but on the plus side I’ll be able to chip in more on the Blog!

  • I thought that was last week?

  • 2.5milion people bought the mw2 dlc wtf

    • Crazy numbers, eh? The PS3 version goes live on May 4th in North America, glad we know the official date now. Lotta reader questions over that one! :)

  • Sid Shuman, you are not being very professional deleting posts we make about real problems with your product. Other OS thread is up in 7000 posts with not one single reply from Sony. You have made a huge mistake to your loyal customers that you need to fix.

  • This week was actually a pretty good week. Hope the next is even better.

  • Alright week but I think the blog needs more Kevin Butler.

  • Hi there Sid. I was wondering, if God of War III Release Trailer (Chaos Trailer) is ever going to make appearence in the PSN Store?

    I thought it was going to be in-PSN by release week, but I guess it didn’t. :(

  • Hmmm, I thought this came out like two weeks back? Maybe only on the Blog, eh? I’ll send a note on Monday to see what’s up. Thanks Velmonte!

  • Hey Sid,
    Looking forward to your posts in the blog.I’am really sad that Chris is leaving,but hopefully you will be here.

    BTW. if you dont mind me asking,can you tell me why you have Dr. Manhattan as your avatar?

  • Oh Sid,
    I forgot.. Please answer one question.. I just got an email yesterday for a littlebigplanet beta but the code doesnt work. The email was from sony. Is this a mistake or is there gonna be a new littlebigplanet beta?

  • Good information… Thanks Sid…

  • Welcome to the Playstation Blog, Sid!

    Can you please have an interview with the developers of DC Universe Online and The Agency?

  • I never really cared about mini’s, until now.
    They keep getting better!

  • SUP

    Any Idea when there’s gonne be gods of war 3 Dlc?!?!

  • God of War 3 DLC NOW. I WILL PAY. NOW.

  • Just curious, will the GTA4 episode DLC be added to the store on Tuesday next week to go along with the retail release, or do we have to wait until Thursday?

  • I herd that there thinking about releasing an alternate ending on God of War, if it’s true, hurry do, because id like to see what other idea they had to end it off.

  • Excuse me, Mr. Shuman, I know you’re new and all but Mr. Morell usually lets us bring pizza from the cafeteria in to the comments room.

  • not sure where to post this but is sony aware people are hacking games to get the trophies?im a huge trophy hunter 47 platinums and about 3500 trophies but this cheapens them.i just want sony to be aware of this and crack down on these people.again sorry as im not sure where to post this.

  • Hey,how come i dont get messages from you guys anymore?

  • @Sid

    Thanks for keeping the posting on-topic. They may not like it, but with the forums and Share in place, there’s really no excuse anymore. Only one group left to eliminate: the “first!” posters. God, I can’t stand them. Maybe you guys could make a place like Share where they can just post “first,” post about posting “first” and tend to their fragile egos.

    @ bigfnrabbit

    Bravo on your level of commitment. I only have one platinum and I don’t think that’ll be changing anytime soon.

  • Whatever those idiots did they need to make Home more stable. Even since the recent updates it’s been really unstable for me. I haven’t been able to get in for more than 5 minutes.

  • Look for me on twitter by this name for an alternative recap on news relevant to PlayStation users. Its always good to have more than one source for the latest news right?

  • One depressing story you missed – EA is apparently cutting back PSP support – NCAA football won’t be on it this year (see story at Joystiq).

    While I realize stuff like this is beyond Sony’s direct control, offering them an incentive to put out a pretty important game like this would be appreciated. (I mean, c’mon, the iphone is getting it)

  • when is the new mw2 map coming out

  • I have a question relating to the PSN Store. Seeing as Sony, aside from being a gaming & movie company, is also a music label as well, is there ANY chance whatsoever that we’ll see a new section to the PSN Store dedicated to music akin to the video section that debuted nearly 2 years ago? Having that would make a good deal of sense & would be easy money for Sony (as well as being yet another selling point for the PS3).

  • @except that music management on the PS3 and PSP is absolutely horrendous.

  • @21

    Really…why does that matter for you? You have the self knowledge that you beat x game…why does it matter what others have done. Be at peace with your own skills and don’t worry about other people…you’ll be a happier person.

  • I have that same broen LBP beta thing too. Are they still testing things?

  • i did not like the store update at all this week.

  • Bring on the properly priced PSP PSN games!

    Seriously, everyone better be buying that stuff like hotcakes. That’s the best way to tell Sony they need to kill that stupid $40 price point of downloadable PSP games.

    Hopefully they will wake up and fix the PSP’s pricing structure when they realise how successfull those permanent price drops become.

  • @30

    well it does matter as whats the point of trophies if u can just hack them?im not stressed over it but why not nip the problem in the bud before it becomes a wide spread problem?and i work hard for my trophies to get to my lvl and for some loser hacks to get all trophies in a matter of mins is would be mad too if thes same people were hacking stats and your psn account.all im sayin is why not do something about it before trophies become a joke,this is the start of just that.

  • @bigfnrabbit

    Trophies already are a joke bro. There just there to make you feel and look good. The people who cheat are just trying to look tough. When in reality they’re just nerds who have no life, and have to hack everything.


  • @36 Errr… no, that means that the company wouldn’t see any profit from the PS3 version, meaning they wouldn’t even bother porting anything over in the first place.

  • What will the price for the DLC on Modern Warfare 2 on 4th May 2010.

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