LittleBigPlanet – Sack It To Me: “Turbo!-charged” Edition

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Turbo! Pack for LBP PSP Coming Soon
Announced today on the, check out two cool new Dev Diaries from Cambridge Studios that detail how this exciting new pack came to life, how the community (YEP, that’s you guys!) influenced their ideas, and what you can expect to see in this new pack for LittleBigPlanet PSP! Check out the Dev Diaries here. We’ll have more details on Turbo! Pack for you soon….

Turbo! Pack for LBP PSP


LBP PS3 Community Level – “ARCTIC”  by Vex_Doppel and Uirop
Hey SackFolk! I met Vex right here, on this very same blog just a few weeks back and learned of this level. I got a chance to play it over the weekend, and had a blast!

Kudos to, Vex and Uirop!! Check it out folks, you’ll be glad you did!

LBP PS3 Community Level – “ARCTIC”


Disney’s “Incredibles” have arrived on LittleBigPlanet!
As a reminder, now available on the PlayStation Store are Incredibles individual costumes, the Incredibles Level Kit, and the Incredibles Costume Kit.

Grab these guys and start saving the (LittleBig) Planet!

Disney’s Incredibles for LittleBigPlanet!

Grab this FREE LittleBigPlanet PSP theme for your PSP XMB!
As you’ve probably heard, LittleBigPlanet PSP won a BAFTA for Best Hand-held Game! We want to thank you, the community for your support and all of your great LBP PSP creations! Head over to the PlayStation Store and download your free theme!


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  • new pack for lbp: psp? AWESOME!! CANT WAIT!. oh yeah, FIRST!!

  • yeeeeeeeeees

  • Mick, I was wondering what type of dlc packs we can expect for LBP PSP, after all of the creators edition stuff is out,also is there any chance of infrastructure mode on LBP PSP in the form of an update, or is there no chance of that happening?

    • Hey hawk, As far as DLC packs you can expect, we alwasy make announcements as soon as it’s possible to do so.
      About an infrastructure mode, LPB PSP isn’t a multiplayer game. But it IS a way experience all new Sackboy adventures “on the go”, and still have that full PLAY, CREATE, & SHARE experience of the LittleBigPlanet franchise!

  • If my PS3 didn’t YLOD on Sunday, I would of already have this new pack from Disney, and Mm. Have to wait a few more days, until it is mine!!

  • ….Oh yeah 1 more thing to add…I would LOVE to see more Disney/Pixar DLC content!! Anything Disney with this game I will buy for sure!!!

  • Kind of off topic, but do you have an estimate for the price of modnation racers psp/via psn download?

  • @Seahawk313 (6), you really are too lazy to Google it? Search for “modnation racers psp price.” Also, Media Molecule has nothing to do with ModNation Racers.

    Anyway, it’s nice to see that both editions of LBP are constantly being supported! The turbo pack looks like fun.

  • LBP was fun but now to me its like they ”flooding the market” just tooo much stuff.. there no real WOW Factor anymore, every week its in your face. Its more like whats ittoday insted of, Hey i heard new LBP Stuff comin out!!! Ya missing that, i bought my on LPB Launch. Get infastructure on the psp version, thaT’ll wow them, this games whole base is create share whatever but its noting like on ps3. Great game just flooding it..

  • seahawk, do u Ask Paramount about Warnerbros?…Foolio!

  • OMG remove the “news” section from LBP if the Mm picks are going to be on the website!! Why would we buy DLC for a game if we aren’t even sure Mm is still supporting the games basic features? DLC could be made by anyone at Sony, but firmware that actually helps the community needs to come from Mm.

    I assumed when I bought LBP that there would be a COMMUNITY MANAGER who is CONSTANTLY updating the community, and giving us new news and levels.

    We saw the news page change for a few months, but it hasn’t changed for over a year now I’m pretty sure. The game didn’t even need firmware updates to update the news page, so I don’t see why there is nobody featuring new levels.


  • Thanks Mick for the shout out. Already bought the Incredibles.

    • Hey Vex, “ARCTIC” is an awesome level! I had a lot of fun playing it this weekend! That’s what these community posts are all about, to get folks sharing levels, ideas, and having fun together with LittleBigPlanet! Thanks again for sharing it with us! :)

  • I’m glad you enjoyed it. Sadly it takes a long time for me to make a worthy level to play. Every time I make a new one I have to set the bar higher than the last one I made.
    I’ve already started on the my next one but I don’t see it getting finished any time soon.

    • Hey Vex, Setting the bar higher = good (Good fa you, Good fa me, Good fa ev-ry-body!) Make sure to give us a shout here on the PlayStation Blog when it’s ready! I can’t wait!

  • Hey Mick! Whatever happened to the Final Fantasy content announced ages ago?

  • Mick, just wondering, the Disney stuff has been amazing. My family and I have really enjoyed it. Is the Incredibles stuff the last of it or will we see some more down the road. I know that my daughter would love to see costumes based on the fairy tale stuff (Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, etc.) or Winnie the Pooh. Thanks for what you do.

    • Hey there, glad to hear she enjoys it! We absolutely love working with Disney and that collaboration is far from over. I wish I could say more at this point in time, but I can tell you that you guys will not be disappointed! :)

  • will lbp psp be getting any new levels soon?

  • Sounds good, Any idea why I am a few others just received a beta invite code for LBP on PS3? Lol?

  • @17 use it and u might win that hazmat and gasmask suit ( which you can only get from testin betas)

  • I like, I like XD

  • I got a beta invite also via email….but the PSN code doesn’t work. Is this for the PS3 or the PSP? Either way, it still doesn’t work. Any light to shed on WHEN this will work?

  • I got a LBP beta voucher last night but when i put the code in it didn’t work. Is this a real voucher or a fake one thats going out?

  • did you recive it on your psn message section or your e-mail.

  • I also recieved a beta invite in my email, odd since I bought the retail copy after the pre-release beta. My code also doesn’t work, any clues as to what happened?

  • Thats cool and all, but i would like to see some new ideas like the scuba suit and the paintinator. Why havn’t they made some sort of thing so an airplane looks like it is flying or somthing?

  • @ manchester4
    Because you canachieve this with a simple piston set to invisible.(:

  • little big planet is OK P.S. ttttttuuuuuuurrrrrrbbbbbboooooo

  • dear mick perona

    little big planet psp is an awesome game i beat it a long time ago.

    and i beat gran turismo for psp i got all gold trophies

  • are you proud of me???????? please respond!!!!!!!!!!

  • Will do Mick, thanks.

  • As COOL as the incredibles sounds . Well I’m more INTERESTED in toy story. Besides toy story is Pixar’s greatest and first film. Someone PLEASE!!!! tell me theres going to be a toy story suit for LBP.

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