The Tester Finale – Episode 8 Coming Later Today; See Who Wins the Job as the Next PlayStation Game Tester!

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Well, this is it! The wait is over. After seven episodes of watching The Tester cast grind their way through a series of elimination challenges shaped around the skills necessary to be a game tester, we finally get to see who wins the job at Sony Computer Entertainment America.

In Episode 8, “Season Finale,” the final three contestants (Amped, Cyrus, and Nauseous) face an intense series of mini-challenges involving problem solving, dexterity, PlayStation knowledge and game play. There are no judges, no elimination rounds, and no excuses in this flat-out race to the finish to determine who wins the title of The Tester.

The Tester is available in both Standard and High-Definition formats from the PlayStation Store and also showing in PlayStation Home, Theater 8 where another cast member t-shirt will be rewarded. And don’t miss the new commemorative item that is also available for purchase!

Thanks for downloading and watching, everyone. Please allow folks to enjoy the show and refrain from posting spoilers.

We had a great time bringing you our first original competitive reality series. Hope you enjoyed the show and please keep sharing your feedback with us!

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  • Gaara_Of_TheFunk

    Can’t waif to see who wins, it was a great season!!

  • cyrus FTW!

  • linebeginstoblur

    Currently watching a marathon of the first seven episodes and it’ll be done right as the finale goes live at Home. I have to admit, I was unsure about this show at first, but it quickly grew on me. I hope this was successful enough to try more exclusive content!

  • I love this show, I hope they make more stuff like these. Season 2 Anyone ? Although its sometimes sad how much i know more than these contestants

  • Getting to know many of the characters kinda personally really helped this show grow on me.

  • I want the CUTE AMPED to win it all! If not her, then Nauseous.

  • Nauseous has been under the radar pretty much the entire series, I believe we’ll see him shine tonight.

    I too hope this show was successful enough to encourage more FREE content like this.

  • I Hope Cyrus Wins, But Looking At The Preview, It Looks He Won’t:(

  • awesome!! any thoughts on tester xmb themes or even a wallpaper??

  • I Hope Cyrus Wins, But Looking At The Preview, It Looks Like He Won’t:(

  • Cyyyrus! Cyyyrus! Cyyyrus!

    Say it with me!


  • So where is the episode? I’m waiting to download it!

    • It should be available on the Video side of the Store at 3 PM and on the Games side when the Thursday update is published.

  • Okay, I’ve gotta admit. I was a little skeptical that this show would hold any of my interest, but each episode got more and more interesting! I actually really dig it now.
    I hope Nauseous wins, but all three of those guys got it together and deserve to win it.

  • Congrats on a great show!! Please make more!


  • You guys – this has been a fun little series. I don’t get a lot of the hate this series gets; it’s a fun concept and it has been really entertaining. Looking forward to watching the finale tonight!!

  • ok cool, I can’t wait! GO NAUSEOUS!!!

  • I say Amped is going to win. Who’s with me.

  • Usually, I would never get into a show like this. Yet I find myself looking forward to every Thursday night to check it out. Others even come over to watch now. So I’d just like to say great job Sony on really doing something completely new.

    P.S. I had these 3 pinned as the Final 3 since the beginning. If I had to say which would be the best employee, I’d say Cyrus. Nauseous would be good as well, but may come off as a little unprofessional. Amped would also be a good choice, but I am not sure she is as hard core of a gamer as the other two, meaning not sure what to look for… she comes off as mid-casual, mid-hardcore gamer, however this is much more than most female gamers. Therefore, she would be good if they also needed a female perspective for the games.

    All in all, all three great candidates, and looking forward to who takes home the prize.

  • I hope Nauseous wins.

  • Well, it’ll probably be the highlight of the american update. Lovers will finally get the conclusion, Haters will see it as a symbol of the end.

  • I remember when this first started, EVERYONE hated and bashed it. Now look….nothing but positive comments on people wanting to know the outcome!

    Hope they release more shows like this, its great for the PSN and gives people a reason to check it weekly. Good job Sony!

  • I’m looking forward to Episode 9 in a year or so. The one where they find out if the “winner” died of boredom.

    I think the Second Place Winner gets the job. First Place prize is no job and a return to real life.

  • I want Amped or Nouseous to win. The 2 cool people. I’m just glad Star is out.

  • Can’t wait to watch this. And can’t wait for the next season :D


  • I am looking forward to see who wins. I am cheering for Nauseous to pull it off. Kudos on a great first season.

  • I’m ready to watch this. I really hope Nauseous is the winner. I don’t like how the other two ganged up on Star a few weeks ago. Very lame. Nauseous FTW!

  • Just curious, is this finale episode any longer than the normal episodes?

  • It’s either Cyrus or Nauseous. I like Cyrus but hope Nauseous wins.

  • I like the show but think that these gamers need to get out more , they’re all fawning over the girls thinking they’re so hot when they really aren’t that great looking . that’s what I found funny , especially the guys crying about the girls being voted out .

  • Nauseous! Nauseous!!!! Hes da man anyways time for season 2! I was suspicious how the tester would go and i must say its really good good job Sony congrats!

  • I’m rooting for cyrus, but im think that Nauseus is going to win. Anyway, i don’t who the wiiner is because i Like all of them specially Amped, she’s the sexy one there

  • Can we now have a similar series but with more competition using the actual PS3 game library with controllers in hand, vying for the ultimate gamer bragging rights or something? I think more people will be interested,… especially gamers.

  • whats whit those dudes crying like 15 year old boys. what’s with them don’t they know “there’s no crying in baseball”. i rooting for Nauseous.

  • i thought at the begging this was really lame but in the end quite enjoyed the show

  • I’m pretty sure I could take every one of them in a Tekken fight.

  • love the show just. it would be better if the show was longer. maybe add more challenges to the show. I look forward to it every week!

  • Beginning

  • its 3pm nd i dont c it in the store

  • Cyrus has to win it :D

    Any news on another series then? :)

  • awesome, can’t wait to see who wins. Rooting for Cyrus.


  • i want Cyrus to win, he looks like he knows what he’s doing, but idk if he will. in the preview it looks like amped is going to win

  • When is this going to be available?

    It’s past 3PM PST and it’s still not up. You guys should have midnight releases or at least make sure content makes it in the first half of the day you schedule it for. Saying Thursday but meaning Thursday evening is kind of dumb

  • Glad this is over.

    Please spend your money on other things in the future Sony.

  • Hello,
    This is now the 2nd consecutive week, I have NOT received my HOME Reward, when going into the HOME Theater for that weeks Tester Episode.
    I have gone into the theater, every single week, and watched all the episodes of “The Tester” And each time I have gone in to watch that weeks episode, I have always received the “Reward” for that week.
    Now that last REWARD I received, was the “Game Over Doc” t-shirt.
    After watching last weeks episode in the Theater, at no time during the Episode, did any “Reward” Icon, appear on my screen.

    Now I just went in, and watched the Tester Finale, and once again, NO REWARD icon appeared on my screen.
    I went into the Menu system, to check what award I got, and the last one it shows, says, “Game over Doc.”

    Please look into this, and please give me last weeks, and this weeks Tester Reward.

    Any problems, PLEASE email me at once at my registered address.
    Thank You

    PSN ID: Haskell420

  • I will rage if Nauseous does not win.

  • I think Nauseous wins cause Cyrus falls back and Amped looks like she falls a bit behind as well. We’ll have to see

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