Two Tales, One RPG: Hexyz Force Coming to PSP

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Hey there PlayStation devotees,

I’m swinging by the PlayStation.Blog to talk to you about our upcoming PSP exclusive Hexyz Force. (Also to collect on a bet I made with Kevin Butler a while back. Apparently one of his many job titles is not VP of Clutch Three-Point Shooting.)

Hexyz Force is an engrossing RPG that tells not just one, but two engrossing tales. That’s a lot of engrossing, folks. Either follow Levant von Schweitzer through a tale of political intrigue, war and racial tensions, or play as Cecilia Armaclite as she learns about embracing responsibility, love and friendship. While most people would charge double the price for a value such as this, or possibly even tack on one of the tales as downloadable content, we are pleased to bring this game to you for the recession-friendly price of only $29.99! (A huge theoretical savings!)

While the two tales are playable as their own separate, self-contained games, playing them both will flesh out the main story and the universe more than you’d get out of just playing through the game as one character. So you have all the benefits of getting a different story with different party with different skills, yet you still have the joy of digging further and wringing every last drop of fun out of a game.

One of the nice features Sting put into this game are the 20 minutes of animated cutscenes. Quality 2D animation and sprites are always going to have a place in video games, so it’s nice to see a developer show the care and attention needed to craft things like this.

Despite what certain members of the House of Representatives think, this is not something someone should be nuked over.

So, you know that Hexyz Force is going to have a nice story and some impressive visuals, but what about the gameplay? RPGs hang their hat on their gameplay, so none of this other stuff matters if Hexyz isn’t fun to play as a game, right? Well, I’m happy to say that Hexyz Force has an engaging, complex system for combat.

If you’re an RPG veteran, you’re going to be able to get right into the turn-based gameplay. If you’re trying crank up your effectiveness, you’ll start trying to work the Hexyz Charge into your strategy to pile on the damage.

How about a round of applause for John Tubera, our awesome video guy.

Attacks are generally classified as falling under one of the three Divine Aspects. If you use an attack that is the same Aspect as the previous attack, or use an attack from an Aspect that is stronger than the previous Aspect, the Hexyz Charge will build. When you finally break the Charge, your attack will be boosted depending on how large you got the Charge to grow.

In addition to that, there’s the fun of crafting and fusing your own weapons, and scanning the world to find hidden treasure points. There’s a little wrinkle in pretty much every aspect of Hexyz that you can use to boost your advantage.

Well, that’s pretty much all the time I have for today. If I’ve piqued your interested in this title, swing by the game’s official website and learn more about it, or pre-order Hexyz Force for your PSP today. It’s solid, affordable, and a great value for those long summer months.

Thanks for stopping by and reading,

Clayton S. Chan

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  • Can you guys thinking about porting this over to the PS3 for a PSN release? I no longer have a PSP and this game look fun because its looks like a tradition JRPG

  • Must….have….3D Dot Game Heroes……NAAAAOOOOWWWWW! Ugh….this is the longest wait EVVVAAAARRRR……

  • My PSP is sorely lacking a game like this. Perfect timing. I hope it’s coming digitally too, since I only have a GO now. :)

    • Well, we are in the Hope Era (Although sadly, not the Bob Hope Era.) so your hope has been rewarded. There will be a digital version!

  • Yeah, what BloodyCow said. PS3 port pretty please? With trophies added maybe?


    And… “Clayton Chan”….Alkaiser? Wow bro, this is 12. =)


  • i hate atlus… they keep making great games and on top of that they price them lower then everyone else and the games usually last for over 20 hours of entertainment they are trying to ruin my education i know it…plus they always add fancy bonuses to their games which makes people wanna buy it even more… how in the world do they keep doing this…

    • How do we do it!? VOLUME!

      (Also, your teachers pay us off so they can make their classes seem harder, when it’s actually just you not having time to study.)

  • I would like this but I don’t like the PSP at all.

    Doesn’t matter what you put on it. Stick with PS3 Atlus.

  • Any chance that there are Japanese voice tracks in this game, Clayton? Although an English dub every once in awhile wouldn’t hurt, right :)

  • Please Atlus do not add Locked game saves to PS3 games It was heart breaking to learn U spend all that time on a RPG to have a system die and not be able to back your stuff up. PSP Game looks cool (Thank U!! for suporting PSP and PS3) and I do plan on buying 3D Dot game heroes. I just hope it does not have locked game saves on it as Demon Souls did.

  • put the game on PS3 as a PSN download and make it playable on PSP but give trophies on PS3..i so wan the game, and i have a PSP 2000 so i will be getting it anyway.

  • Haha…I emailed you, if you have the same email. I’m living in California now, Bay Area, and doing quite well. We need to catch a drink sometime. I’m loving what I see here. =)


  • P.S. — Pre-ordered, of course.

  • I can’t wait to play (buy) Hexyz Force. The game really looks great. The team at Atlus sure makes lots of great games. Will the team at Atlus bring out Knights In The Nightmare to North America? The PSP version. Atlus Japan has so many great looking games coming out soon. Will Atlus be showing many new games at E3? Ones that will be coming across the ocean.

    Will Atlus start making PSP demos for their games? It is some times hard to know if you will like the game or not. Luckily when I picked up Crimson Gem Saga I liked the game. But it would be nice to try before hand.

    That being said it is great to see some company’s still making PSP games for North America other then just Japan. Thank you so much Atlus.

  • Hey Clayton, totally off topic but… :3 you guys should totally do a limited re-print of Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Soulless Army as it’s the only PS2 SMT game I’m missing ;_;

    Or if you have one hidden somewhere in your office…sell it to me :D

  • I’m a fan of anime cutscenes (one of the reasons I love JRPGs), so why only 20 minutes of them here? Is there any voice acting elsewhere besides those cutscenes?

  • Also, are there any plans for a playable demo soon (or 2)?

    • Demos are tough for us. If the game doesn’t have a demo when we decide to localize and if we’re not the developer, we’d basically have to get a developer to make one for us out of the goodness of their heart.

      Sometimes we get one, sometimes we don’t.

  • I am huge fan of Atlus and Sting. Thank for localizing this game and making it available digitally on PSN in addition to retail. I wish other Publishers would follow your lead!

    • I wish that other PSP owners will follow YOUR lead, and go out & buy this game. =) Thanks for your support!

  • Now that I see more gameplay I am more interested in Hexyz Force, but I am disappointed at the graphical choice and presentation.

    The way things move makes the attacks look sorta boring. It is hard to come off of games like Disgaea and Phantom Brave only to see such “normality” in the movement.

    I’ll keep up with this title though, so you haven’t lost me yet. I haven’t bought an Atlus published game since Crimson Gem Saga, and I need to get my fix.

  • ATLUS is by far the King of RPG Publishers… You hear that SONY.. Exclusives are key…..

  • I would get it, but only if i get a choice for Japanese with English subtitles, the cut scenes alone make me want to not buy the game because they are in English… Could I get some insight on this?

  • Wow Atlus, you guys really love robbing me blind. First the sale last year, Persona 1, 3d dot games heroes, Persona 3 Portable and now this:(

    I still love you guys though:)

    • Robbing you? We’re practically giving this game away at $30. To reference “White Men Can’t Jump”:

      “Now you robbin’ me!”

      Seriously, we know it’s tough out there. That’s why 3D Dot Heroes and Hexyz Force are releasing at these lower prices. Think of our lower prices as the Atlus USA Stimulus Package. We’re providing you stimuli…for cheaper! =)

  • Wow, atlus, you just never cease to fail do you?
    All the amazing titles you have coming out, and have had come out.
    I can’t wait to see more (only if my psp still worked!)

  • I didn’t mean robbing me in a bad way, I love the games you guys bring over and at the great prices:P

  • Whoa! Too bad I don’t have a PSP. If this was to be ported to a PSN title I’d be all over it…

  • if atlus was a cake i would be a Fat(lus?) gluttonous demon.

  • first day buy for me! thank you atlus!

  • looks and sounds great!!!!

  • I would buy this game for the music alone! Just plain epic. Looks like Atlus nailed it with the turned-based gameplay as well.

  • Cant wait! thank you Atlus

  • “recession-friendly price of only $29.99”

    Thank you. Now to find a local place that has it, worst case Amazon prime.

    Keep making them recession friendly and I’ll keep on buying them.

  • i’ll be checking it out Atlus
    & can’t wait 2 check out persona 3 portable( i’ve never played a persona game be4 BTW )

  • Any chance for the Japanese voice with subtitles rather than an English voice track?

  • Hurrayz for awesome music!

  • i really am looking forward to this game. i love the graphics and the gameplay because they are old school. it reminds me of the rpgs of old like nostalgia did on the the ds. i’m to pick this up.

  • Awesome! Can’t wait for this to come out!

  • Is this game a JRPG?

  • I’ll admit I don’t play many JRPGs but I don’t know if I’ll be picking this one up to broaden my horizons. Planning to get Red Dead Redemption in the same month and I just picked up Persona 4 finally yesterday. I have to say the price is very gracious though.

    Oh and while we’re at it, is it possible to unlock the save file for Demon’s Souls? I just think it’s silly it was locked in the first place. I want to get a new PS3 and it’s depressing to know that I won’t be able to bring my save file with me.

  • I love that people think it’s up to Atlus to make it for PSP instead of PS3. Atlus is only the publisher, Sting is the developer.

    With that aside, any news on a localization of Knights in the Nightmare for PSP? 8D

  • Hey so..if I get this from PSN store, can I play it on the ps3? Or do I have to transfer it to the PSP?

  • I agree with bloodycow this game looks insane. I don’t have a PSP only a ps3. thy cant they release all of the psp games that you buy off of the playstation network compatible with the ps3 as well. Honestly I would like to play these games on a big screen too. This game and also Persona 3 Portable I love persona 3 it just hurts that all these cool new features are all on a small screen instead of enjoying it on both Portable and House tv. That’s just me.

  • Why can’t there ever be real classic RPGs like this on the PS3??? On the psone and ps2 there were tons of these, now I can only get them on psp……

  • Man Atlus, you guys are really rocking lately with all these sweet games you guys are putting out. This is definetly on my list along with Persona 3 for psp. If only I had a PS3 then I’d get 3d dot heroes too, that game looks awsome.

    ps: no game is woth getting unless there are talking animals in it, good call Atlus!

  • so far this year ive bought Persona 1 psp, Luminous Arc 1 and 2, SMT Devil summoner, and im going to be picking up Hexyz Force, and Person 3 Portable. Thats Atlus games in half a year, and I wont even be able to finish all them. Its much appreciated Atlus, especially that you guys put you games on PSN, not everybody does that.

  • This looks like a great game! Can’t wait for this!

  • Will most likely be picking this up. Atlus, please bring the Growlanser remake for the PSP to the US!!

  • Hey Atlus, when are you going to put Monster Kingdom:Jewel Summoner in the playstation store? Been wanting to play that one in my psp go for a while.

  • Looks great!! I will put an eye on this game.

  • Hexyz Force and 3D Dot have been day one pre-order and full pays for me. Now,if only I could get a Persona 2 release on PSP.

  • Any chance of the soundtrack being added in?

  • This game looks sweet! I’m gonna have to wait to get it though, since Record of Agarest Wars is coming on the 29th (Atlus, you should have picked that one up…) and then 3D dot Heroes on May 11th…

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