Coming to PSN this Week: King of Pool for PSP

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Hello everyone! I’d like to talk about our upcoming PSP game King of Pool that will be available on PSN this Thursday, April 8 for $9.99.

Well, King of Pool is one of the biggest collections of Pools and Snooker on PSP. We have worked really hard to implement the whole variety of rules that exist in the world, and we believe we’ve managed to do so.

King of Pool PSP 1King of Pool PSP 2

The most popular pool type is Eight Ball. It is the kind of pool you would play with your friends in a real life. We have created numerous visual locations for you to choose from, ranging from traditional British pub to modern club that you would find in Tokyo.

Apart from Eight Ball, we have plenty of other modes for you guys to choose: Snooker, Nine Ball, Four Ball, One Cushion Billiard and other pool games. But the most intriguing part is yet to come. :)

In case the above mentioned modes are not enough, we’ve gone one step further and created a few original tables you wouldn’t find in a real life. Originally they were created by our lead artists just for fun, as a joke, but then we’ve noticed that a lot of people are actually enjoying playing them. So we decided to leave these tables as a feature, rather than an Easter egg.

King of Pool PSP 3

And a few final words. King of Pool supports turn-based multiplayer on a single device, so you can play this game with your friend using a single PSP. When you feel like you want a short break from pool, you can take a shot at three little mini-games that come with this package as bonus.

We hope you’ll enjoy King of Pool. For more information on our games you can visit our website or our Facebook page on

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  • im off topic but i juss read that gran turismo 5 n killzone 2 are going to be in 3-D n next firmware update is going to allow the following games 2 be played in 3-D they are KILLZONE 2, GRAN TURISMO 5,LittleBigPlanet, WipEout Fury, Super Stardust HD,Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han i read this in IGN i cant wait 2 try killzone 2 in 3-D n i hurred killzone 3 will be in 3-D also

  • really?

  • Looks pretty cool! Reminds me of Hustle Kings!
    Not a bad price either, though I would like a UMD …

    • Thanks Enforcer_X! King of Pool is definitely worth a look, although it’s a downloadable only game.

  • this looks nice thanks.

  • looks like a lot of fun, I like the turn based multiplayer on a single system

  • Been out in europe for like a year! Ive downloaded it, not that good tbh, bit clunky, inaccurate and boring (although i do like the reak sport of snooker :p)

    • Well, thanks for your comment mrfight67. You might consider taking another look, as lots of pool and snooker fans loved this game.:)

  • I’m enjoying Hustle Kings on the PS3, but this looks like it will satisfy my pool fix on the road. I just hope the physics are solid.

  • Will you please tell me that we will get LBP and Soul Calibur for 50% off please.

    • You can definitely kill some time with King of Pool, while waiting for LBP and Soul Calibur sale.:)

  • That’s an ugly skewed pool table on the last picture. Are you guys in need of an artist with experience in fixing geometry? Always available…..

  • Although this is a PSP game, it’s hard to look at another billiards game after Hustle Kings.

  • @10 – jameelinus, I agree. Wow, Hustle Kings is amazing. I love playing that game.

  • I hope its as good as hustle kings. btw, can you give us an option to view this site through the old layout? the white background is way too bright, hurts my eyes. I prefer light text over a dark background.

  • This looks like something I may pick up when travelling up and down the coast. Definitely will have to look into it.

  • @ Everyone – it’s a game from 2007, so it’s nothing new. Plus, i have it, and you’d be let down by it if your looking for something like hustle kings

  • I’ve been looking for a good pool game on the PSP or PS3 but so far I haven’t found one that I liked ! Hustle Kings is ok but it lacks something ! I really liked “World Championship Pool 2004” for the PS2 so I’m hoping they make one for the PS3 !

  • So, no wi-fi multi-player then? That’s disappointing. Still, if the game is really good I might give it a go. Will there be a demo available?

  • Hi – Is there going to be a display option for where the cue and the hit ball will travel?

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