Coming to PSN this Week — Freekscape: Escape From Hell

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Hey PlayStation faithful! I’m returning to my favorite spot on the internets. With all these new announcements, I just can’t help myself.

This time, I’m very proud to announce our latest PlayStation Mini, Freekscape: Escape From Hell. The game will be available this Thursday, April 8 in North America for $4.99 (and in Europe for €4.99)

Developed by our good friends Kidguru Studios in Brazil, Freekscape: Escape From Hell introduces Freek, a cute little demon who has discovered a magic trident. Inspired by the trident’s powers, Freek becomes determined to ascend out of the Netherworld and into Heaven. But, of course, he needs your help.

Freek encounters a variety of unusual creatures in his fire-laden underground world. His new-found trident allows him to capture those crazy crawlers and turn them into different tools, depending on their abilities. For example, while an elastic-bed-like monster transforms the trident into a pogo stick, a sharp toothed goblin turns it into a cutting machine.

Freekscape: Escape From Hell is a full 3D, side-scrolling platformer created for the PlayStation Mini platform. So, why is this cool? Because you can play it on your PlayStation 3 *and* you can play it on your PSP! One game, two machines… get it? Play on the couch at home, and then take it in the car. You never have to be without your trusted demon buddy, Freek!

Freekscape 03 Freekscape 04

We’re very excited about launching another PlayStation Mini, and we couldn’t keep doing what we love without you. From everyone at Creat Studios and Kidguru Studios, thank you for your support and please keep the comments coming.

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  • Seeing_Red_Again

    Woah, this game looks awesome and I’ve never heard of it till now. Definitely getting it.

  • “One game, two machines… get it?”
    Sold! You had me at “a cute little demon who has discovered a magic trident”.

    Looking forward to this one.

    • I was sold at “cute little demon”. The trident is a bonus.

      Please let us know how you like it.

  • Is the music in the trailer in game music? It’s quite catchy.

  • This sounds very good! Might have to buy this (damn you Creat! Why must you always release games when i have no money!)

    • Fortunately, almight-slayer, we make sure to keep selling them after we launch them. So… you can buy our games as soon as you do have the money!

      We wouldn’t want to leave you out.

  • Looks great! Can’t wait to purchase it this Thursday!

  • looks cool can i have a free copy?

  • Quite impressive for a mini game…. I would not expect anything less from you guys.. well done =)

  • Wow! For a Mini, this looks pretty damn good. ill pick it up this thurs.

    • The good folks at Kidguru really pushed the envelope with this one. We’re so thrilled to partner with them.

  • trophies??

  • edit: havent read it was a mini!


  • looks exactly like little big planet lol

    • I wouldn’t say “exactly”, but we’ll take that as the highest compliment. We love LBP around here, and all the great platform games that came before it.

  • Last night was a sad day for me!! My PS3 YLOD!! :(

  • looks like a great game for $4.99, definitely getting it.

  • looks like a great mini~ defiantly gonna pick this up!

  • looks good but i won’t be buying anything till sony releases gex 2 ps1 classic

    • I admire your gamer solidarity, zombie_56. But, surely, a purchase of Freekscape will help keep the motivation going, right? Right?

  • Hmm… using your enemies very interesting idea!

  • Hi Scott, Flavio from Kidguru writing here. The trailer’s music is in game music indeed. Erbetta will surely be happy to know his music is causing good impressions.
    Nice post by the way, Scott.

    • Thanks, Flavio! How’s that for service, AKGermany? The developer chimes in directly. Can’t get much better than that.

  • The game will run on the PS3 and PSP or will it be a PSP Exclusive?

    • The PS3 has a PSP emulator, rodrigoflausino. You can play any Mini on the emulator. So Minis are really not just for PSP… they’re for both systems. Pretty cool, eh? :-)

  • I was so excited until I realize this was a mini :(

  • That looks incredible! Day 1 purchase for me!

  • Hell never looked and sounded this groovy! I haven’t been too excited about many Minis, but my interest is now starting to “heat” up.

  • I get the sense, JetSetFuture, that you’re going to see plenty of really cool Minis coming soon. You certainly will from Creat Studios! ;-)

  • how do you guys make so much good games in a very short time? did you guys design a game developer robot? :-D
    btw SOLD!

    • Did the check arrive in the mail, PullusPardusUS?

      Just kidding… but thank you for the kind words. We’re trying our best.

  • An actual factual platformer? Not a shooter or brawler in disguise? Now you have my interest!

    By the way, the Tik-Creat publisher store is missing your two current Minis. Better get Grace Chen to correct that.

  • Will Creat going to be supporting Playstation Move awhen it launches? Because im sure you could make alot of great games that could support move.

  • Looks great, reminds me a little of Sheep Dog n Wolf/Sheep Raider on the PS1, loved that game as a kid

  • looks interesting keep up the great work!

  • Hey Sony, first launch of a brazilian team in PS story; i think. Awesome game! So beautiful and is a mini. Please only thing missing is a Brazilian PSN! We love Playstation! Sales and the hype of God of War 3 here just proved it.

    • Creat is thrilled to work with our great friends at Kidguru, and we love our fellow gamers in Brasil. Thanks for the support.

  • aaah that little freek is trying to steal my name!!!! well i fight you to the death for it

  • Very cool! I’ll buy when it is available!

    It’s nice can play in both systems, PS3 and PSP :)

  • Hmm. I gotta say… out of all the minis that get advertised here on the blog, this is prob the first that makes me go “Ooooh”. :) It looks like it could be fun.

  • Demon, Hell, and Pogo-Stick. Only thing missing is beer, but those will do. “Freek-Heaven!” (GTA3 Chatterbox)

  • these mini games look cool but what im waiting for is the Mw2 mappacks when is the release date

  • ninjahitmanchair

    Looks awesome.Does it have the same game play you get when you play Trine when you have to use certain players to do certain things?

  • Hell yeah i’m buying!

    I heard about this game a while back and I was quite interested in it. When I heard about the Euro release coming I was excited yet depressed that it might take FOR EVER to finally make it’s way to USA/Canada.


  • Cool! Reminds me of Klonoa with the whole ‘using your enemies as tools’ thing. PSN Needs more platformers!

  • Wow,A Brazilian PSN game,I love Brasil!!I need to Buy!

  • very interesting, is it going to come out on the PS3?

  • @Picklehed, both PS3 & PSP

  • @18/Scott

    Just to be clear…since you are giving false info. Not ALL minis are playable on both systems. Tetris is not playable on the PS3.

  • #39 That’s because EA chose that. Shrug. All other minis are playable (except EA’s bowling), and all future ones will apparently be.

  • @39, not meaning to be a jerk, but please don’t be an @$$. One mini isn’t PS3 compatible, big whoop. Your comment is a sign of an irritating jerk who thinks he’s smarter than everyone else. Even if you may be, it doesn’t help that you have an @$$ on your shoulders.

  • Day 1 buy for me… The price is ridiculously cheap and the guys involved in this game are from my beloved country… Thanks man and keep bringinq us more awesome cheap games :D

  • @41…it is not clear within the PSN system which games are playable on which system as SONY has chosen to use inconsistent wording in the store. Clarifying that for people new to PS3 and / or minis is hardly ‘being an @ss’ imo. Thanks for your input though, it was valuable to the community at large I’m sure.

  • I looked this one up last week after someone mentioned it in your sale post and you made a funny remark about knowing nothing about it. I’m glad it’s coming out so soon, looks fun, I’ll get it for sure.

    Loving Smash Cars too, thanks.

  • Not buying until the PS3 version supports trophies :)

  • its demo too?

  • @45

    You’re wasting your time. I highly doubt mini’s will ever get trophies. As much fun as it is earning trophies, if a game is good… it will be fun even without trophies.

    I’ll take this one into consideration. Looks really good.

  • Hey, a Brazilian game!! I Loved to know this!! I’m really without money now, but I’m thinking about buy it just to support the game development in Brasil.
    Were in Brasil is Kidguru based?

    Parabéns pelo pioneirismo!!!

  • I can’t thank you guys enough for making a platformer. It looks like there was alot of care put into the visuals and art , it really looks polished.I still can’t believe that this is a PS Mini . This is a must have for me. As soon as this hits the store Thursday, im buying.

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