LittleBigPlanet – Sack it to Me: “Smells Like Sack Spirit” Edition

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Yesterday being April Fool’s Day and all, we thought you might need a “breath of fresh air”…

What’s New?

Hessian Sackboy Fragrances – Released yesterday on the PlayStation Store were the delicious smelling Hessian Sackboy Fragrances.

During your next “shopping trip” to the PlayStation Store, be sure to grab these fragrances (Hey, it’s a Sack of a Lot better than going to the mall and having those annoying “perfume girls” with clown makeup pop out of nowhere like a bad horror movie, and spray you in the eyes with some nasty overpriced stink potion!) I’m just sayin’…

During this one-week limited time offer, why not treat your Sackboy or Sackgirl to the finest fragrances available, whether it be the very essence of masculinity itself with “Hessian Pour Homme,” or the captivating aroma of pure beauty with “Hessian Pour Femme?”

LBP Hessian Female LBP Hessian Male

Disney’s “Incredibles” are coming to LittleBigPlanet!

In case you missed Monday’s big announcement on the Blog, the Incredibles are coming to LittleBigPlanet!

LBP Incredibles Banner

Be sure to bring home the Incredibles to your LittleBigPlanet world next Thursday with the Incredibles Level Kit and the Incredibles Costume Kit. Also available are individual Incredibles themed costumes including: the Incredibles Family (all five Parr family members in one costume download), Edna Mode, Mr. Incredible (Retro Costume), Frozone and their arch nemesis Syndrome.

Tip: You really might want to consider getting the costume kit to have Sackboy covered. Have you ever seen Sackboy when he can’t find his “Frozone” costume? It looks a little something like this:

Community Levels

LBLFF – Final Fantasy VI: The Blackjack’s Shining Battle – by Henshin1


No Peg’s Island – by Shris (and LUNIEIZSICC)

LBP No Pegs Island

Aeon Quest: Abduction (Episode 1) – by cdubb024


A level in Create mode! – by Mnniska

LBP Create Mode

UNHEARTED: Drakes Misfortune 2 – by GruntosUK


Sackboy in the News

LittleBigPlanet PSP Wins BAFTA Award: Best Handheld Game – LittleBigPlanet PSP won a BAFTA for Best Handheld Game, beating some strong competition. As you can imagine, the whole team at Sony Cambridge are very chuffed. We’d like to give a big thank you to Media Molecule for all their support, and to the whole community for their continuing inspirational creations.


Workshop of the Week

LittleBigWorkshop Monthly Level Theme Contest: April – Ready to earn your “Rare Prize Crown?” Head over to LittleBigWorkshop and enter their monthly contest. This month’s contest theme is “The Great Treasure Hunt!”

LBP Pirates

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6 Author Replies

  • what the? am I first for the first time? Anyway I was not expecting what I saw when I put on the perfumes, lol. I thought they would be costumes, funny anymations though.

  • If you guys are going to be highlighting Mm picks through the website, please remove the “News” section in LBP that hasn’t changed for a year.

  • Those Incredibles costumes look so great.. nice work! We will definitely be buying them!

    • Thanks Andy! (BTW, I love the Goonies) I’ll pass this on to the team! This movie was super fun, and the community levels all of our LBP creators out there are sure to make will be mega fun to play!

  • “Smells like Sack…?” That’s just nasty.

    • Yikes, geek! What in Nirvana’s name are you talking about?
      SackBoy and SackGirl are extremely clean and always, always fashionable! Download the Hessian Fragrances, and you’ll see what I mean.
      MMM-Mmmm!Smells Sack-tastic!

  • @4


    I am glad The Incredibles are coming to LBP with the addition of LBP GOTY edition to Greatest Hits library I’ll be buying this again whenever the prices take affect.

  • @4 LMFAO XD.

    I think the perfume thing is a nice touch, wish more costume were animated that way.

  • WHere is my SUPER SUIIITTTT. hahahaha. I love that movie and I love LBP. Awesome combo (although the Pirates is my fav. download so far sense me and the gf are big Pirates of the Caribbean fans).

    I hope you guys keep up the awesome collaboration with Disney and maybe some Marvel and Final Fantasy and omg, Matrix LBP (dies!)

  • lol yeah I understood why they werent costumes. When I saw them in the hand section I though we would carry around perfume/cologne bottles, but then the animation happened and I was caught totally off guard, good stuff. I played a level that I fell in a toilet and I immediately used the cologne, that stuff comes in handy!

  • LOL! Nice! That’s priceless! :)

  • Hello, hello, hello, how low?

  • Can we get these posts on the EU blog please.

  • Can you guys add the level picks to the info moon in game again?
    So much easier on the players end.

    That Incredibles clip is edited. :(
    Why do people insist on changing the comedic timing of perfectly balanced jokes?

  • I was looking forward to the disney content. POTC didn’t disappoint. But I’m afraid I can’t download from the store because of the firmware. Bad timing on Sony’s part to do the firmware the same day as the store update.

    sigh. I’ll have to figure something out. Thanks Mick.

    For those that might have missed the blog post.

    LBP GOTY is now a greatest hits. $30. good chance to get a good game for a great price.

    • You’re welcome “Dad”! And your are correct, we announced it yesterday on the blog, only $29.99 for LittleBigPlanet – Game of the Year Edition!
      Sackboys for everyone!

  • You made my day with the Incredibles in LBP. I just bought a 3rd controller and can’t wait to play with my sons and the characters from my favourite movie.

  • Haha this is great! nice fragrances and Incredibles costumes! The Incredibles is my favorite Pixar movie of all time so I just might buy these haha.

  • I downloaded the fragrances last night but haven’t yet had a chance to play my copy of LBP that I got last weekend with PS3.

    Played it a few months ago at work (the joys of working for SonyStyle) so I already know how awesome the game is.

  • Mick, Did you ever play my Arctic level I mention ahwile back?
    On a side note I wish we didn’t have to be in the pop-it menu for those perfume animations, they’re great.
    Man, those are alot of incredible costumes! Your trying to break my bank, oh well, I got everthing so far, can’t stop now.

  • I would like the sack-boys and girls to do more new animations :D
    The new ones were cool and funny, nice 1 :)

  • Just a little curious here, when does LBP:GOTY Edition hit Retail Stores like Gamestop, best buy, and such for 30$?

  • Hey Vex, that’s the spirit, you are unstoppable! Show me some “Incredibles” levels! Still have your level on my list, although I just bumped it up to the top cuz I promised you! :)

  • can you all help me get that create trophy thats the only one i have yet to get. also ive bought every single DLC for this game so i sure wish i could get that crown its the only thing im lacking. but anyways my leves are called Maze-Maze 10 since each maze is hard it also includes a key to unlock the answer key. altho the answer key for Maze 9 and 10 are unlocked. each level is based on my art work check out on ways to buy my book and follow me on twitter @ExaltB2.

  • You guys … I’m just throwing this out there but I’d virtually kill somebody in MAG for some Mega Man costumes in Little Big Planet.

  • Thank you guys, love you all at MM :) I am hoping Mick can spread the word to those who spawned the idea, and to those who made it reality, that it was the kind of unique little smile bringing fun that I love about LBP. You guys are the best of the best at supporting your customers. A neat idea for you, it would be cool if we could choose an animation and bind it to a key like L3 or R3 or something to do the animation on the fly. But your April Fools was my favorite, thanks to everyone at MM! I’m gonna leave my angry grumblings at Sony for the update aside JUST for the MM post.

  • As always thank you so much for the free content MM. I try to buy most content(except costumes) and it’s always nice to see some of it being free. As for the Incredibles, I’m not so sure. Not only is the movie pretty ancient, it was pretty bad…
    I think I’ll finally pass on a level kit but thanks anyway.

  • love love love LBP.

  • Dear Sony Playstation / Media Molecule;

    “Hessian” by definition is a paid German soldier to do battle in time of short foot soldiers, as in the past in both the U.S. Revolutionary War and the Civil War. Are you implying that Germans smell foul? I am not joking; this is a serious comment.

    — Morris


  • Its about time I can download myself :-) I hope there is a Avatar in the mix as well.

  • It’s a paid German fragrance working for the French? :D

  • this Hessian Sackboy Fragrances is so fun, ohhh my sackboy looks so cool using them

  • @29 Seriously ?

    Dude/She, get over it wrong blog anyway. You need to learn manners >_>.

  • comon 29 this blog is for happy sackboys and sackgirls

  • Love that you guys now fully support the LBP community in its tributes to copyrighted content.

  • Oh, I would like to download this new content – but I am not able to connect to PSN as I don’t want to loose my LINUX!

  • Final Fantasy XIII costume would be better for little big planet. Sackperson as Lighting, Snow or Fang.

  • id like an up date that would automatically patch my games without having to start the game. and how about an invader zim pack or rockos modern life

  • The need the Retro Elastigirl suit as well. The one Helen wore at the beginning when flirting with Mr.Incredible before their wedding.
    I liked her the best in that suit.

    Plus they NEED a GOD OF WAR theme pack. It’s practically a given since God of War 3 is out and is a Sony property like Little Big Planet.

  • Congrats on your BAFTA Award. I got a question, when does the little big planet GOTY edition becomes thirty dollard at the retail stores?

  • — FREE OtherOS —

  • “Smells Like Sack Spirit” ???? Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit ???

  • @ everyone and Sony, I had an earthquake 7.2 and my ps3 works perfect thanks for building a great console and it was on a furnisher that was a little higher of my knee cap of tall I guess 2 feet tall the furnisher. Keep the good work.

  • YO Mm!!! you should totally make MATRIXXX LBP!!!!! a sack-Neo or Neo-sack would be brilliant! ooh… and dare I say it… Morphiusack (*GASP*) anyway The way i see it, i think Mm would be impressed if the lot of us were to say we would all fancy the matrix and Mm’s LBP combination. Mm!!


    ps: giant red ps3 discs* fall on stupid white and green boxes.
    *( also known as ‘rings’ )*

    pps: Mm rules you.

  • i DO NOT think this is funny. SHAME on you twitter.

    NAAW i JP wit u. twitter’s great!

    and all righs, reserves, and conditions and all copywrite information with character’s or character’s ideas are all righted and respected to thier proper owner’s.

    i am not set owner

    i am a smart individual. and all you sackboy’s and sackgirl’s fancy school and you can be like me!

    I hope you liked this, I will be releasing some levels with visuals for funny and urealistic ideas. add me and check my levels often to reek the rewards as well….

    you can just copy this and paste in comments if you like



  • @2″If you guys are going to be highlighting Mm picks through the website, please remove the “News” section in LBP that hasn’t changed for a year.”

    Wow, I love being ignored! Every Sack it to Me edition I’m just going to repost this. Mm picks should be in the game! Not the website!

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