Download the Lost Planet 2 Demo, Save the World

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Or something like that…

This week we dropped by Capcom HQ to test out multiplayer on the PS3 version of Lost Planet 2, as well as get some of your questions answered. There’s a video featuring exclusive footage and your answers below.

We also found out that Capcom is doing something pretty cool: if 1.5 million of you gamers download the upcoming multiplayer demo (available April 22nd), they’ll donate $25K to charity. Easy enough, right?

So why are we telling you this today, when the demo won’t be live for 3 weeks? Because Capcom is giving some gamers a headstart on that download (which means you may be able to start playing it now).

Head over to, where you can enter to win early access to the demo. Strike out there? Stay tuned to our Twitter account; we’ll be giving out some more download codes later today.

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  • Sweet. I want an code!

    • Start following We’ll begin the giveaways at roughly 10am Pacific!

  • Sweet . I want da game ! Can you guys move up the date? like maybe two weeks from now?

  • i’d rather save a cheerleader…: )

  • been on the edge about lp2, but il give it a try for charity!

  • First one was a lot of fun, can’t wait to try out the new demo.

  • So 2.0…. but still eats hard drive space right? EVIL!

  • My problem with this game is it could be a lot better on the PS3. From what I saw it will have quite a bit dumped from the game and added later as DLC just because the 360 version couldn’t handle it. I say it’s time to not hold back on PS3 versions of games. I don’t care if the 360 version is weaker. Time to give people a reason to buy the PS3. We got stuck with lousy ports the first couple years. Start taking advantage of Blu-ray and the Cell processor.

  • My code doesn’t work. What can I do?

    P.S.-I agree with BrianC6234.

  • @3

  • Well I got to play the multiplayer day yesterday since I got a code from Capcom-Unity and I have to say that it’s fun to play Lost Planet again but playing a match was rather annoying way too many random grenades and robots often felt overpowered

  • multiplayer demo*

  • There all out of codes and i just signed up :( will you be adding more

    • They gave us some to give out, we’re doing that now on our Twitter account (

  • I hope they fixed being able to see the same exact monster on each other screen. If you’ve played the old LP2 demo, you can be shooting at a little monster but that same little monster is somewhere else and doing something completely different on each of your teammates screen/game online.

    It’s like playing Monster Hunter Freedom/Unite in which the little monsters just die by themselves randomly on your screen, if your teammate kills them.

    Capcom perfected it on RE5 in which all the zombies appear and do the same thing at the same exact place during an online session but not in the LP2 demo. I hope they fix this problem on the retail version since getting knocked down by an invisible opponent though there is no damage could still get a gamer killed.

    Anyway… SVER FTW!

  • That is an awesome idea.Gets your game good publicity and gives money to charity sounds like win win.

    I would like to see more developers do this.

  • So how big is the install for this game? I really hope it’s not the Capcom standard of 5 gb again. Also, can you use custom soundtracks?

  • wow, 25k to charity just for downloading a free demo? I’m impressed. Good job Capcom!

    I’m in no particular rush to play so I’ll just wait until the 22nd and let those who really want to play have a slightly better chance at snagging a code.

  • Jeff,

    I need you to hook me up with a code. My DAY 1 60gb broke last week and I’m trying to get 3 and half years worth of game saves back. I bought a Slim but miss my original.

    I watched Arsenal the other night. Great comeback but it was all in vain. They’ll be murdered in Barcelona.

    • You can’t ask for a code after telling me my club is going to get slaughtered in the 2nd leg.

      Not that I don’t agree…

  • I’ve played the first Lost Planet 2 demo, and just that made me want to buy the game

  • I was not a fan of the first one but I am for some odd reason looking forward to seeing this now that next gen truly has come to reach some of its potential. I am sure this will sell very well.

  • Just preorder with Amazon and you will get a code in a day or two.

  • Meeehhhh I hate dealing with any Twitter bs. I’ll take a pass on this and just wait the 3 weeks.

  • I’m not a huge user of Twitter so how am I supposed to reply? I’m so confused and time is against me.

  • Sneaky sneaky…make us watch the video to get the code!

  • So the PS3 version is shorter and no player skins like the other guys. why should i buy this again?

  • music for relif

  • Jeff and Chris
    Why didn’t you guys ask why we PS3 owners ARE NOT getting some kind of exclusive DLC when the xbox 360 version is getting EXCLUSIVE contents?

    Kudos to Jeff for asking about the horrible port of Lost Planet back in 2008.

  • looks intresting but im still on edge

  • Can I play this without firmware 3.21?

  • I Am Thinking Of tht Game Don’t want it Lol

  • Yea, it is kinda lame that while the 360 version of the game is the reason content had to be cut from the game and made as DLC, THAT is the version that gets exclusive playable characters (Gears charactrers). PS3 should be getting PS3 exclusive characters skins as well. Nathan Drake or some Helghast would be prefect fits.

    Regardless, the game does look great though, I love the co-op demo. It’s so kool that it has Home game launching. I hated the first Lost Planet, but 2 is lightyears better. Unfortunately I have refused to support Capcom in any way since 2007 when they cancelled Monster Hunter for PS3 and made it Wii exclusive, and now I have even more distain for them as they are now working on a Monster Hunter for 360 and STILL not on PS3.

    I don’t support dishonorable sellouts that abandon a game’s entire fanbase for either a higher install base (that would actually sell less copies regardless, as Monster Hunter is a demographics powerhouse, not an install base powerhouse), or for a paycheck to boost 360’s sales in Japan.

    I’ll support Capcom again when the announce a PS3 Monster Hunter, even just a port of Tri, not before.

  • Nice, I’m looking forward to this game.

    P.S. There is no way arsenal will lose the second leg, it’s going to be man u vs. arsenal in the finals……. I hope.

  • Hey, Is There Any Chance Some Of That Money Will Go To Helping The Families In The Genocide Happening In Darfur??? Heres A Link Please Dont Ignore This

  • i never thought lost planet 2 would have such a improvment

  • got mnine yesterday so i already played it and thought it was awesome!

  • I must add though when you sign up for early access, you must be a member of capcom-unity website

    First sign up here


  • what charity?

  • hey whatever happened to the interview with the team memeber for yakuza 3? i was hoping to get my questions answered.

  • @30 You do realize that Lost Planet started out as a 360 exclusive right? Seems pretty hypocritical to get upset about them favoring the franchises initial fanbase.

  • will this have the same levels as the previous demo of lost planet 2 when it was released?

  • The site to download the demo has been non accessable since that day. Is the site crashed for overload or what? I want the demo.

  • @7

    Same Here….

  • are there anymore demo codes out there

  • my friend sent amessage saying sign up for and you can get it before it comes to playstation store april,22 try works.

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