The Tester – Episode 7 Available Today

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This week on The Tester, we find out who has what it takes to make it to the “final three.” It is not going to be easy. In Episode 7, “Killer Recall,” Amped, Cyrus, Nauseous, and Star must memorize self-defense combinations and use them against a gauntlet of attackers in a live game scenario. The grueling mental and physical challenge puts contestants’ individual memorization abilities to the test — a key skill needed to recreate game bugs or follow critical procedures in the QA environment. You don’t want to miss this episode!

On hand to evaluate who’s got all the right moves is God of War III‘s Director of Product Development, John Hight. A industry veteran with dozens of titles to his credit and a Cinematic Arts Professor at USC to boot John’s got an excellent eye for talent.

The Tester is available in both Standard and High Definition formats from the PlayStation Store and also showing in PlayStation Home – Theater 8, where another free cast T-shirt (Doc’s) will be rewarded. Also, check out this week’s commemorative item available in the Theater and Central Plaza kiosks.

Thanks again for downloading and watching The Tester. Don’t miss the season finale next Thursday, April 8 when we find out who wins the job at Sony Computer Entertainment America.

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  • cool cant wait!!!!

  • Ninja Challenge!! LOL

  • Are these previews revealing too much? It would seem pretty obvious who going home, but I hope there is a twist and star’s light go out.

    wishful thinking about star going out… lol

  • I hope Star is going down today because:
    1) She doesn’t anything about Playstation
    2) She acts all the time like she doesn’t care
    3) She lost all the challenges by a mile


  • why haven’t you guys updated the damn video store yet? WTF is going on!!!!!

  • is this going to be another store update at 9 pm eastern time or are we going back to the 5pm update soon all eastern time

  • Yes star. Needs to go. She doesn’t put in any effort and gracefully dodges elimination

  • That is CLEAR that Cyrus and Amped are the winners of The Tester. I’ve watched every single preview, if you take a close look at the first trailer of the Tester. The only 3 left are; Naseous, Amped and Cyrus. Clearly there are 2 episodes left, which means Star leaves today and next episode it will be Nauseous.

  • On the last Episode they will test Cyrus, Amped and Naseous gaming skills.

  • I agree with you “Velmonte”, it seems pretty clear that Star goes out today, they just did the trailer to look like Cyrus goes out today.

  • Nauseous FTW!

  • @10 +emiru69

    Of course, they cannot let Cyrus go. This is his first time being in the bottom, Besides he has his act together, and has the proper knowledge skills.

  • Yeah he was the best in the Buzz Quiz challenge and he is the only one that doesn’t act like a geek teenager.

  • Brent Gocke is a turd. This show makes me mad with every passing episode. Star is garbage but Brent has such a schoolgirl crush on her that he lets her slide on every challenge she bombs at (which has been the past TWO). If Cyrus goes home tonight and not her, then I truly believe the ONLY way she will go home is if she drops her trousers and soils the floor during the elimination.

  • Essentially what I’m getting from this show is: You could suck at video games. You could have little interest in video games. It doesn’t matter because what will REALLY impress the Sony execs is how well you excel at dorm-room-style, drinking challenges. That will get you hired as a game tester.

  • “Sponge-worthy” don’t forget about your ability to drink beer with cheerios!! Essential for any Sony tester!!! I understand with last releases had so many bugs! (Yeah Heavy Rain I’m looking at you!!!!). I agree with you and I don’t understand why they are not testing their gamer skills yet instead of that kind of “Big Brother” challenges but the show is free so I can’t complain that much…
    I also think that “Cregan4584” (#15) is right Brent Gocke is way too soft with the girls in general and really unfriendly with the guys, (dude you are looking for a tester not a girlfriend!), the only one in the panel that I think is quite fair most of the time is Hal Sparks he is pretty straight foward saying what he thinks.

  • please don’t post available today until after it is available today , thank you

  • Why is Hal Sparks even part of the panel? A mediocre comedian/questionable gamer. If anyone should go, it’s Hal Sparks. He’s not part of SCEA, so how would he know what it takes to be a game tester?

  • who left in episode 7

  • p.s leave star alone
    lol april fools shes horrible bottom like the past 3 challenge
    even worse the role playing incident and walking while shooting timed targets great job robocop

  • get Star out of there, she’s an XOBOX 360 Fangirl. she said herself, “I play Wii and PS3 JUST FOR FUN.”

  • i hope star will be kicked out…

  • @bigdaddy17O2

    Yeah, and don’t post “available next week” until it is available next week… LOL Your post doesn’t make any sense :)

  • Cheesy reality show but its free lol

  • @23

    Chessy but worth seeing.

  • ya i know whats next Nintendo Survivor? Or how bout Microsoft Big Brother? XD

  • How does any of this short-attention-span nonsense qualify anybody to test video games?

    It seems the qualifications would be attention to detail, an inquisitive mind and an unusual tolerance for many hours of repetitive, deadly boredom. Guess that wouldn’t make riveting TV for today’s braindead audiences, though.

  • because thats clearly what it takes to win the “coveted” job of THE NEXT PLAYSTATION TESTER. you should file this show under comedy on the store because its hilarious

  • i like Star…but she KEEPS screwing up.

    i’m rooting for Nauseous to win it all. seems like the best overall person for the position as well as the person who wants it most.

  • me 2 but its really between him and cyrus they seem to be the only ones that know anything star is definitely going home

  • stars piercings are stooooooooooooopid. i cant see her fitting in at sony or anywhere as a professional…

  • How come this episode isn’t in the playstation store? I can’t find it anywhere!!

  • +1 @ 32 (Gambit0020)

  • star better get kicked off shes too lucky

  • man this is so much fun, but if they start making like 500 more episodes in a month i wont be watching it all… i am dissapointed that they removed the ‘install other os’ in 3.21 but the tester is nice

  • Downloading now, can’t wait to watch!!

  • After watching the show today, I really felt bad fo Star. I wanna challenge her on Guitar Heros III. or even Rock Band series. put me on the friends list thanks!

  • what skills did doc even have? [DELETED].

  • nauseous ftw

  • Ninja Challenge = Crotch Shot

  • are u guys serious!!!! send star home she is the worst one on the show bring Doc back!!!

  • Agree… Star have nothing to do as Tester… innocent people have been kicked out(DOC) when she has nothing…

  • FFS it’s about time! Finally Star is out of the way. She didn’t deserve any of her chances but THIS PROVES ONE THING! The judges didn’t want DOC from the start !!! Otherwise they’d have act the same as they did with DOC and eliminated him instead of stupid Star…anyway, I hope either Nauseous or Cyrus take the job, both seem to fit just perfectly for it. Good luck!

  • i want to see episode 8!!!!!!!!!!

  • The show is good in that it is it’s first iteration. I’m sure sony ‘borrowed’ what they thought would work from other reality shows to create a ‘testing’ interview with interactive competition. I hope that it’s successful so that it can be given another tryout. Having Meredith and Hal gives good balance to the tech managers and the show would lose some entertainment value if it wasn’t for them. As I watch the episodes I want nauseous to win but I think amped is going to take it; cyrus showed that, when he loses, his ego goes right out the door and becomes a wet puppy. When he’s winning, it’s all sunshine and the way it’s supposed to be. He reminds me of someone who’ll play the game until he starts losing; then, if he’s losing, he throws a little tantrum and his attitude weenies out.

  • Hey omg wtf Star is sooooooooooo hott
    Hey star no worries imma take you
    to the vma awards wen i get famous :D

  • STAR HIT ME UP lol
    Sikk show btw hope nausious wins :]

  • my video downloaded as a mp4 and without the nice image next to the video title like ep. 1-6 when you look under the video tab, anyone else like that?

  • I personally think that Nauseous is gonna make it to be the last man standing

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