Celebrate TikGames/Creat Studios Dedicated PSN Publisher Page with a Half-Off Sale!

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And just when I thought I was out…you pull me back IN! While I’m confident that you’re all much too busy playing Wakeboarding HD and Hamsterball to focus on anything else, I have even more cool news for you that I simply must share.

TikGames/Creat Studios is proud to announce the grand opening of our new, dedicated PlayStation Network publisher page! (Here is where you imagine thundering applause, blaring trumpets and a cascade of confetti.) After launching our eighth and ninth PSN titles last week, the great, hard-working folks at PlayStation provided us with our own special place where you can always go to get our latest and greatest new games, videos, themes and wallpapers. And if you did miss anything along the way, it will be there too.

Mushroom Wars 01 Smash Cars PSN

Now, I know what you’re thinking as you’re shaking our hands and congratulating us…what’s in it for me? So glad you asked! Actually, we want to congratulate YOU, since we could never have been able to get this far without you. You deserve a little something for helping us make so many games that we had to build a new digital space to put them in.

When the publisher page launches on Thursday, April 1, our first seven titles will be on sale for 50% OFF for two weeks! Never got around to trying Magic Orbz? Grab it for $4.99! Have you wondered what all the fuss was about with Smash Cars? You can’t go wrong at $7.49! Are you curious about all the critical acclaim for Mushroom Wars? It’s a steal at $4.99. Cuboid, Mahjong Tales, Interpol and Digger HD are also available for $4.99 each for the duration of the sale.

Magic Orbz Cuboid

Now you can fill in all of your TikGames/Creat Studios gaps in your PSN collection! No longer must your list of PSN titles remain incomplete. And don’t worry… there’s plenty more on the way. TikGames/Creat Studios is devoted to PlayStation Network like nobody else, and we can’t wait to show you what’s just around the corner.

Until then, thank you again from everyone here at TikGames and Creat Studios. We love what we do, and we can’t do it without your support. Please let us know what you think of all the games in our catalog, and what else you would like to see.

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  • Cuboid is amazing BTW, I love that game. I’m picking up Mushroom wars and Wakeboarding HD soon. Thanks so much for the awesome games!!!

    • Thanks so much for playing them, Maguss! We’re so glad that you enjoy them, and you’ll have a great time with Wakeboarding HD and Mushroom Wars.

  • On behalf of many of us, thank you so much for your support. As you mentioned, it’s not often that developers will support their PSN titles as you have and that sale sounds too tempting for me to miss out on any of those games. Thanks!

    • Well… I think it’s thanks all around. Thank YOU, linebeginstoblur, for buying and playing our games. Let us know which titles you intend to pick up.

  • Awesome, I’ve been waiting for a sale of mushroom wars.

  • Mushroom wars will be mine :) I was waiting for a sale and am glad to buy it!

    Thanks Creat/Tik and congrats!

    Looking forward to what comes out from you guys next.

    • Enjoy, reson8er! And you’ll love what’s coming, like this great new ***NICE TRY!!! You thought you could get me to spill the hot new dirt, didn’t ya!!!***

      Just kidding. But enjoy the games, and thanks!

  • I guess I have no excuse to not buy Mahjong Tales. I was a bit sceptical because I’ve never played mahjong, but for 5 bucks I wouldn’t mind trying. Congrats on your new publisher page, and keep the PSN titles coming!

    • Thanks, TheManda. And no, now you really, really have no excuse, do you? I’m going to hold you to it. :-)

  • Thank you Creat Studios for releasing my favorite PSN game Magic Orbz. You guys rock!! Keep on releasing great games.

    • Thanks you, Frankie09, for buying our cool game, Magic Orbz. We’re happy you like it, and we will indeed keep making great games. More is on the way soon.

  • Awesome you guys deserve this. Magic Ball err… Orbz is one of my favorite PSN games ever.

  • Damn, already have Magic Orbz(Magic Ball when I bought it), Cuboid, Mushroom Wars and Smash Cars.

    Will have to think about maybe picking up Mahjong (never played a game of Mahjong at all before), Interpol or Digger.

    Interpol is a ‘find-hidden-objects’ based game, right? My wife loves those types of games.

    • Yes, Interpol is a hide-and-seek, hidden object games. Go be nice to your wife and treat her to some Interpol. With local mulitplayer, you can play together. Ahhh…. Tik/Creat can help improve marraiges, too!

  • Awesome, I’ll be getting Digger HD and Mushroom wars…great quality games wifie loves this studio

  • Hamsterball is addictingly fun (is ‘addictingly’ even is word!?!?!?)! Thanks for making such a great game… will that game have online multiplayer in the future? Please say yes… or something cryptic! o_O

    • I’m ASKED to say something cryptic? How cool.

      OK, there will be online multiplayer in the future. For what? Oh, please… that wouldn’t be cryptic!

  • Any PSP games in the pipeline perhaps?

    • We have some VERY cool Minis on the way, which, of course play on both PSP and PS3. Announcements coming very, very soon!


  • Awesome deal Mr Hyman :D

    Will something like this be on the way to Europe too? Europe also loves half off sales :D

  • How about Freekscape, will that be on sale too? :D

    And what’s the final US Price on that?

    • Freekscape? Is there a game for sale by Creat called Freekscape? What could you possibly be talking about? I wonder… hmmm… what amazingly cool game from Creat called Freekscape is Ashkental referring to? ;-)

  • Very excited, I want Magic Ball for sure. Wish I could afford Hamster Ball too. :(

  • Ill be picking up Cuboid =D

    • What!?!?! You’ll neglect those poor, lonely other six games that cry for your attention?

      Nah, that’s ok! Go show Cuboid some love.

  • looks like a nice game!


    Could someone please tell the High Velocity Bowling Devs that the servers haven’t updated in over a month? Noone can get trophies or have their score correctly go up or down.. and noone has responded on the official forums..



  • Ive been waiting for a sale on some of your games. Will be picking up mushroom wars, cuboidand magic orbz for sure. Are there also deals for the booster packs for these games? Or a deal on like the magic orbz bundle pack?

  • funny, I just started playing Cuboid again yesterday (lv 19 in Pro mode). I know it has little chances to happen but I would love to have a new add-on for this game, or maybe a PSP version with new levels only.

  • Tik/Creat are making Minis? Awesome, that’s an assured buy – will be right up there with HalfBrick as the best minis, no doubt :D

  • Yessssssssss…Smash Cars here I come! I hope this is not a April fool’s joke. If not, you guys are great!

  • nYcFrEeWiLL, take a chill pill. Sales happen. Are you going to barge into the local K-Mart on a rampage every time they have a clothing sale, just because you bought your clothes at full price? Get over yourself, and grow up. These sales will seriously help boost their overall sale statistics (and net profit), as well as expose the developer to an audience who might not have given their games a try before. It’s not all about you sometimes.

    Anyway, to be on-topic: I’m glad to see this sale happening, I have been holding off on Cuboid for some time and can’t wait to try it out. Hamsterball also looks like a hilariously good time, so you can expect a sale on that as well. Thanks for your support, and it’s great to see such a dedicated developer interacting with the community. Seeing you guys reply to our comments is great!

  • I’ll be getting Mushroom Wars!! I hope it will be my next favorite game on PSN.

  • I own Cuboid, Magic Orbz, and just bought Hamster Ball last week. You guys make fun games and I’ll probably grab a couple of these sale titles. Keep up the great work!

  • Oopz. Magic ORBZ! Sorry, the review linked in the above post is Magic Ball. ;) Tsk, tsk.

    Loving Wakeboarding HD so far, very fun, fast paced trying to get all the items.

    • Glad you’re enjoying Wakeboarding HD, bdavid81. I’ll pass your sentiments along to the development team.

  • Congrats on the dedicated page Creat/Tiki – you guys deserve the love from Sony.

    Smash Cars is one of the most fun and accessible PSN games available imo and I thought it was well worth the full price.

    I’d say to anyone tempted by it to just go ahead and grab it as it’s awesome, some nice trophies in there too!

  • I’ve had the Mushroom Wars demo for what seems like ages now. I will be picking it up once the sale starts.

  • im deffinily getting smash cars and wakeboarding hd, hope i didnt dubble post… thanks guys great games

  • I’ll be buying Magic Orbz! I really was interested in Mahjong Tales until I found out it was just the Mahjong solitaire.

    Please consider making a real Mahjong game with up to 4 player online multi-player! I really really want a real Mahjong game for my PS3 (that’s in English).

  • You do? How did i never know this? Sorry, haha.

    Oh well, look forward to the sale if you bring it to the EU :)

  • nYcFrEeWiLL82 if you buy it first you get it first. Some of those games came out LAST YEAR and you’ve gotten to enjoy them the whole time. If you don’t think you got your $10 worth, then yeah, wait for sales. That said, EVERYTHING IN ANY STORE, digital or Wal-Mart, goes on sale at some point. If you were never aware of that, then I’d suggest opening your eyes; this is nothing new.

    Creat/Scott, thanks for the deals and getting those of us who were mildly interested at first to put down a bit of coin on an impulse buy and a chance to get new fans of the development studio. I’ll probably be waiting for a sale on Hamsterball ;)

  • smash cars is a great game, when is some dlc coming out for it already? been waiting

  • Im new to PS3, and i was looking all around for a demo for Magic Orbz. I guess I’ll have to just risk it and buy it since all these people are saying its amazing. Playing Mushroom Wars atm :)

    • Glad you’re enjoying Mushroom Wars! As for Magic Orbz, all these folks couldn’t be wrong, could they?

  • you guys treat us so well, with all the great games, replying to our posts, posting on the blog, and now a sale:) Thanks, and Magic Ball(will always be ball to me) still is a hoot

    • Thanks, Nighthawk17. OK, you can call it Magic Ball. But just you, and nobody else. If you catch anyone else doing it, report them to me.

  • Ok, I’m digging in! I really need to get me some Smash Cars. From what I played from the demo, its really good.

    Mushroom Wars, Cubod, and the others….wait…I just notice that you guys have a allot of great games on the store. Keep up the great work.

    • Thanks, Jetup! That’s why we needed to build own own digital Publisher Page on PSN. With nine titles, and more on the way, we just needed the space. ;-)

  • Any chance that the add-on packs for Magic Ba..Orbz will be on sale too? An add-on bundle perhaps? Also, I have been eyeing Cuboid for a while, so thanks for the sale.

  • Well I have been meaning to give Cuboid a try…

    Have you guys anything planned in the realm of PSP games/minis? You seem very focused on PS3, not that that’s necessarily a bad thing!

  • I guess not since Mushroom Wars is pretty epic :) Can’t wait till April 1st. Hope its not an April Fools :P

    • Not an April Fools, I promise. As I mentioned before, we couldn’t prevent April 1st from falling on a Thursday. We did try, though, but calendars are really tough to rearrange.


  • RE: #30 @ Scott Hyman,

    Well, what I meant is the traditional Chinese/Japanese style Mahjong (a poker/rummy like game)… does it have that? Or is it just multiplayer solitaire (remove matching tiles)?

  • *Phew* haha Okay :)

  • Magic Orbz and Cuboid are both awesome games. Anyone who is interested in either one of these should buy them without a hesitation.

    I may end up buying a game or two from this sale, but not sure which one I would want.

    Oh, and while you guys are answering questions. Me and my bro were wondering, what made Tik/Creat decide to change “Magic Ball” to “Magic Orbz”? Copyright issues with the name or something? Just curious :D

  • I’ll be grabbing Cuboid and Magic Orbz here! :D

  • You guys are awesome as hell. Definitely buying Mushroom Wars and Smash Cars now.

    • Exypher, you just made my day. It’s been too long since someone told me that I’m awesome as hell. Enjoy Mushroom Wars and Smash Cars.

  • Ah, my bad. I’ll have to go and read up on them! And now that I’ve re-read the blog post I noticed Interpol on there to which is another I’ve been eyeing up. This weeks PS store update had already been made great!

  • @ Scott

    Please do…..new tracks,new cars,monster trucks etc.
    Thanx for reply.

  • NICE! I think I’ll finally pick up Cuboid then. Probably some other title that I don’t have as well. Love Magic Orbz btw. And as usual great job answering a huge majority of the blog comments!

    • Thanks, T3mpr1x. I’m trying to keep up, but I’m always a comment or two behind. Don’t you people know that I have work to do? How am I supposed to get gold crowns on all 20 levels of Wakeboarding HD if I’m stuck here typing responses? ;-)

  • I might just get Magic Orbz today. I don’t think I can wait 2 days haha.

  • cool. I bought hamster ball over the weekend. its fun. I’m going to check out more of your titles this weekend now:)

    • Thanks, vinnyg32. Glad to know that you’re enjoying Hamster Ball. Please let us know what else you pick up.

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