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Hey everyone, happy Monday! This week, we have some really “Incredible” news to share with you! So without further adieu…

What’s New?

Incredibles LittleBigPlanet

There is no longer any reason to be scared should the cities of LittleBigPlanet become threatened by an evil super villain, for The Incredibles will be here to save us all.

Coming soon to the LittleBigStore is The Incredibles Costume Kit inspired by the Disney/Pixar animated feature, The Incredibles. This huge pack features NINE costumes: all of The Incredibles family (including a “Retro” Mr. Incredible sporting his classic blue costume), their allies Frozone and Edna Mode, and their arch nemesis, Syndrome. Individual costumes of The Incredibles will also be available for purchase.

Also hitting the LittleBigStore at the same time, The Incredibles Level Kit, featuring a Gallery Level filled with memorable landmarks from The Incredibles, prize bubbles containing all the materials used to make it, and masses of other collectibles. Stretch and dash your way across the rooftops of the city, investigate the more secret parts of the Parr family home, explore the jungles of Nomanisan Island, where Syndrome’s base is located, before taking a trip on his monorail system into the heart of the base itself.

The Incredibles DLC for LittleBigPlanet will be available on the PlayStation Store April 8!

New on the PlayStation Store

April Fools “Fragrances Costume” for LBP PS3 (FREE) – Grab this free DLC for SackBoy or SackGirl and celebrate April Fools Day in LittleBigPlanet style! Available this Thursday, this little gem will only be available for one week so don’t miss out!

LBP Fragrance Costume

Islands Costume for LBP PSP (FREE) – Coming to the store this Thursday, grab this free costume from the Islands Theme Pack!

LBP Island Costume Add-On

Islands Theme Pack for LBP PSP ($2.99) – Available this Thursday, download a new set of costumes and CREATE materials to create your own LittleBigPlanet PSP Islands levels! The Islands Theme Pack includes 3 Costume items, 13 CREATE Materials, 15 Stickers, 1 Music file, and 1 Background to create your very own Islands levels!

LBP Island Theme Add-On

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4 Author Replies

  • Thats awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should get some Toy Story characters and levels going.

  • Those fragrance costumes are hysterical!

  • Been wondering where the Disney DLC was. Glad it’s The Incredibles – and NINE costumes at that!

  • I forgot to ask. Are there any Incredible trophies attatched to the Incredibles levels?

    • Hey “Dude”, no trophies with the level kits. Level Kits come with “Gallery Levels” that are created as a cool way for you to explore and collect all of the CREATE materials used to create that particular level.
      It’s a fun way we came up with to get these excellent items to you guys instead of simply downloading them and then just having them appear in your “Poppit”.
      This way, you get to “PLAY” a cool Gallery Level, that gives you the ability to “CREATE” your own “The Incredibles” levels, and then “SHARE” them with the rest of the community!

  • @3

    It’s only five costumes, since one (The Red Suit Incredibles are clased as one since they share the same suit, just different hair).


    Really, fragrance costumes. Something smells funny, and it’s not me ;)

  • Can’t wait for the fragrance costumes :P

  • @4

    No trophies. The level isn’t even a proper level, it’s just a gallery level to display the goodies you get in the pack.

    Just like the Monster and History pack gallery levels.

  • You shouldn’t announce the fragrence ones when it ISN’T april fools day! tut tut tut!

    @mnimmo1986 mr. incredible’s suit is different, they included muscles in that one.

  • When can we expect to see another level pack?

  • Sad, I wanted a real level pack :( Skipping this then.

  • Finally some levels! Too bad I need to update my PS3 in order to access the store.

    …Too bad Sony is making a downgrade an “update”.

  • @8

    Yeah, but all of the family is one DLC.
    The costumes can be bought separately too, and they (The Incredibles (Excluding Retro Mr. Incredible)) are all bundled together, that’s what I meant ;)

  • This seems epic as hell.

    D: OMG I finally have costumes to buy in the store :). That I really want.

    So far I have: Watchmen,Cole,Ezio,WKC, Frog Costume. Now these.

    This better not be a joke D:.

    • Hey Azure, Nope, not a joke! We’ve been busting at the seams waiting to announce that The Incredibles are coming to LittleBigPlanet! I can’t wait to see community levels for this one! Enjoy! :)

  • Let’s see a Pixar (or hey, even just The Incredibles) level pack with some more trophies!

  • I’m going to have to get the level kit. Not certain about the costumes… will have to see the price, as I’m assuming you pay a premium for the 9 costumes. Any word on the price of that Mick Perona?

    • Hey Matt, Thanks for asking! The prices for the U.S. PSN Store will be:

      Costume Kit: $5.99
      Individual Costumes: $1.99 each
      Level Kit: $4.99

  • @15

    Se the website for details…

    Level Kit is £3.99 / €4.99

    Costume Pack is £4.79 / €5.99

  • They need to stop this BS with lbp psp content and lbp ps3 content being different. Its lame as hell…
    Looks like ps3 users get the better content this week.

  • what the hell is those fragrance costumes? Is that what we’re gonna look like when we put em on? just a bottle of perfume? im confused……….but if thats what were gonna look like then……………AWESOME!

  • oh and btw those incredibles costumes are pretty cool, I would definitely buy toy story costumes though *hint* *hint*. OH and a bugs life costumes would be definite buys as well! throw in some pixar themed levels in as well! You’d have my money day ONE!

  • Finally some LBP DLC I will buy! 1st one in 2010!! Can we know what other Disney DLC is one the way? I would really love Mickey Mouse and Friends!!

  • Can we expect a Toy Story Disney DLC before Toy Story 3 releases? Would love to see more Disney DLC like Mickey Mouse in Little Big Planet.

  • This Incredibles DLC gave me a cool idea. It’d be awesome if you guys could team up with Disney and release costumes and level kits based on their older movies. Such as A Bug’s Life, Sleeping Beaut etc. Hell, even old Mickey Mouse cartoons would make for some great DLC. Just a suggestion I thought I’d throw out.

  • This is more like it – this is my favorite pixar cartoon btw so im gettin this day one!..Disney is really hookin Lbp up with cool stuff..hopefully we get to see some UNCHARTED costumes and level packs ..and soon a HOME SPACE..keep up the good work MM and Disney!

  • For the love of Pete there better be some Mickey Mouse Ears DLC. It screams LBP. Make it happen.

  • Keep up these PARTNERSHIPS! Sony you rock!

  • GREAT!! Ask disney when they are gonna make an incredibles 2? Me, my wife, and my kids love that movie.

  • The timing on this is creepy, my 3 year old son absolutely adores LBP and Saturday he watched, and loved, The Incredibles for the first time. Next time, MM, I close the blinds! ;)

  • Cool. Is there some more classic Disney stuff coming? Like Mickey Mouse, Donald, and Goofy costumes?

  • How awesome is it that PSN day falls on April 1st?

  • ooh man again I’ve bin proven right about how LAZY MM is getting with the LEVEL PACKS ..this is ridiculous..i was xcited now im jus dissapointed …level kits are ok but level packs are AWESOME! and dont give me that..”well players can make more levels than we can” because im tired of KIDS makin wierd levels..some are ok but MANY are HORRIBLE!):/

  • yeah!!! An Island theme pack for PSP!

  • Too Bad They didn’t make a level pack for this.

  • Fragrance costume? This is an april fools joke isn’t it? If this is a cheap joke then i will stop playing little big planet.

  • Too bad I just sold little big planet…

  • Why the hell a retarded pixar movie?
    what’s about final fantasy VII VIII and XIII?
    and Tekken not a crappy movie! tough nice desing but the movie suck

  • Did the Marvel Pack ever come out? I havent played the game in awhile so I havent checked.

  • Hi Mick, I was wondering, will the Incredibles pack also be available for the psp version of LBP.

  • Darn, wish the Incredibles was a level pack. I really wanted a city level pack.

  • Glad *someone* at Sony is doing something GOOD on April Fool’s day. Too bad all the “fat” owners running different OSs won’t be able to take advantage…

  • wow those costumes is badass

  • the costumes look neat, but I’m not sure about the fragrance ones

  • Wow… I ‘smell’ an april’s fool joke in the form of two free costumes… I KNOW! I bet its cause you get two of them. Or maybe its the fact that “LittleBigPlanet” sticker seems a little crumpled. Seriously though, if we don’t get to go around levels as tiny bottles of perfume, you’ll have to make it up to us somehow…

    Looking forward to some more creative resources for the game however – at the very least a sticker pack (Make it so number 1).

  • Speaking of DLC, is the SF4 Costume Pack going to be corrected so people who own one of the packs can see the Pack?

    Right now if someone bought one of the individual sets or bought the CE version and used the code to get one of the sets free, they can’t see the Costume Pack (the one that bundles all 4 sets) that’s on sale right now.

  • I want more Pixar & LittleBigPlanet love!!! :D

  • I really want to see new levels with trophies. please!

  • I sense that the April Fools “Fragrances Costume” is an April Fools joke and not actually coming out…

  • Dumb question

    did you team up with disney to provide this DLC?

  • @49

    No. They teamed up with Microsoft.


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