Last Chance – Get echoshift Add-On Levels Free!

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Hey Everyone – I’m here to remind you that this is the last week to get the limited echoshift Add-on Levels! For those of you who don’t have a copy of echoshift yet, but will be downloading it this week (before April 1, of course), we will give you seven additional levels that will be a free gift-with-purchase for $14.99! That’s over 60 levels filled with puzzles and challenges, plus three different modes of play for each level. echoshift’s innovative take on puzzles lets you cooperate with “echoes” of your past actions to maneuver around obstacles and find new paths. Check out the trailer to catch a glimpse of this unique gameplay:

echoshift DLC 1

For those of you who already purchased the game before March 18, don’t worry as you are also entitled to the Add-on Levels for free! Simply log into the PlayStation Store using the PSN ID that you purchased echoshift with, and you’ll see the DLC levels for you to download in the “View All” section of the echoshift page.

I’ll leave you with a new look at some of the extra levels. Act quickly to get these though, as both of these offers will disappear from the PSN on April 1.

echoshift DLC 2 echoshift DLC 4

echoshift DLC 3

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  • This game has L.A.M.E. written all over it. MehPass.

  • echoshift is a very good playstation title. Glad is getting a lot of attention and developers are always keep it fresh.

  • That’s a bunch of levels for the price. I may have to jump on this.

  • That kid is too pissed off

  • This is a really great game!! Thank you for not forgeting the ones who bought this game when it first came out and included us in the free download.

  • But is it playable on PS3??

    This looks like the PSP version.. if so, i’m not interested.

  • I wish I could get the soundtrack somehow. Unfortunately I’m not such a terrible player that I’ll actually get to hear all the layers of music!

  • I tried out the demo and I really enjoyed it. Does it matter where we buy the game to the to get the extra levels? PS3/PSP/Media go?

  • I downloaded these levels the moment they came out (as I did with the game itself!). I’ve had a lot of fun wracking my brain trying to complete this game but I’m still not there yet… Can’t wait to see what the “echo team” has in store next!

  • I’ll download the demo

  • I disagree I think this title needed more graphics (the screenshots look cheap) I’m usually all or Sony but for this I’m pretty disappointed! For 14.99 this game doesn’t look worth it!

    • Hi – echoshift is a very unique title from the game play to the artistic presentation. You should really try the free demo to get a feel for the game.

  • bubit13 – the backgrounds aren’t static. They’re actually pretty trippy, and a lot more colorful than echochrome.

    The feeling you get when you clear a stage with the highest rank is beyond comparison.

  • i wish this offer was a bit longer i can’t get my PSN Card until Saturday =[

  • Where do I download these levels? I bought this game from the online store on my PS3 (and copied to PSP). I checked my download list: I see the regular Ecoshift game, but no additional levels. I also searched all over the store and I can’t find an Ecoshift page or Ecoshift levels.

    • Hi – If you bought the full game between March 18 – April 1, you’ll see the echoshift Add-on Levels appear in your download list, along with the full game. If you bought it prior to the March 18 publish, you must be logged in using the PSN ID that you purchased the game with. From there you’ll find the Add-on Levels in the “echoshift” title category page, under “view all”. Hope that helps!

  • I can’t find the game in the psp store! All I see is the demo and a video! Help me please.

  • A little off topic, but I think another post is the elephant in the room.

  • awesome! i LOVE echoshift….i got echochrome and liked it too, but i wasn’t super great with rotating everything so quickly at times. it’s still good, but echochrome is SOOOOOOO much better imo. can’t argue with more levels!

  • Purchased echoshift on Friday through the PSP, but I don’t see any add-on levels anywhere… Unless it gets added to the Add-on section, I don’t think I’ll see it – unless this is exclusive to US users and not the people in the Cold North.

  • i had no idea there was new level packs ive had the ps3 ver. since day one. if the DLC was for the ps3 i missed out :(

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