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In this week’s links, the 5th anniversary of the PSP gets writers feeling nostalgic, our East Coast swing results in more fresh PlayStation Move impressions, and yes, more praise heaped upon God of War III. Did we miss anything good? Please feel free to share your links with us in the comments below.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of March 22, 2010)

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  • Ps3 Firmware Update.

  • i second that.anyways, whats up with my idea on playstation blog.share? i mean it has been more than 2 weeks since its launch and i still cant see my idea on it.seriously,guys whats up with that?
    btw, its pretty sad to see how many cool ideas have been downvoted by the a matter of fact, they are downvoting everything that i dont know if you guys will seriously implement any of them :0

  • I hope this is alright to ask here. I don’t know where to post it. I have a question on PlayStation share. I have sent in different ideas and only one has shown up. So for PS Share do you pick the best ones that will get shown? Because I have seen some of the same questions but ones I sent in are not. Like does it take over a week for some to show up? Can they still show up if it has been a week or does that mean they did not pass? Sorry for being off-topic. Just I have been wondering how PS Share works.

    On topic Happy 5th Birthday to the PSP. I have had some great time with you and hope you will last many more years. Before you get replaced with the PSP2. So I hope you will see many awesome new games come out this year. Maybe a Sly Cooper game.

    • Here’s how it works:
      Idea comes in, we check it to see if A) It’s an actual idea (not an opinion or something unrelated), and B) Has it already been submitted.

      This takes some time. We’ve published about a thousand as of the time I write this, and there are about 3,600 currently in the queue. Most of the ones that haven’t been published were repeats.

      We don’t trash any idea because we don’t like it – that’s what the voting system is for. If your idea hasn’t shown up, it’s either in the queue, or someone else beat you to it.

  • It’s Official: PS3 Has The Best Library Ever – *

    Motorstorm 3 Leaked? – *

    Resistance 3 near? – *

  • You know, I come here pretty much on a daily basis to check out whats new, but rarely ever leave a comment. With that said, giving a shout out to Jeff and the rest of the PS Bloggers out there. Rock on and keep up the great work.

  • Seeing how Cross Game Chat is number 1 with over what 16K votes? will that become a reality soon?
    hope so :P

  • Since these FW updates are taking longer times to release than previous years, I’m guessing there’s going to be a ton of content to make up. I’m hoping that since there will be so much content the system will not crash on me. It will be extremely annoying to see thousands of people complaining of a YLOD due to the update.

    I hope you guys do a lot of testing on it before you release it to the public. If it causes mass failure the backlash will be immense.

    Anyway E3 just a few more months, can’t wait!

  • I still can’t leave comments with my PS3 browser. I still can’t watch the blog videos on my PS3 browser. This has gotten ridiculous! I know I’m not the only one this is happening to. I have a 40gb fatty. It’s the freakin main page of my PS3 browser and it doesn’t work. COME ON SONY!!!

  • Even though it may be pushing the limits of what is acceptable, I think GOWIII should be patched with Move support. Imagine the (spoilers) Hercules QTE with the move. Again like I said pushing it. Fox News would be all over it.

  • Hey Jeff, I still have the first PSP. I got it when it first rleased and I wished it a hapy birthday. :p

  • me too i can’t see my idea on playstation blog share :(

  • i’m pretty excited about the Move…
    / |
    / \.

  • hmm that was a fail ^

  • Alot of destructoid links. To bad they spend so much time trashing Playstation in most of their other posts.

    I’m finding share not all that useful btw…it is alot o ‘noise’ and thats about it.

    Please have a story about Anarchy: Rush Hour…it came out of no where and is great value at $8

    Suggested read: Platinum Confusion: *

  • YO!!!!! Why is the Stimulus Package for C.O.D. MW2 being released first on X-Box? What is up with Sony are they just trying to lose customers? I am seriously thinking of switching to the darkside because I feel Sony is really leaving their most loyal legions in the dark…….

  • lol @ 15

    you must be a cod freak and must play almost nothing else if you’re thinking about switching consoles over some dumb maps, which btw is a rip off at 15 bucks for basically 3 new maps and 2 old ones.

  • @15…MS paid for timed exclusivity. Given that Acti sells alot more CoD on X than PS can you blame them? As Angelspawn77 said…15 bucks for 3 maps…Acti is smokin some strong weed. Sold it the day after they made that announcement.

  • Jeff, could you make some announcement to the Share communtity about “From there, top ideas are forwarded … to the teams that could, conceivably, take these ideas and turn them into something real.” People keep voting things down if its not in Sony’s control, even though Sony could forward it.

  • Jeff I purchased the PSPgo back on launch day October 1st and I’m extremely disappointed to hear rumor that Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep will not be in the PSN which means that I will miss out on that brilliant game. If it’s true I’m very upset. Is there anyway that you guys at Sony could sway there thinking?

    • I don’t know if this is the case or not. That said, I’d recommend contacting them directly to make your opinion heard.

      Alternatively, if you (or someone) suggests this via Share, and it gets many votes, I’ll be sure that they see it.

  • It would help if there was some sort of notification that an idea wasn’t retained and add a predefined reason, like “Duplicate” or “Not an idea”, with the former having a link to the actual idea that the duplicate was determined from. If anything, that advertises the Share idea to people who already had a similar idea.

    I say that because my very first idea was obviously not retained (about high priced PSOne Classics) when there are quite a few PSOne Classic requests for single games and aren’t posted as duplicates. I have no hard feelings about not being published, but I was looking to see if it was accepted for three days before figuring it wasn’t retained.

    • I wouldn’t assume anything. Don’t forget, we’re still a few thousand ideas ‘in the hole’, as it were.

  • Few things:

    1) It would be nice to hear some actual Sony feedback about a bunch of the PlayStation Blog Share more highly request features.

    2) I’ve been wondering about Castle Crashers lately, what ever happened to it?

    3) Keep us updated about the Warhawk tournament, I’m definitely gonna put Bad Company 2 on hold for a bit to get in on it. They should discount all the DLC (even though I already have it but for new players) during the tournament too.

    • 1) We’re working on the infrastructure for official responses on certain ideas.
      2) The Behemoth just showed it at PAX East. Heard it looked good. Don’t have a release date yet.
      3) ok!

  • Thanks for the response, Jeff. I’ll keep an eye out.

    I’ll probably just add a new idea based on what I posted previously.

  • Jeff….since you and chris seem to be the only people at sony that actually care about consumer response…
    can you PLEASE tell us why firmware 3.21 is necessary?????

  • @Jeff thanks for answering my concerns I’ll ask it via share.

  • I gotta ask here, since you actually care enough to respond to people… What’s up with the new firmware update taking away the OtherOS option? That’s just a slap in the face to some of us early buyers and loyal users.

    Maybe it’s not super common to use it, but putting a computer on the TV is the only way my grandmother uses one (so long as I remember to reboot it when I’m done playing…we got Ubuntu set up so she barely has to “use it” to use it). So yeah. Guess who’s not upgrading for a loooooong time and who won’t be using any Sony services, or earning Sony any money, for an equally looooooong time.

  • It was a nice week, hope that this one is also a great one for gaming. Have any surprises for us Jeff? I’m smelling some big announcement in May for the PlayStation Day!

  • Yea it was a solid week. new York on Tues with the MOVE and I went to PAXEAST in Boston. Find more links on that. some significant developments such as the following:

    – the potential for Dead Space: Extraction (a greatly praised but poorly sold Wii-exclusive) to come to PSN

    – The new prince of persia details from PAXEAST

    – Skate 3 at PAXEAST

    – Mafia II and Read Head Redemption from PAXEAST

    – THe Naughty Dog Live panel.

    It was great! never been to those conventions before. this is my first time. i carry great moments with me from that. Here’s for next year hopefully!

  • Thanks for the reply Jeff. One of mine did become a duplicate later on. Just when I did send it in it was not. But now it is so I know that one will not show. Again thanks for the reply.

  • One thing I would love to hear what has ACTUALLY PASSED successfully through the feature in the playstation community?

  • Hey is there I reason that logging in doesn’t work on google chrome?

  • Oh and the Share idea is brilliant! Finally a way for us to post our ideas and actually have them backed by the community if they are good. Maybe make the note that you can only post one idea a day a bit bigger. I grazed past it in my excitement and it wasn’t till my second post that I noticed it.

  • Don’t really know if you can answer this, but when is AVP geting the patches it needs for it’s campaing? and are they going to create better servers so that it doesn’t take and average of 5 min to get into an online game?

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