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  • *pop* i think my mind got blown whoa

  • Next Firmware Update? will it be the end of April? its been like 3 months. Or are we waiting to an E3 Reveal of PSN Premium.

  • Is there any word on when the DLC is comin out for MW2 on PS3? I know its March, 30 for xbox but any word on PS3??

  • @brandon it comes out April 30th for PS3.

  • A lot of good things happened recently :)

  • It’s been a good week I must say!

  • yeah i also want to know when are we gonna have our next update. but i guess we’ll have to wait till june for that.anyways, chris the nba playoff are going to start soon!

    i hope that the miami heat will kick some butt this year.but something is telling me that the cavs are going to be the team to beat in the playoff because of ca…oops i meant lebron james.i also think that the magic have a decent chance too because of dwight howard and vince “barney” carter XD

    as for gaming goes, this week i’m gonna pick up mimana iyar chronicles and sakura wars WOOT!

    yeah i play alot of niche rpgs haha

  • Hey Chris, i met you, Jeff, and Sid in Playstation Home! It went well, getting to ask many questions. I just wanted to say i hope you have been enjoying Playstation for the past month with the big release of God of War III, This was a good week. :p
    I’m hoping for more content next week! :D

  • @Chat good week, indeed!

  • Can someone please throw me an Ape Escape bone. You annouced it right?(At least confirm that I didn’t read a fake press release)

  • I haven’t heard from you in a while Chris!

  • “Seriously, with a name like Hamsterball, what could possible go wrong?”

    What could possibl*y* go wrong? Using a spell checker instead of proofreading.

  • Anarchy: Rush Hour is WELL worth the 8$ if you like Burnout or if you don’t want to spend the money on Burnout. Cheapest Platinum too.

    Video of it is scarce (come on video for everything in the store)… here is a sample: *


  • @ 12

    Calm down knicknak, it’s not that crucial buddy.

  • Someone PLEASE talk to Level 5 about posting on the .Blog. I’m seriously questioning their support of WKC: these “new” quests that we’re getting are coming without any notice nor indication of which will be disappearing in a week’s time. That Announcements screen on Geonet hasn’t changed since release.

    I’ll forego displaying the hostility/aggravation I’m feeling. Important point: please get them posting on here and/or communicating with the online community they supposedly run. WKC2 is looking less attractive before I’ve even seen it.

  • Why does it take 2 days to get an email that says “Here’s your Playstation Store update”. Just saying, doesn’t make sense, well it is after payday i guess! Where’s the bfbc2 dlc??

  • Will the Little Big Planet Sonic Costumes Come Out For The Psp/PspGo?

  • Have you guys abandoned PlayStation Room for the PSP?

  • Please fix PS Blog Share …

    I’ve submitted an Idea Day one of PS Share- and it hasn’t surfaced, but this goes along with mine which is to add a virtual currency to Home like any MMO or SIM would have so we can buy, sale, trade items with each other. If we had a locker to store items we didn’t need or no longer wanted, our wardrobe & Home decorating items would load faster, and we could choose to “flag’ some items in our “Locker or closet” for trade or sale and that could be made “public’. I think it would be cool and open up much more interaction in home between players, and if the Developer spaces got in on the deal it would be that much more awesome. I’ve seen many Ideas now & and mine hasn’t ‘Surfaced’ yet. lol

  • Guys guys…any idea when Final fantasy 9 would be released on US PSN? Everyone’s waiting for it…. if there’s any news.. pls post.

  • hey guys..any idea when ff9 would be out on us psn?

    pls bring this on psn asap…if there’s a news pls update us!

  • /pass out can’t wait to get the Fat Princess update

  • @ americanninja1 thanks for the info!! Where would I be able to find this info at?

  • any idea if and when they ever plan on releasing Tomba or Colony Wars to The PSN? If so hit me up and let me know please

  • Does anyone know when the Grand Theft Auto 4 DLC come out or when will there be a new update in the psn store.

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