Warhawk Tournament 2010!

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On the heels of our recent price-drop for Warhawk, and for all of our fans both rookies and veterans, we have decided to hold a new Warhawk Competition!

Warhawk - Aircraft comabt

Many of us here in the States have been spending way too much time staring at our brackets so we’re opting not to do a traditional “bracketed” tournament based on teams or clans. Instead, we’re going to make this competition more accommodating of the individual player by hosting special Capture the Flag Servers that players can join and play on. These servers will have their stats tracked separately for the duration of the competition, specifically Points earned, and these stats will be displayed on a new Tab labeled “TOURNY” that we are adding to the Warhawk website and this new tab will process and update all the player data periodically — so if you get a kill or flag capture and then *immediately* go check the “TOURNY” Tab, just be aware that the server churns all the data every 6 hours and your fine, fine combat skills may take a bit of time to be displayed :-)

Warhawk - Champions Blade

So here are the ground rules:

  • Competition starts on April 2nd at 5am Pacific Time and will run through May 3rd at 5am Pacific Time.
  • Players must play on Official SONY Servers named “Tournament-CTF-1,2,3, etc.”
  • Competition is open to North American *AND* European players.
  • The top 50 players that have earned the most Points on these designated servers will win the competition.

Winners will receive the very rare Champions Blade! It’s an in-game weapon like a trophy that you can bash people with. You’ll also get a special edition Warhawk shirt for your avatar in HOME — only available to the winners of this competition!


Start sharpening your skills and get ready for the competition — an who knows, you may even run into a dev or two ;-)

Rock on,

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  • Dylan, you need to add Double XP days. Do them once a week, or even once a month. Something to give your old players some incentive to come back.

    I’ve logged in over 600 hours and close to being a General, just haven’t felt the need to go back for so many months…especially with all the good games coming out.

  • I have not played Warhawk in the longest time, should be interesting to log on and see how my skills still stand.

  • Congratulations!! You’ve just given me a reason to finally(!!) pick up this game!! I just hope the ‘old players’ (pointing up) don’t choke if they do decide to show…

  • Sweet, i havent booted Warhawk up in a while.

  • I’d like to see more Warhawk DLC sometime in the near future. º∆º

  • Dylan! I’ve been waiting for you to post a Warhawk-post on here. This is some awesome news man, i’m gonna’ participate just for the shear joy of it – and maybe at the end of the contest i maybe be one of the winners!

    Last, love the support for Warhawk. It is one of my absolute favorite game of All time. Can’t wait for the sequal ;)

  • Dylan! You’re alive! I’m so relieved!

    Tell us you’re going to be at E3. Or if the marketing guys got your nards, then don’t implicitly deny it.

  • Why weren’t you guys doing these kind of things when the game first release? Waiting until now is a downer to be honest

  • For to add
    I have $65.08 waiting with your company next game name on it. So hurry and release it already.



  • I like seeing in game exclusives like this. Maybe after trying to get this again, I’ll try again for the lbp crown.

  • Wow, Dylan! How we’ve missed you! I’m gonna try to get in on this. It’s definitely great news for all the lone wolves out there…

  • hm, why bring Warhawk up all of a sudden…is this a hint on a sequel????

  • Rock On, I’ve played more latley and I still love it. Now I just gotta get my friend who just bought a PS3 to buy it.

  • i have a Champions Blade already

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllll rrrrrrrriiiiiigggggghhhhhhhttttttt

  • Wow I haven’t played this game in about a year, but this is exciting. I bought all the DLC for it and LOVED this game back in they day… Lately I’ve been playing a lot of Bad Company 2 and such for my online gaming addiction.

    Glad to hear about this tournament, I hope a lot of people get in on it, I’ll be there, a bit rusty, but I’ll be there.

  • Awesome, I can’t wait to start! I hope I get to play with some of you guys at Lightbox because I want to own you so bad.

    Oh, and hurry up with Starhawk already :P

  • Quick question Dylan, what about the people who just participate in the tourney? Do they get the Ceremonial Blade like in the first tourney? Or do we get a Home T-Shirt for our avatar thats different from the Champion’s shirt?

    Lastly, I’m going to get a little nerdy.

    I’m a huge fan of Warhawk. When I found out that I would be a lucky owner of a PS3, I immediatly started researching games for my PS3. Warhawk was the first one I researched, and I got it for Christmas. Love the game! It’s absoulutly perfect. I’ve never had an error that’s been on your end of the bargain. It’s always been on my part or on some other users.

    Also, like BlooodyCow, I have $60 set aside for your next project. Looking forward to E3 for you guys. Can’t wait to see what you and the other internal studios, like Media Molecule, Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, and hopefully Polyphony Digital, have up their sleeves.

  • Awesome, Can I get one of those Sweet t-shirts in Real life also. Congrats to the Warhawk team for making this game so amazing and keeping the joury alive with another contest .. Warhawk tourney .. Champions Blade .. A swell Shirt in Home .. If only it came with a Guaranteed Beta spot in the new Build .. lol
    Looking forward to posting up as many points as possible

  • Awesome! Warhawk is STILL one of the most fun games I’ve played this gen. My girl and I have almost 1000 hours combined on it.

    so dylan, about Starhawk…?

  • While I probably won’t log in to play Warhawk for this I will commend you guys on a great idea with this. This stuff should be happening on a more regular, and sooner time frame then this one tho. Either way its a start, good job.

  • sounds cool count me in

  • Double XP! Double XP! Double XP! Double XP!

    Been looking for a reason to come back and play!

  • I dont like that fact that people that dont have jobs or school can just play all day and win the blade eventho they probably dont earn it. It should be top ** receives the blade to make it a bit fair.

  • ah, I was in the first tourney you won unlocking this stuff. I only got the other blad though * sigh *. It’s hell to go back to this game due to… well yea. I’m up for Double XP too XD


    Good to know you’re still supporting Warhawk

  • @lookingreat
    Just the nature of the beast. This isnt a bracket for clans.

    I too am looking forward to Starhawk.

  • Please release Starhawk! I loved Warhawk so much, it was the first AAA PS3 game I ever bought (on launch day) remains in my heart as the most fun online game on PS3. But it’s old and it’s hard to find servers if you don’t have the map pack.

    The split screen online is awesome and very very rare in games today still. Next Warhawk definately needs to keep this.

    Please please please release a sequel. Please. Please. Screw SOCOM 4 I want Warhawk 2.

  • PLEASE SONY, Say SOMETHING about Warhawk 2!? =( pleaseeee


  • Release a new game please. Thank you.

  • Ima win this.

  • WarhawK 2!!!!! Dylan please?

    I’m so glad to see that WarhawK still lives!

    Haven’t been able to play in 6 months. please rectify this situation today or over the weekend. I wanna play it with my friends who play everyday but I cant. SOME HELP HERE PLEASE. Otherwise give me my cash back for the full price at launch plus the dlc I have bought.
    Thank You!

  • Starhawk plz! I keep waiting for you or someone from Lightbox slip something.

  • Will their be expansion servers for the tournament?

  • I rather there be better matchmaking server listing than going by rank, too many “veterans” lowering their rank to play/kick the ass of new guys. Not very fun or skillful.

  • whattt? there isnt any cryptic puzzles in this post(that i noticed). i liked trying to figure them out.

  • Warhawk 2 would be nice ;)

  • welcome back again dylan :)

    love the news about todays warhawk post!

  • Awesome to see some press on Warhawk again!
    I’m sure I’ll try to hop in, but wish such contests favored skills rather than brute accumulated playing time as a few others noted (not that I’d win anyway, but…).

    I also think WH is the best game for the PS3 and am looking forward to the next project… I just hope they haven’t changed the things which have made WH what it is.

    @ Hradekal –

    If you love WH that much, why would you not buy the map packs? Seriously, you’re missing out on a LOT. The first two were so incredible (both maps and vehicles). If you play WH, you really should get the map packs, even now.

  • warhawk in space ftw!!

  • Cool to see something like this…Hopefully I’ll find the time to play.

  • Might have to dust off ol Warhawk again and show these boys how its done! hehehe If only I didn’t stink out loud…

  • YAY Dylan!!!!!!!!!!


    I love you, please announce a sequel from LightBox Interactive!

  • What a fail. Congratulations to the 50 biggest nerds who sit home all day and play video games. :/

    Really, this has nothing to do with skill or teamwork. It’s all about who has the most free time to play and who can point whore the most. Tsk tsk tsk, poor form. Of course these servers will be packed as well, so for those of us who can only play a few hours a week, will we even be guaranteed a chance to compete? Nope.

    Great game regardless. Please release starhawk before the human race goes extinct, kthx.

  • I will be there. P.S. You guys are doing this because there is a warhawk 2 coming out, or else called starhawk. Cant wait for that, would be cool to take over planets as kind of a capture the flag thing. Capture the planet, or envade the planet.

  • Umm… I already have a champions blade… This “tournament” is a good idea. But you SHOULD NOT give out the champions blade again. Simply because the majority of people WITH a champions blade would come back to warhawk IF the prize was worth it.

    Personally I will not be coming back to warhawk for this and will most likely STOP playing completely because of this. I dont want to see some little noob running around talking trash because he spent the most time in a server and racked up a lot of points.

    But i WOULD come back to warhawk IF you had created a NEW weapon like a “Champion Pistol” or something of the sort.

    You made an amazing game Dylan, Im just pissed you didnt use it to its full potential. (By that i mean i could have done a better job at advertising and making big choices)

    Please Reply or email me at [DELETED]

    <3 Manly (The guy with the real champions blade)

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