The Tester – Episode 6 Available Today

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Gaming really becomes reality this week. Throughout the series, the gamers have been tested on the skills necessary to become an effective tester. This week, the ability to maintain concentration in a busy environment (and, man, does it get busy in First Party QA!) is put before the gamers by way of paintball.

In The Tester – Episode 6 “Focus, People, Focus,” the remaining five (Amped, Cyrus, Doc, Nauseous, and Star), are evaluated on their individual ability to keep it together under fire. And, to scrutinize if their aim is true, SCEA Managing Producer Kyle Shubel joins the panel to witness who’s in the ‘Killzone.’

As we get closer to the season finale on April 8, every moment (and shot) counts for the remaining contenders.

The Tester is available in both Standard and High Definition formats from PlayStation Store and also showing in PlayStation Home – Theater 8, where another free cast T-shirt will be rewarded. Also, check out this week’s commemorative items (The Tester Teddy Bear) available in the Theater and Central Plaza kiosks.

Thanks again for downloading and watching the show!

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  • cool cant wait to see the new episode

  • Lol also just wanted to say, I love this show. Rooting for Amped, Cyrus, Nauesous & Doc for the top 4. Kevin, I wanted to know will there be a bloopers or deleted scenes show released in the upcoming weeks?

    • Don’t know about a special show, but make sure you watch all the way to the end of the final episode.

  • How many more episodes until this is over? I can’t wait for these stories to stop being posted.

  • @mywhitenoise. If you feel so strongly about your post, then your comment is unecessary

  • I still enjoy watching this show. The HD files take up a bit of space, so I’ve been backing them up to a external hard drive so I can show it to friends more easily (without needing to redownload).

  • Once I read Kyle was in it I went to download. He’s so off the wall insane and than so serious at the end. lol!

  • What is Luge’s ID name on PS3,so I can play videos games with her :P you see I am big fan of The Tester download it everytime can you please give us her name :D

  • The new episode is up. You can find it on the video side of the PS store via search.

  • Any plans to bring the goat chair back to PS Home? It’s the only item from The Tester that was removed.

    • Due to popular demand, they ran out of goats skins! Actually, the PlayStation Home team is looking into this issue. Thanks for asking!

  • Star NooOOoOOOOoOoOoOOO!

  • Seems to me like a total waste of time. I mean c’mon, for a 10-12 dollar an hour high school/college job? lol, hope its worth it.

  • I like The Tester

  • Download went kinda slow which is rare for me. Must be a lot of people downloading it right now lolol. Can’t wait to watch it!!

  • @12, I also enjoy The Tester. I think everyone that should’ve stayed has so far and likewise for those that went. The judge panel with the ever-changing seat is a nice touch but you gotta love the Jaffe eps! As much as I want to like Hal Sparks in the show I somehow find him coming off as smug and I would’ve preferred full time Jaffe.

  • I’m liking this. I’m not a huge fan of reality shows, but as a gamer I can relate, and there’s not half as much drama as all the other shows because it takes up time. They keep it light and fun, and I’m always finding myself eager for the next episode. Great work.

  • I wasn’t sold on the series at first but the last few episodes have made it worth watching.

    Congrats Sony, you have the only reality TV game show that I actually enjoy watching!

  • off topic- kevin any word on wkc 2 for north america? i have read on the internet the other day that they have made alots of improvements in to the game.hope to see any announcements either by sony or level 5’s

  • Star is my future wife, but man… she got to step it up. i gotta boost her up with some energy drinks in the morning. she gotta pay my bills with her new position as a game tester from sony.

  • lol Kevin, thx.

  • Oh yeah, Kevin, love the show. Very well done, it’s great being able to watch it in Home. I hope this is the start of more original programming from PSN.

  • Hey Kevin its Doc,

    Thanx for getting this original content on PSN. What do you mean they ran out of skins? I will so be down to get one of those when they are avail again!!! I hope someone does come up with extra footage or bloopers. Even after being a part of The Tester I look forward to each episode to see what the final product is. gtg now, gotta put on my gold suit and go sit in theater 8 :)

    • No, Doc, thank you for being a part of this first episodic series on a game console (that I know of, anyway.) Good luck in this week’s episode!

  • How long until Amped is kicked from the show?! :-P

    I would call potentil racism if they kick Nauseous when Star or someone else has done far worse or lost a challenge. Both Big D and Fame Girl went too early IMHO, when others should have been kicked.

    Go Cyrus and Neauseous and maybe… Doc. :-D

    Btw, does anyone know why I got the Luge Game Over shirt again this afternoon?!

  • Oh man I cant wait to see the next show :). I wanted to meet up with the some of the crew last night in Home but something came up and couldnt get there. Hopefully you guys do it again.

  • Great show and enjoying it alot…however, I think BigD was given a raw deal in episode 5 by the panel judges. They should at-least give the guy a chance to keep his spot with questions from them as well. Why weren’t he quizzed on the spot???

    A big blunder right there sending the wrong signal.

    P.S.: Looking forward to this one.

  • Rooting for Cyrus & Amped, I like this show a lot but the episodes are a bit too short/go by too quickly, and I wish the contestants would actually do more gaming: the exercises they are competing in don’t realistically give the judges a good idea of how good they may or may not be at actual game testing.

  • Things are starting to get tense. Nice.

  • Blah blah blah can’t c the video!

  • Does Sony think we are stupid? Do they not think we can’t handle what a REAL game tester goes through to become part of the team? Can you imagine winning this stupid show and having all the other testers not take you seriously because the only reason you are there is because you made a fool out of yourself doing reality stunts? Come on Sony! Make them play some buggy games and find and record the problems. Make it a REAL show NOT a “reality” show.

  • 4 teamwork shoulda had em play a shooter in squads

  • its not here in playstion store im looking all day

  • I must admit this show has grown on me. I look forward to seeing how it all plays out.

  • @adventfire totally agree with you.

    rootin for nauseous though anyway. Sony why the hell is star still in??? she should have been gone a long time ago!!

  • OK so why the hell do they take it easy on star every single week… I mean she showed no Energy or drive in this episode while Doc (even though he got a lil over excited and stepped out of the box) showed energy and gave it his all and gets in the bottom for the first time and gets eliminated??? WTF! She must be “doing” something to stay on the judges good side if you know what I mean. If she wins then thats bs.

  • Oh my God!!! Doc is out!!! Finally! Now I can rest in peace! Id that dude have been the winner, I swear I would never again see any other show on PSN.

  • On the end of episode 5, it shows Star angry with the Cyrus & Amped gank over her… I was really up to see that, and they didn’t show on the episode 6, wth??? the preview on the end of episode 5, was about episode 7??? or they will cut that off???

    btw, Nauseous ftw, the only one fair player until now that doesn’t sux like Star (wtf, on the botton 4 times, and in the preview of episode 7, on the botton again… pretty good tester hum?)

  • @Jowness so you’re saying that not being great at shooting paintballs means that she’d be a bad tester? LoL How did you get hired for your job? Did they ask you to drift a car first and make sure you can run around in hamster balls too?

    So I guess her 2 years of prior testing experience has nothing to do with why she’s there.

    Also doesn’t the fact that they keep showing you all these things in the trailers and all of the sudden it’s gone from the episode when you watch it tell you something? Maybe some things went down that they dont want you to see that would explain why the people who are on top are ALWAYS on top and certain ppl keep being put in the bottom?

  • Frankly, you can see who makes the final three in the shows opening montage; also, that Doc would not be around for the martial arts challenge.

  • Uhh….I don’t care how much Guitar Hero Star plays in her obviously ample spare time; she needs to be freakin’ eliminated already.

    It’s obvious that they’re keeping her on there because of her so-called “popularity,” but I say “squat” to all that. She was in the bottom for the past three episodes. She sucks at overall gaming knowledge and really isn’t much of a participant. And then she wants to be good at Street Fighter 4?! I saw some of her matches and I must say that she’s pretty scrubby. My Viper can own her for free any day.

    She needs to go. but Sony (or whomever, I don’t care) is obviously kissing her butt. So Brett, Hal, assorted mystery judge, why don’t y’all grow a pair, stop kissing her ass already and can her.

  • that sucks doc is gone..
    i know who wins the show it is obvious who.

    STAR who should have been gone along time ago..
    just because she is a gh pro gamer…


  • I like the show. I’m not sure why, but it’s pretty cool. The only thing that BOGGLES my mind is that people on that show were acting as if it’s like Survivor where people have to stick together and form an alliance, and try to “Save” other people. I mean, C’mon! It’s a show where if you suck at what your asked to do, YOU’RE GONE! Maybe if the people didn’t suck, they wouldn’t be gone. This isn’t Real World, it’s a shot at a job! F that, I’d do my best at each thing, keep to myself, play some games while i’m there, and enjoy my time. You’re not there to form alliances or anything. Boggles the Freakin’ Mind! But whatever.

    It was pretty funny that Star was like, La Di Da, La Di Da, when going from 1 area to the other on the paintball course, lol. It’s like she’s an Ex-E head and her brains are all scrambled eggs. I’m glad Doc. He’s a [DELETED]. YES I KNOW, BIG HEART, DOES EMT/FIREMAN STUFF, that’s great. But just because you do something good, doesn’t mean you’re not a [DELETED].

    Anyway, Good Show! Not sure why, But good show! (maybe it’s the red-head…)

  • Thats true ShatteredRaven77…

    The thing I hated MOST about that Doc guy is how traitor and reptilian was his way! “Lets put the judgez against Star everytime we can so we stay together”… What is this? Do you want someone like ANYONE of that TRIO…. Well… Now DUO on your Staff? Trying to make OTHER LOOk BAD so their bosses will NOT SEE HOW BAD THEY ARE???

    The only one there thats been fair AND DESERVE to be the Tester is Nauseaus.

    Well see how this ends.

  • I just want to know what the judges see in star that I don’t think anyone else sees. How can you be that bad every challenge and still be in the game?

  • I just started watching the show, already got everyone in my family hooked on it. Personally I’ve always wanted to do something in the industry, as any gamer does so it’s cool seeing some of the faces behind the games. I like the whole cast pretty much, I loved Luge though bummed she got voted off but those are the breaks. I swear Brent looks just like this guy I worked with at a videostore in town; (same last name)wondering if he’s got family in Iowa O_o

  • Star will probably be out next week. Its her and cyrus in the bottem and cyrus has been dominating the entire series so if he doesnt completely suck well below star’s performance he should be good.. i think and hope itll be nautious and cyrus in the final. I hate amped for some reason.. If i was star, id punch amped in the face.

  • I just want to say this Doc had it coming. He said he was in EOD how the did he pull that off. He can’t even stay in the box he has to shoot from. I think if it is going to be ome one I think it will be Cyrus.

  • I think this because I saw the sneak preview of the next one! It is star and cyrus in the bottom and I think cyrus loses I just think star is gonna win but I dont want her to to!!! Because like she is always in the bottom and she sure vives but also i think cyrus might win on the other hand!


  • he does anyone know that will there be a season 2 ? please someone get back at me!

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