This Week in PlayStation Home: Assassin’s Creed II Space, Aliens vs. Predator, SingStar VIP Room Opens for Stereophonics, and More!

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Prolonged exposure to the Animus has resulted in the Bleeding Effect, allowing you to use your Eagle Vision to try and crack the Abstergo Labs security system. Can you escape before being apprehended?

This isn’t the premise of some as-of-yet unannounced Assassin’s Creed II DLC pack; this is what you can expect to encounter in the new Assassin’s Creed game space, launching this week in PlayStation Home. Packed with heaps of interactive content – including a multiplayer tower defense game that pits Assassins against Templars – the Assassin’s Creed space marks this highly-celebrated franchise’s next foray into the ever-evolving world of PlayStation Home. And it is coming at you this Thursday, complete with regularly-updating Developer’s Blogs, concept art, the Animus 2.0 database, the full Assassin’s Creed: Lineage short film, and all the other content that die-hard Assassin’s Creed fans simply can’t miss out on. Your friends here on the PlayStation Home Community Management team donned our own assassin’s threads over the weekend and managed to snag some images, which we’ve posted below for your convenience.

PlayStation Home Assassin's Creed Hideout PlayStation Home Assassin's Creed Terminal

By popular demand, we will be releasing a load of Aliens vs. Predator items in PlayStation Home this week. We’re talking full Predator costumes, full Alien costumes, Facehuggers stuffed in stasis tubes, and more. But there’s a catch: These highly-coveted items will only be available for purchase for a limited time only in the PlayStation Home Exclusives store, after which they will be pulled off the shelves forever. So do yourself a favor and log in to PlayStation Home this Thursday and stock up on these super-sweet items while you still have a chance. Because ol’ Locust_Star ain’t going to be patting you on the head if you’re boohooing because you forgot to set your alarm clock and missed out on what he is pretty sure are some of the coolest items ever to be released on the PlayStation Home platform. Consider it a fair warning.

PlayStation Home AvP

We’re opening the doors to the uber-exclusive SingStar VIP room tomorrow, March 25 and loading the music player up with tracks from the critically-acclaimed Welsh rock band Stereophonics (they of such hit songs as “Superman” and “The Bartender and the Thief”). Be sure to come out to the SingStar VIP Room to pick up exclusive Stereophonics virtual items, listen to a handful of Stereophonics tracks, and play the limited-time-only Stereophonics SingStar Quiz.

Also releasing this week in PlayStation Home are two new additions to our line of luxury personal spaces. Situated on the Nile River, the Pharaoh’s Tomb is a step back in time to when the rays of Ra shone upon the Egyptian sands and the age of Horus was a few millennia removed from the dynasties of Ramesses, which reigned supreme across the land. A must-have for history buffs and PlayStation Home completists alike, the Pharaoh’s Tomb releases this Thursday, March 25th, along with the Anime personal space (a penthouse headquarters perched atop a Tokyo high-rise circa 2050). Check out the pics below for a taste of what to expect from these awesome new personal spaces.

PlayStation Home Anime 1 PlayStation Home Anime 2

PlayStation Home Egypt 1 PlayStation Home Egypt 2

We’re placing bets on who gets the boot next on the upcoming episode of The Tester. In anticipation of what is sure to be a real fingernail-biter, we are once again bringing out two cast members – Big D and Nauseous – to chat with you, the PlayStation Home community. So come out to The Tester screen in the PlayStation Home Theater tonight from 6:00pm – 7:00pm PT (9:00pm – 10:00pm EST) to meet two of the most popular cast members of this hit PlayStation Network exclusive reality show. And be sure to check out Episode 6 of The Tester, which will air in the PlayStation Home Theater starting this Thursday. As always, we’ll be offering commemorative The Tester virtual items, such as this Big D Teddy Bear.

PlayStation Home Tester TeddyBear

Last but certainly not least, Irem will be adding a ton of new content to the Irem Seaside of Memories space, at the request of you, the PlayStation Home community – from new rewards in the Deep Sea Treasure Hunt mini-game to a bunch of fashionable beachwear.

See you in Home!

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6 Author Replies

  • more info about the upcoming psone classics PLEASE!!!!!

  • Awesome!

  • Big D teddy bear FTW!

  • So when will we see a Kratos avatar?

  • Please add more minigames and personal items in the spaces, that’s what make them worth a buy

  • i am going to be all over that Pharaoh’s Tomb. very nice HOME team. thank you. After nature-related spaces, something like that is next on likes list.

    QUESTION: is there any word on if HOME will one day have a gifting system? where users can buy/gift content for other users?

  • I’m SO glad to see the Aliens vs. Predator outfits coming to Home. Any idea how much they’re gonna cost?

    • Mr. Magnus Keynes tells me that the pricing will be standard, but prices vary depending on the component, or whether or not you are purchasing a bundle.

      Note: These items will only be available through the end of April, so be sure to get in there as soon as they are released!

  • Some cool stuff but I still wanna see the things from the original home trailer. Ie. Music, Movies, being able to change clothing without going into that wardrobe screen, and Open voice chat. (Granted friends-only and off options would need to be implemented. Please work on this above all else.

    Interactions with other avatars is also something that would make home better. (again with friends only and off options)

  • yea i agree with #8… its been too long a wait already. cool ad ons thou but besides that the spaces are becoming game orientated, what happend to the media aspect of HOME? Movies/Music Premium Cllubs… I was in HOME when my ps3 got red flashing light :( playing darts AGAIN.

  • Awesome Locust, now hows about that interview? lolz

  • I get to be a Predator?! Duuuuuuuuude!

  • Too bad the Radec uniform isn’t being released to the U.S. yet.
    Would really like to show more support for GG for an excellent title, released to the PS3. Would have been nice to see that when KZ2 turned 1, then go out as Radec, and round up the soldiers, as I do now. Having that costume would be really nice, hope you consider bringing it to the US soon, and even a KZ public space.

  • @CherylRose 10:11am

    I asked this very question last week at the “Blog Meet” in Home and i didnt get an answer.(Is TV and Radio’s a priority project for this year) I am very nervous about thier unwillingness to talk about this subject. And with Jack Buser talking about “over the next year you will see the Home putting emphasis on the hard-core gamer” i am even more worried. The tag line used to dispell the arguments is that the “game plan” shouldn’t be reveled but, they showed this stuff off 3 years ago. I’m very worried to be honest.

  • “along with the Anime personal space (a penthouse headquarters perched atop a Tokyo high-rise circa 2050).”

    So could you tell me more about this anime personal space. The pic is not enough for me.

    • What more do you want to know? I can tell you this much: It’s sleek, modern, and awesome! ;) Also, we will be releasing some very stylish Anime-themed items within the next couple of weeks that will look amazing in this new space.

  • Cool stuff again this week, but where are the Final Fantasy XIII Character outfits for Home? I mean it can’t be that hard to release them they are already made and released from the Japanese Home so just port them in the the US one.

    I need my Snow outfit man, and I am sure that these would be some of your most popular outfits ever!

  • I’m glad we are getting more interactive games, I can’t wait to try the multiplayer tower defense game in the Assassin’s Creed space! – Keep it up! :^)

  • If home didn’t have free games I would never use it. I still have never found that torch race game in U2. Spent hours looking for it when they had contest and never found it. So i coun’t even enter. Every thing in there is to confusing and more rooms make it more confusing. could we get an update that don’t cost $20 a week. buying a PSP game sounds better.=)

    • RE: Torch Race. Just walk up to one of the golden elephant torches in the space and press X and you’ll start the game. Easy as that!

  • waste of money.

  • FFXIII please if you’re not going to be doing them. Please just tell us. I’m still waiting there’s some sort of bs exclusive issue for the mii’s erm avatars on xbox.

    That Pred costume is cheap looking on home. I saw it on my UK friend you can see the bald human head in the back. Tacky.

  • Good update this week Locust_Star.

    Can you tell us how much the 2 new personal spaces will be?

    • Don’t thank me – thank our hard-working dev teams (and our friends at Ubisoft and Sega, of course). To your question, I believe the spaces will cost $4.99 a piece.

  • There are 1 or 2 personal spaces released every week now!

    Can we get ATLEAST 1 new clubhouse?

  • the only thing that would make this cooler is if our Home avatar could traverse the space like Ezio can in Assassin’s Creed 2 (or Altair in AC). THAT would the $#!t…although i’m not sure if a bunch of Home avatars doing the leaps of faith off of random spots or the balcony in the Playstation Home mall would be an issue. lol.

    but nevertheless…it would be awesome.

    • Hah! I have to confess that I was holding down X as I was walking through the Assassin’s Creed space yesterday…

  • I have to say Locust…there was a time when I’d buy the entire weeks update at HOME’s Mall, now I’m having to pick and choose because I simply do not have the money to support the heavy assortment of goodies that hit each and every week. It’s maddening, but awesome to see such a turn around in support over the last year. Bravo to you and the team for turning HOME into such a beast!

  • Excelent! You guys doing a well job!

  • Xenomorphs in the beach FTW!

  • Will there be a colonial marine outfit? The marines always get snubbed!

  • i agree #23 SarshelYam.

    i love that there is a nice bundle of content being released every week now on home.

    My anticipation for new HOME content thursdays are actually starting to eclipse my anticipation for new app/music tuesdays on iTunes.

    i would love to hear info on if a gifting system is in the works though.

  • we need anything from star trek, stargate, battlestar new old, caprica, dr who, torchwood, whatever would be nice all so more from anime like macross, robotech, gundam like personal spaces from the ships like quarters or starbases to more clothing to just anything

  • The anime space sure does seem cyberpunk. Not that cyberpunk’s a bad thing, it’s just I got all excited when I saw that word in the title! Will the items also be cyberpunk themed, or will they be any different?

  • Locust, cool update. Stereophonics is a great surprise. Where’s the Final Fantasy costumes love? We are all waiting ;)

  • “new rewards in the Deep Sea Treasure Hunt mini-game”

    ok, so does this mean i have only a few hours to get the last item i’m missing from the first tier of prizes?

    i think I’ve grabbed that god forsaken sparkle thousands and thousands of times, and after hundreds of tattered shoes & empty chests, i STILL can’t get that emerald ring! I got everything else in the first day or so, but that thing is always just beyond my grasp.

    I think my avatars skin is permanently pruned from so much time spent in the water! (and yeah, I’ve resorted to being cheesy and leaving and returning repeatedly too)

  • Why cant we get mini game challanges in HOME. You buy an outfit that is for an example “fight night round 4” and if you see another person has it, you could challenge him in HOME. That would be awesome and ppl around could bet on ho is winning. PPL that have these outfits get a rank that shows how good you are.

  • @29, it does look like something out of Akira and Bubblegum Crisis anime.

    My question for the anime theme space is will we get licensed anime item like Naruto, Bleach, any sci-fi anime and something like that.

  • Soooo Locust, what does ERROR CODE M-16 mean? Its driving me insane.
    Locust, could you ask the Moderators in Home to stop assuming things when it comes to couples talking amongst themselves. A friend of mine is banned 30 days because he asked to see his girlfriends personal space. They were both dress in bunny ears and he asked “Let me see your Bunny Hole” in reference to the fact she just bought a new space, Loco island , I think.
    It was taken out of context by the Mod at the time and I think it’s unjust seeing as I know both of the parties involved. They talk to each other almost exclusively in Home.
    You talk about Home being a Loving Community of Friends but in reality one is not permitted to show affection or use “Pet Names” when referring to either that person, a personal space they own or anything else. I would appreciate it very much if you could personally get back to me on this.

    Thank you in advance,

  • The lack of FFXIII costumes again disappoints. I wanna run around as Snow.

    I will admit though, being an anime fan, that space looks cool.

  • Any word on when the Killzone 2 Radec suit is coming? Or ANY God of War stuff?

  • with the IREM update will we finally be getting the school uniforms that i been waiting so long for?

  • Hey locust_star do you think you can talk to infinity ward on bringing a COD Modern Warfare 2 gamespace to playstation home, that would be awesome!

  • Okay, I have every personal space except MAG S.V.R and honestly, the quality of personal spaces are lacking of mini games with rewards. Basically I’m paying $5 for eye candy and game developer media. I have also been buying the complete sets of furniture at about $20-$25 for every bundle and extra to boot.

    Seriously, why are there no Final Fantasy costumes in the NA version of home? It has been mentioned countless times but Japan got the costumes so they are already made and they even got the space for free.

    Is all the contents of these updates NA available?

  • another event? -_- i hope this time you dont give any prizes

  • how bout that in game music instead of this useless crap?

  • How long do i have to wait until the ridge racer series comes to playstaion network?

  • I have a question, why is there no night and day in Home, just either day, or night. Can we see an option soon at the least where in your apartment you can make it night or day outside?

  • Sounds like a nice update(guess i’ll be running around under water again…..) AvP………..Oh well, might have to pick a card up soon.

    And yeah, i also still wonder why the FF suits aren’t out yet.

  • im not a big fan of AVP ….(my dad is lol) but im glad its coming to home diversity is always welcome in my book 8)

  • I love it totally getting Alien stuff tommorow!!

  • What about any God of War stuff??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Come on guys GOD OF WAR…..SONY what are you thinking?

  • Awesome

  • Thanks again Glasswalls for doin the late Q and A. I finally got to go to one where they actually showed up.

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