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Hey everyone! This is Matt from Empty Clip Studios. We’re a small game developer that aims to put out games that you’ll want to play over and over.

We’re stoked to spread the word about our first PlayStation Network title, Groovin’ Blocks. Groovin’ Blocks is a genre-bending music-based puzzle game. Many times people give it a quick look and say “Wait, isn’t this just a match-3 game?” HELL no! If you love graphics-based block puzzles and games set to rocking beats, then Groovin’ Blocks is your gaming dream come true.

In Groovin’ Blocks, you play directly with the beat of the music. See those bright moving columns on the side? You will notice that as the song plays, they come towards the board where all of your blocks are falling. Once they hit the side, they will “flash” and disappear. That flashing is where you want to hit down on the SIXAXIS controller and settle your blocks. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, now you add on that match-3 component and you have yourself something you’ll want to play all day long. But that’s not all! We give you bonuses and a player vs player mode where those bonuses become weapons against your opponent. When you feel like kissing and making up for the destruction you’ve caused, we also give you a co-op mode that really sets the game apart. I dare you to cooperate and survive long enough to finish the song.

One of the features we’re most proud of is our online scoreboard. You can make online friends and strangers green with envy by crushing their high scores on their favorite songs. We’ve also added challenging trophies for the hard core Trophy hunters. The game is running at smooth 60 frames-per-second in full 1080p resolution. Mmmmmm…1080p, yum!

Groovin' Blocks Co-op Groovin' Blocks Head to Head

We really enjoyed making this game. Sony Online Entertainment also deserves some props for all of their support.

I really hope you enjoy Groovin’ Blocks. There is no fix it patch if you can’t stop playing. Groovin’ Blocks is available on the PlayStation Store for $9.99. Also, be sure to look for the Groovin’ Blocks trailer, free theme and wallpapers in the Store this Thursday! Have fun!

Groovin' Blocks SP

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  • Another Tetris clone… *yawn*

  • this looks good, i’m definitely going to check it out! trophies?

  • Yes there trophies for it. Sadly I got the game before I send my ps3 back to repair I can’t play this game to I get my console back :(

  • can we play our own music from off our HD.

  • I’m sorry but I’m still confused…I have no idea what is going on in that video. I’ll need a demo to even consider it our an actual instructional video.

  • You lost me. I like the style though, sounds like you guys really enjoyed making it :)

  • looks like tetris to me…

  • How the heck is this like tetris, unless thats the only puzzle game you have played its nothing like it.

    If anything this is like Columns/Lumines

  • Hey Matt, Sounds like fun. Music+Puzzles+Trophies=Win!

  • The title of this blog post is VERY misleading…. why does it say “Out Now” when we don’t get our updates until Thursday!?

    Sony seriously needs to catch up with the times by updating on Tuesday (ON TIME TOO!) since that’s when new games usually release.

    The current schedule is frickin retarded! >:(

  • sorry Empty Clip, its musical Tetris/Lumines

  • Isn’t this also coming to PSP? The ESRB rated it for both the PS3 and the PSP. When will you guys release the PSP version?

  • I take back my comment about it not being out. Checked the store and it’s been out since last Thursday. My bad.

    But still, the choosing of Thursday for updates are still retarded and needs to change.

  • Hmm… Bit pricy… Will/is there a demo?

  • How much will this game be? $9.99?

  • AT #15 game is 9.99 reread the blog hehe. From Matt posted I really hope you enjoy Groovin’ Blocks. There is no fix it patch if you can’t stop playing. Groovin’ Blocks is available on the PlayStation Store for $9.99. Also, be sure to look for the Groovin’ Blocks trailer, free theme and wallpapers in the Store this Thursday! Have fun!

  • This should have been a 3 dollar minis. I’m not going to take that back.

  • Looks pretty cool but too bad there is no online versus play.

  • I bought the game and I like it. Only problem I have is I play on a 42″ HD tv and some of the button graphics are low quality and have obvious pixels. Release a update to fix that and I’m happy.

  • sold for 3.99, what! it cost 9.99 nvm.

  • @20

    people like you are so pathetic, let’s see you spend the time and effort it takes to make a game then charge 4 bucks for it…

    You people say stupid stuff like that because you have NO idea of how complicated game development is.

  • @21
    Very good point. People want to complain about the price of a game but they don’t realize the work put into it. Programming isn’t an easy task, I know from experience.

    I probably won’t buy the game because it just isn’t what I’m looking for. If they release a demo that could sell me on it, then I might.

  • Its just tetris set to music……what’s all the hub bub, bub?!

  • psp version??

  • Yeah, the Thursday updating is really Sony being stubborn.

    Microsoft updates before Sony, and for two days we get to all wish we had a 360.

    Come on Sony, swallow the pride a little and start updating on Tuesday, already!

  • This looks like the game in Home or the game you can play in GTA4. lol

  • This was a Wii game before, it’s not Tetris with music. Putting down pieces to the beat actually increases your points… watch the video guys, jesus.

  • I’m sorry but the industry is full of these block puzzle games. Lumines, Columns and Tetris. Hell, I have Tetris on 7 different consoles not counting my iPhone. You guys asking $9.99 for this is WAY too much. I know you’re a small dev team but try to come up with something more original.

  • Hmmm, WordPress wants me to cut my message into a couple of posts because it doesn’t like the length.

    So here is part 1!

    Hey everyone! Thanks for all the comments and questions. Let me try to respond to a couple of them.

    “Isn’t this just ?” He he, like I said above HELL NO! Groovin’ Blocks has a couple of cool mechanics that other games don’t.

    First off, say you line up (horizontally or vertically) three or more blocks of the same color (or shape for those of you with color blindness). What you will see is a chain reaction that starts to blow of each of the blocks. If you can get more of the same colored (or shaped) blocks to touch (again, horizontally or vertically) any of those “chain reaction” blocks, you will include them in the explosion. So not only can you match blocks to get rid of them, you can start piling on the points or even clear out an entire section of the playfield by just knowing that exploding blocks are “contagious”.

    (con’t in Part 2)

  • You can now strategically place blocks knowing that they will explode once any of them are set off by this chain reaction (i.e. make a staircase pattern that goes across the playfield and ignite one end of it with a chain reaction).

    But the “big” concept that separates Groovin’ Blocks from other games is that we are tied directly to the rhythm of the music. They aren’t just cool tunes in the background; you really need to get a feel for the beat, determine what you are going to do with your next block and then land them (hit down on your SIXAXIS controller) so that they line up with the beat. This is how you build up your multiplier and maximize your score. Also, the blocks are worth more points when you land them to the beat. Now, if you happen to hit down on your SIXAXIS controller at the wrong time… well, you lose that multiplier and the blocks aren’t worth much. You can tell if you hit the beat by observing the blocks when they are settled. Are they larger, brighter and shiny? Then you nailed it.

    (con’t in Part 3)

  • If they are smaller, dull and don’t shine… well, that’s ok.
    I think my favorite feature of Groovin’ Blocks is the co-op mode. You can grab a friend or someone you can trust to have a good time if things go “pear-shaped” during the level and have them play with you. The tactics here vary quite a bit depending on which level you are playing and how fast the blocks are falling. Ideally, the best strategy is to coordinate which beats you guys are going to land beats on. This mode is something we felt was not only unique and cool but really pushed the players to work together. And I am really curious to hear what you guys have to say about this mode.

    (con’t in Part 4)

  • A couple of quick comments here (so I can get my dinner before it burns):
    – Yes, we have trophies! Let me know what you guys think of the difficulty on them. Some of the trophies can be challenging, but I would love to hear feedback from the trophy hunters out there.
    – The price is 9.99 USD (Europe is on the way, but no dates just yet…)
    – There is a PSP version on the way… but I can’t mention any dates just yet.
    – If enough people like the game, there are some cool additions we have in mind, and, assuming Sony Online Entertainment is game, those of you asking about certain features might be pleased in the near future. It all depends on you guys!

    Thanks so much for the feedback everyone! We really hope you enjoy the game!


  • sounds cool, when it this game coming to the European PS Store ?

  • ok sorry I should have checked the last message before posting…

  • Sorry. Already got this game on the Wii. It’s okay, but nothing special. I find Chime on the XBLA more addicting.

  • HI!

    Looks like a great game! BUT why cant these trailers be put on every game in PSN store as a preview? i know many that dont buy stuff because they cant see what it is. Only read a brief message about it.

    Just a tip, will also write it down on the blog share.

  • “You can now strategically place blocks knowing that they will explode once any of them are set off by this chain reaction”

    tetris 2 for the NES did something similar to that.

    and, judging from the pictures, since my ps3 browszer won’t run the videos, the blocks look the same shapes, just different colors

  • mmm I remember playing something like this in a gtaiv minigame

  • ahh my eyes! changing from reading red coments to white makes me see blue!

  • enuff with the block games those r baby game for the wii, lets see if developers done there job, does it have remote play to psp, in-game custom soundtrack. if not then thats retarded. y do u think we want that game for the PSP also who’s been chirping in your ear telling u so cuz we dont

  • It would be excellent if we could use our own HDD stored music to generate the gameplay, as PSP beats does..

    I would buy it instantly, imagine lots dynamic levels!

  • I tried Groovin’ Blocks on Wii, and thought it was an enjoyable game. I’m tempted to get the PS3 version, but I admit that I’ve held off for two reasons:

    1. No online play.

    2. I know there’s a PSP version coming, and I kind of feel this would be a better fit on that system.

    Please consider adding online play! That would surely push me over the edge to make a purchase on the PS3 (in fact, I’d probably end up getting it for both PS3 & PSP).

    Also, I’d recommend that you produce a playable demo. It seems several of the commenters above aren’t familiar with the game (which has appeared on other platforms). They would benefit from having a demo, so they can understand first-hand that it isn’t just Columns with a new coat of paint.

  • Oh boy ‘Tetris Hero’. Another block game. Going back to the Atari days again. I am a grown man who is sick of puzzles/board games/cartoons and cute animals. Once again I can’t watch the video so, whatever.

  • @10
    It says “out now” because it is out now, please check the PS store before posting your foolishness.

    Now, for everyone else: Don’t hate a game without playing it. It’s immature and completely unnecessary. This developers make the game that they believe will be fun and innovative, and just because you don’t like a particular genre, or believe that anything that looks similar to another game is a knock off doesn’t mean you can come on here and bash it.
    Believe it or not, everything is taken from something else: Music, Games, Movies etc. You have an original game once in a blue moon, but everything else is a “rip off”. Look at Call of Duty – Medal of Honor came first (and probably more before that), yes no one calls “clone” on that game.


  • @39

    I agree … “Don’t hate a game without playing it.”…however, I’m not going to BUY a game without playing it either.

    I find the video and explanations confusing and a demo would alleviate that.

  • Do not call this another tetris clone. It’s actually a pretty good game. Some would also call it a Lumines clone, but it’s not that either.

  • I tried the first board on hard and beat it on my first try. I think I have to get power ups to increase my score. I had to turn off the music as it screws my thought process up. Might borrow my wife’s pocket mirror to make the flashing a little more pronounced. I’ll figure it out eventually. Seems alright.

  • Looks interesting and unique, definitely more than a Tetris or Lumines clone, but it needs a demo!

  • Awookie it’s at least tetris based, come on….you get it =\

  • oh by the way…next time to just post on comment by comment..way to long to read man!

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