LittleBigPlanet: This Week in DLC

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Hey everyone, Happy Monday! Mick here again with LittleBigPlanet’s “This Week in DLC” goodness! Last week we announced everyone’s favorite hedgehog coming to LittleBigPlanet on the PS3! Also coming this Thursday is some really cool Easter-themed content for LBP PSP. Check it out!

New on the PlayStation Store

Sonic Costume Kit for LBP PS3 ($5.99)Sonic the Hedgehog and all his friends have come to LittleBigPlanet! Grab all five character costumes in the pack and save, and you’ll also get some awesome Sonic-themed stickers to decorate your levels! You can also grab the individual costumes and choose from your favorites for $1.99 each.

LBP Sonic Gang

Easter Costume for LBP PSP (FREE) – Get hopping and grab this free bunny costume from the LBP PSP Easter Pack!

LBP Easter Bunny

Easter Theme Pack for LBP PSP ($2.99) – Download a new set of costumes and CREATE materials to create your own LittleBigPlanet PSP Easter levels! The Easter-Theme Pack includes a fantastic new collection of Easter goodies including 4 costumes to fill out your wardrobe, and 12 great new stickers to make sure your levels are as fashionable as your Sackboy.

LBP Easter Stickers

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  • Looks like all the seasonal love is going exclusively to PSP, while the PS3 edition gets holiday costumes released from 2009. Too bad no Easter 2010 PS3 packs.

  • You’re making a large split… come on Mm, we want Equal conteeent….

  • Werewolf Sonic?! Oh god, the horror…

  • I’ve noticed a trend with regard to my habit for LBP DLC costumes. If it is available for a limited time, I get it right away whether it costs money or is free. However with stuff that is perpetually available, I tend to think that I can always get it later, and more often than not I don’t. It is weird because I am more compelled by the fear of losing an oportunity than the joy of getting something I like. Hense I bought that crappy t-shirt for 5 bucks (that I never use), but still haven’t bought the cool street fighter costumes (that I would use).

  • I dig the Sonic stuff

  • I got a PSP, and I like it!

  • I’m gonna have to change the eyes on miles prower. XD

  • Yeah! Us PS3 owners don’t get an Easter costume! COOL!!!

  • I’m excited for the Sonic characters! The licensed character additions have been a lot of fun, keep them coming please!

  • im getting deja vu

  • for some reason this may wind up being the first LBP DLC i download…

    would’ve figured it was god of war…
    but no…

    i really want sonic…

  • i think sackboy is really cute and all, BUT – yeah, you saw that coming, he needs to retire. i mean, this dlc stuff can only go so far. i think once modnation releases, sackboy will be just a very fond memory.

  • The only way I boot this game is if we get level packs.

  • Yay! Something good for LBP psp. but I hope someday you’ll make sonic costume kit for psp

  • Mick, did you ever check out my Arctic level like you said you were gonna?
    I’ll will be buying the Sonic DLC for sure. Werewolf sonic is a wasted space though. Could have been Shadow or Amy or Super Sonic or anyone else besides WereSonic.

  • No way ill spend so much money for costumes if i can buy for the same price a ps1 game(at least in EU). It also blows that psp LBP has a free costume and ps3 doesnt, what the hell.

    They should really low the prices for those costumes, they are not worth so much.

  • Sonic costumes are cool. I might get them.

    But whatever happened to that huge Ratchet & Clank update that Insomniac teased ages ago? That’s what I really want…

  • Meh… pass.

    I really thought we would have more level packs by now. Oh well.

  • What ever happened to the sepheroth Sackboy? did that ever get released and what about other FF characters? how about a new level pack too?

    i guess we cant win everything…

  • lbg has had a good number of free costumes

  • if you ask me there all just a con, i mean there is so many costumes out already, Media molecule are just killing it really, i would of thought they were in it for the entertainment, but all they want is friggin cash! and if they go on to release a littlebigplanet 2 and don’t let you have all your lbp1 costumes…. well i think everyone knows what would happen.

  • Less costumes, and more level packs please.

  • yeah i agree with comment #22…so many costumes not enuff PROFESSIONALLY MADE LEVELS…its REALLY COOL that we can play all the 2million other player made levels but-NO OFFENCE,that just makes you guys @ MM look a little lazy ..IMO.I and im sure ALOT OTHER PLAYERS would prefer MM Dev LEVELS. Any who, the game is great but all those costumes isn’t making it any better..yet again..where are the MARVEL and FF13 ones? I’m sure thats what EVERYONE is waiting for..:p

  • Need “Uncharted” sackboy costumes….

    …. and why isn’t the area around Sonic’s eyes “white”?? —-they’d rock if this was corrected by Thursday.

  • I just got LBP PS3 this year and it’s disheartening to see that it’s being treated like obsolete software in regards to holiday DLC.

  • Stop milking DLC.

  • Any chance the Pirates Level Kit will be available on Amazon? The costumes have been there for months, but still no level kit.

  • Great on the sonic stuff for ps3, but why no easter bunny content??!!!

    I am also going to voice my dissatisfaction with MM, for the same reason as post 19 you promised this content almost a year ago, and to date, it has not been released. I had hopes that it would release along with FF XIII, but still no luck – would you guys at least comment on this, or did you expect us to forget?

    for that matter, why haven’t you guys released costume and theme packs based on final fantasy?? I’d GLADLY pay for heroes & villain costumes based on FF VII, VIII, X, X-2 XII and XII!!

    Uncharted costumes would be cool as well…and if you’d allow sackboy to be part of the upcoming mod nation racers, that would be even better.. or maybe launch a poll asking which costume packs the community wants…

    Just my 2 cents,

  • My Motorstorm 80gb pack has gone YLOD…glad my psp still going after more than 4 years…

  • thats sacktastic!!!! i would like to see resident evil and ufc costumes for sack boy ,what about wwe costumes i can see a sack boy steve austin quick question will sack boy be in modnation racing?

  • clean up the servers and give away old levels and costumes for a limited time….

  • Im really hating the split between PS3 and PSP… its kind of not what was said when it came out talking of equal content.. Im no longer a fan.. if this continues.. and im sure a lot of other people follow..

  • would have liked the opportunity to buy the easter content for my ps3 version of the game

  • MM isn’t in charge of the PSP version, if you guys don’t know that. Re-releasing the content for PS3 sucks as it was supposed to be “limited edition” but for the most part MM is busy with doing things like the Water pack and other packs (the Sonic pack has been in the works for MONTHS, guys *despite it being crap, but let’s not get into that*).

  • lmao finaly comes to US its been in Asia store since christmas oh the delays MM ff7 costumes ********** plz sephiroth 2 years delay

  • Where’s Shadow the Hedgehog? :(

  • Hopefully buried somewhere in a shallow grave.

  • Will this DLC be transferable to LBP2 that was just disclosed by SCEE?

  • LMAO they are ugly, my friend’s “hand made” ones are better… these look like they have no souls, and whats wif knuckle’s head, looks like the hair cut my mum gave me when i was 3 :/

  • More Disney costume /pack please and thank you :)

  • Ok Media Molecule says they are out now on the LBP Site but I CAN’T FIND THE KIT ON THE PLAYSTATION STORE! ANYWHERE! I am American, Please Help!


  • Stupid idea Sony and its already late to the party! I rather have the Character’s from Shenmue or Streets Of Rage series then Sonic The Hedgehog..But what I’d like to know is where is the Xmen and DC character’s that you guys showed off 2 years ago! FAILURE SONY A COMPLETE FAILURE!

  • Where is the most requested item for LBP the Final Fantasy VII character’s as well..Now this I would buy other then that you guy’s in 2010 will fail unless you keep up with the demands of the consumer by the way 3D will die off in a fad..It will not work an example would have to be Virtual boy remember that device it failed and so will you Sony 3D is to EXPENSIVE! So you guys wanna suck our wallets dry again?.$3,000 for the HD-3D TV, & $400 for the 3D Glasses?.God News for you S.C.EA. FAILURE!!! I think you guys should be concentrating on more support for IN GAME MUSIC AS WELL AS THE MOST ASKED ABOUT CROSS GAME CHAT!..Also we need a better way to report the loser’s in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 as well as a longer ban & friends list!.. If you can do this then I will shut up until then No!

  • Spelled God sorry my mistake.. Got news for you Sony change your ways or you will fail in 2010-2011 & beyond ..Where is the Charge Network?.I rather have dedicated Servers then what your providing now as well its a complete Disaster!….Remember back in Feb 2010 what the hell was that a Y2K Bug that a hacker decided to use on us PS3 owner’s?..They hacked into the Eternal Clock!.. Your busted on that one Sony I know it will happen again but God knows when..

  • @44
    Virtual Boy only failed bcuz it was mostly hype and the display was bad, theres no way that 3D glasses will evr cost $400. maybe $5-$10 tho. and if u dont want ur wallets “sucked dry”, u shouldnt be buying these things then. and some of u guys should get used to the staff saying they will/mite make a DLC/costume ,and they dont. they do that in a lot of MMO’s.

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