Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake Trailer and Interview

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Hello everyone! I’m Matt Morton, a Producer here at Santa Monica Studio. I’m VERY excited to be talking today about Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake, and to let everyone know that you will be able to have your very own copy beginning Tuesday, April 27 via the PlayStation Store or UMD at participating retail outlets! Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake is everything you love about Fat Princess on the PS3, and it fits right in the palm of your hand. Plus, there are even more slices of cakey goodness in the PSP version, as we’ve added additional content to this wonderful game. We’ve got new game modes, new maps, a new extended storyline for single player…. heck, there is just a LOT of fun to be had with Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake!

Check out the trailer!

I wouldn’t be able to talk about this great game without mentioning SuperVillain Studios (SVS). They are the developers that met the challenge of bringing Fat Princess to the PSP, making it a faithful game that stands on its own, and adds so much more than the original did. I would like to introduce you to Todd Morgan, the Senior Producer from SuperVillain Studios that helped bring Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake to life.

Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake for PSP Screen 2 Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake for PSP Screen 1

Todd, let’s talk about what SVS has brought to FP: FoC. What new and exciting things will we see in this new title?

Hi Matt! First of all, thank you for providing me the opportunity to speak about the game. We are very excited about game, and think that everyone else will be too! First off, we have added six new maps to the game. Five of these news maps will be showcased through the newly expanded single player mode called Legend of the Fat Princess. The sixth map was created specifically for one of our new play modes that we have created for our version of the game. In total we have added 4 NEW play modes to the game. These new play modes are integrated into the single player story mode, but can also be played as stand alone play types from the main menu. We added six new music tracks created specifically for each map, in order to stay true to how the PS3 version was made. Lastly, since this game is so multiplayer friendly, we made sure to make this game support both Adhoc play and Infrastructure play.

How did you get all of this extra-good cakey-ness onto the PSP?

Lots of hard work! I’m kidding, good question. For the most part we took what was already there with the PS3 version of the game, and then by hand remodeled and resized all of the existing maps and characters in the game so that they would fit onto the PSP. All the while making sure that the game still looks as close to the PS3 version as possible. We also had to make tweaks to the in-game UI and FX’s to again fit with in the PSP hardware. The additional game modes took a bit of work, but were a lot of fun to add to the game. We had to re-sample the audio, but again this was just necessary in order to fit onto the PSP and to sound as best as possible.

Fat Princess is a great online experience. What is the number of players we can battle, and in what modes: Ad Hoc, Infrastructure?

Adhoc will support up to 8 unique users to be able to connect and play together without having to be signed into a PSN account. Infrastructure will support up to 8 unique users logged into PSN. Both play types will have the ability to have up to 24 characters onscreen during gameplay. We’re very excited about this. We worked really hard to make this happen for the integrity of the game.

I can’t wait until everyone gets their hands on Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake! It’s been a pleasure getting to work on this with you guys. Anything else to add before we sign off?

Working on Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake was a lot fun for us here at SuperVillain. We really enjoyed working on the game, and would definitely like to give credit to Titan Studios for creating such a fun game to work on. I would also like to thank you and Deb Mars, and SCEA Santa Monica Studio for giving us the opportunity to work on such a fun and creative game. We are very excited about the work we’ve done, and think that everyone else will really enjoy it as well.

Thank you, Todd!

Well everyone, there you have it! We’ve got a great game heading your way for the PSP very soon! We’ve had a blast making it, and we are very proud of how it’s all come together. I think you will be thrilled with this game, no matter if you are a fan of Fat Princess on the PS3, or even if you’ve never played Fat Princess before.

See you on the battlefield, and remember: Cake for EVERYONE!!

Fat Princess PSP

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  • That looks fun

  • Now you can save the princess while you play on the throne.

  • Hey, good luck with the PSP version, guys. Looks great.

    I wish the team responsible for the PS3 version of Fat Princess hadn’t seemingly abandoned the game. It had so much potential. There just needed to be a few rounds of patches to get it right.

    If Fat Princess PS3 had a robust online party system with a good lobby to chat with your friends in before going to battle, clan support, and got the bugs fixed, it would have reached it’s potential. It’s way too awesome to have been hung out to dry like it has.

    A very promising IP, but the ball was dropped in supporting the game and the Fat Princess community on PS3.

  • So is the PS3 version still going to get more updates and patches? I tried a game this week and couldn’t pick up hats >.<

    Regardless the PSP version definitely looks awesome and fun.

  • Why is it coming so much later than the japan version? Is there anything different about this one?

  • I’m confused on how many online players it can handle. Is it 4 vs 4 or 12 vs 12? The artical says 8 unique users logged into PSN. But then says up tp 24 characters onscreen during gameplay. does each user control 3 characters?

    • Hopefully this clears up any confusion:

      Ad-Hoc supports at max 16 characters (max 8 human).

      For Infrastructure, the max number of human players depends on the total number of characters:

      16 characters (max 4 human)
      14 characters (max 4 human)
      12 characters (max 6 human)
      10 characters (max 6 human)
      8 characters (max 8 human)

      For Single Player and Legend of the Fat Princess, there are a maximum of 24 in these offline play types.

  • Wow looks awesome. So any word on new DLC for the PS3 game?

  • I’m pretty sure i’ll buy this but… How much will it cost?? If it’s more than 40$, it’s a “no, thanks” from me.

  • awesome to see this game on the psp but plzzzz give the ps3 some love tooo xD we want this updates too xD jijiji

  • DLC for the PS3 version please…

    maybe new classes (ninja!) and the new maps from the psp version…?

    please :P

  • that looks even better than the ps3 version!

    can u turn down the difficulty on the arenas, cos i play all the time and never finish any of them.`? pliiiis

  • ZOMG!!!! IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Any new plans for the ps3 version of Fat Princess?

  • Is there going to be a demo? Thanks!

  • So why was it out everywhere else in the world 2 week ago? Seems kind of silly to not put out a game that is already done, much less blog about how great it is…just put it out so people can buy it.

  • Woops, sorry, came out last week, not two weeks ago. But I think my point is still valid. If you can release in Europe and Japan, I don’t see why it wasn’t ready to be released in NA…

    • We knew loads of people would be totally consumed playing God of War 3 and MLB 10. So we decided to wait until April (after all that March madness!) to make sure that everyone would have some nice quality time to spend with our beloved fat princess on PSP.

  • @tolo01 lol ps3s fat princess wasn’t anywhere near 40 bucks so I doubt this will be

  • It looks super but came to Mexico?

  • That’s my game!

  • cant wait :-)!

    please bring the new content also to the full-hd version as a dlc!!!

  • I guess I will just pick up the UMD version instead!! I thought this was going to be PSN only, it will be worth the wait to get it on UMD!!

  • I still get the red snail in the PSN version. And I have a fast connection and a good router, every other PS game I play online normally has no lag at all.

    Please fix this. I wont even consider getting a PSP version until I can play the PSN version properly.

  • Yeah, the pathetic developer support for the original has me worried here. I really loved the original concept and the single-player campaign, but online was too laggy to even play. D:

  • Add split screen to ps3 and I’ll start playing again like nuts

  • Whoever is asking about the price It’s going to be between $15 and $17.

  • Price Range???

  • Also about the # of players. It’s 4 vs 4, plus the added computer players to fill the teams up. Also I think it can be all 8 on one team vs the computer team.

  • I agree with the others why was it released everywhere else and then when we do get it, we get it more than a month later?

  • Can someone explain this to me, why dont these games (i.e. the original Fat Princess) come remote play compatible? That was such a cool feature when I heard about the PS3 for the first time and almost NO DEVELOPER is utilizing that feature. Now, here is an example of developers porting the same exact game over to the PSP instead of just making the first one remote play compatible.

  • Thanks for putting the release date out there! It looks like it should be a ton of fun. I love the original, and I’ve never felt that the developers abandoned it. We just got a new (free!) map not too long ago and they specifically mentioned upcoming fixes. Thanks to all of you for such a fun game, and for bringing it to the PSP! – GooniesAndy (Broccoli Crew)

  • It gonna be so fun im buying it for sure

  • Seriously, it is taking you a full month to release this after everybody else did? Not to mention it’s on UMD in other regions already too?

    **** me.

  • day 1 buy for sure !!!!

  • psp needs more great like these , i hope to see another God of War title on the little system and if you guys can make Warhawk then wow lol

  • That picture of Jeff eating with a bib will live on forever thanks to the internet. Has anyone taken away his man card yet?

  • Can’t Wait!!!!!

  • I want that UMD on my shelf!

    I also hope Supervillian Studios refined their talents more with this one. I loved Throne of Agony, but the loading times were pretty brutal.

  • Maybe $14.99 online and $19.99 for the UMD? I’d like to buy this game to give me a reason to stop playing games on my iphone… But what I’d really like to see is new stuff for the ps3 version. Those ninja and pirate classes were shown more than half a yr ago…

  • It came out in Europe last week, I don’t see what’s the big deal.

    What I really wanna know is what happened with those pics on the Titan Studios blog of the cooks, ninjas, and pirates classes. Where they just concept art or are we gonna be able to play as them later?

  • To be honest I don’t think I give a **** what these devs do as I will never be buying a game from them. You hang your community in the air till it cracks and bleeds without any sale to entice new players. Nobody came. Your game was too expensive and it needed a price drop. You wouldn’t budge. Well, a few levels does not make for a couple months of absolutely crucially broken gameplay elements. You might not care what I say but trust me when I reach out to you to point in the direction of failure: it is not just me that doesn’t appreciate what you guys did. There are many and we will not tolerate devs that do not listen until it’s too late. Punctual devs get money. You won’t get mine and many others again.

  • Is there any price range set?This is around the time of my birthday so i’ll probably get it anyways.

  • badass game

  • GOTY!

  • Is there an award for the best PSP trailer? Cause I think this should get it!

  • Oh man… I need a PS3.

  • Love the trailer!!

  • lol did any one else hear it say ‘victory is mine’ like stewie from family guy near the end of the trailer. Anyways i can’t wait to get my hands on this game and What Did I Do to Deserve This? 2, the two games I’m definitely buying day one.

  • Augh… STOP MAKING SO MANY GOOD GAMES!!! The past few months are full of amazing games. I’m still back-logged from 2009 yet!!! Calm down!!! (I’m kidding).

    I haven’t played the original game, but I plan to. I may get this for my PSP if it’s a reasonable price.

  • I am one of the top ranked for the PS3 version.

    Will there be ranking for the PSP version as well? If so, how will it play out?

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