The Tester – Episode 5 Available Today

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This week’s episode is called “Buzz In or Buzz Off.” The remaining 6 (only 6!) gamers take on a BUZZ!-themed quiz challenge testing their mastery of all things PlayStation. It really heats up when SCEA’s Director of First Party Quality Assurance, Jeff Wilkerson, joins the panel this week to evaluate who might have what it takes to work on one of his QA teams. There’s no place to hide in this episode and somebody is bound to crack under the pressure.

This knowledge challenge is anything but trivial. Who’s got the answers? Who has no clue?

Find out in Episode 5 and witness every twitch, lip quiver, high-five and blank stare to see who goes on and who goes home.

The Tester is available in both Standard and High Definition formats from PlayStation Store and also showing in PlayStation Home – Theater 8, where another free cast T-shirt will be rewarded. (This week, it’s a “Luge” shirt.) ‘The Tester’ commemorative items are also available in the Theater and Central Plaza kiosks.

And, also running through this weekend, you can catch up on the first half of the season during a special ‘The Tester’ Marathon of the first 4 episodes playing back-to-back in a separate theater through Sunday, March 21.

Thanks again for downloading and watching the series. Enjoy Episode 5 (of only 8)!

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  • LOVE the Tester! Can’t wait to see the new episode!! XD

  • @1 who??

    I was a little negative on the tester but, it is a really good show. Me girlfriend make me see all VH1 Reality Shows, so I’m already RSProof

  • Episode is available now on the video store

  • I’m so happy only 3 episode to go after this week and we can finally stop hearing about this epic fail of an experiment. I commend sony for taking the initiative and trying something new on their network. However Reality Shows are actually the thing we gamers are trying to get away from in the first place.

    Maybe I’ll share some ideas on the matter on the Blog Share, but seriously don’t ever do this again.

  • i like the show , its entertaining , was hoping to see Star go out last week but oh well lol

  • Watching this is incredibly painful.

  • I give Sony an “A” for effort and “D” for execution. There has been practically zero time devoted to the contestants. Also, Sony has the coin to upgrade the sets. It looks like it’s filemd out of someone’s basement and garage. Finally, the less of the wanna-be comedian/gamer/whatever he is, the better.

  • Cool, I cant wait to get home and watch the video. Thanks! I dont watch tv so this fills that void that has no space lol.

  • Hurry up & pick a winner, I heard the QA team just lost Jim “Stinky” Owens. He snapped after bug testing Hannah Montana 2: The Quickening for 80 hours straight one week and now he thinks he’s a ferret.

  • great show but DOC really pisses me off

  • yawn,,,, Seriously, this PR stunt by Sony is terrible. no one cares about this show and these “actors”. Stop copying all the same reality show crap with everyone living in the house, playing stunts etc… If you want to produce a show that gamers care about and would take interest, how about an actual podcast or group discussion with developers.

  • just watched the latest episode. should have saved it for when the store updated but i’m waiting for the mail

  • i think the show is short due to the fact there are no commercials but i still wish there was more show each week lol.


  • I have the feeling(based on the trailer) that Cyrus has got this in the bag, and Star and Amped are gonna tank.

  • I like the show. but it would have been better if it concentrated on gaming

  • btw why does the store update at differnt times? its 3:44 pm here

  • Episode 5 isn’t available yet. Only 1-4 there… i just checked.. update ps store please..

    • You can find Episode 5 on the VIDEO side of the store right now. It will also show up on the GAMES side when today’s update publishes.

  • @21 It’s available in the Video store

  • Great. Love this show!!

  • I love the show. People who knock it are stupid and probably havent event watched it.


  • Is that time again, woohooo!!!!

  • I cant wait to watch this episode in Home with my friends. Everyone should be supporting Home. Its freakin wicked.

  • Pretty bad show in my opinion. Tried to watch the first episode, it was so bad I could not watch the whole thing.

  • Tester is pretty sweet. Doc is cool. They give star too many chances. Just because she looks like a better gamer. I could compete and own and in buzz. The only time I would fail would be in LARP.

  • lamer than FDR’s legs…

  • To Kevin Furuichi I couldn’t find Doc and Luge from Theater 8. I been popping in out for whole hour? You need fix the server those people be in Theater 8 I went to Mall and go back to Theater 8 and I haven’t seen them lot’s people wondering why they didn’t show up? You need fix the server asp that way next time I can chat with them I gave up after 9:50 PM and went off watch new season South Park after that. You really need fix Home server that way guest could stay one server and people can chat better with guest. My issue I couldn’t find our host at all. I spent whole 45mins looking for them in Theater 8 every time I pop in and there new people all the time thats issue with home.

    • Sorry about that. They appeared in over 8 instances during the 90 minute appearance. I thought we had covered everybody.

  • @39: That’s just mean.

  • I mean 29*

  • Very good show! I love it!

  • I met Doc in Playstation Home yesterday night and he added me. :)
    I can’t wait to watch episode 5 today on Home and get the Luge shirt.

  • Awesome! Thanks for keeping me nicely entertained with free content like this! What more can anyone ask for, keep it up.

  • @ Kevin Furuichi : response to your response on my reply XD

    The home turnout was simply for free stuff and from reading the forum thread they never showed

  • how about you cancel this garbage and work on getting the video store in Canada.

  • Aghh. Luge was cool. i dont see how Star didnt get right out eliminated. from what i saw she never piped up any ideas and they said she was the worst actor BY FAR. By a mile. Luge being randomly picked as party leader should not be used as ammo. still gonna watch. they fill out the 30 minutes it take for my downloads to finish.

  • Tester is amazing hope there is a season 2

  • It’s about time they have people who want to be video game testers actually doing a VIDEO GAME challenge instead of all that other stupid reality show junk. I wish the show show more REAL insight in to what being a video game tester is all about instead of cheap gimicky stunts you can see on any other reality show.

  • I really hope the judges won’t be unfair to the testers frome here on. In Ep.3, they eliminated Fame Girl because they asked Amped & Cyrus who should advance between her and Big D. Uhh, last I checked, **YOU** were the judges. So **YOU’RE** the one doing the eliminating around here! In Ep.4, they eliminated Luge when they **KNEW** Star was the worst. Why eliminate her when her overall performance wasn’t the worst? When I saw that Luge was eliminated, it left me wondering why they kept Star. After further research, I’ve learned that she has quite the reputation in her small corner of YouTube via Guitar Hero and SF4. I feel as if her popularity kept her in this time and that should NEVER be a factor when it comes to elimination. Would Simon Cowell keep a crappy singer just because he/she was popular in their hometown/state/whatever? If so, then he would be a weak judge. So I say, if she performs the worst this time around (or anytime from here on) and they keep her, then I can conclude that this show is just biased and not really looking for true potential when it comes to us gamers. Heck, from thousands of applicants and you choose someone as egotistical and oblivious as Barmy?! Shame on you, PSN. I was expecting better…

  • in the video store side episode 5 is over 300mb!? will there be a smaller version, im on the psp go

  • I really would like to see more seasons of this series. It’s a fun series. More fun than all of the other reality shows. And it isn’t broken up by multiple commercials and not too long or not too short… Well, maybe a little short. But I’m glad it’s not an hour long program.

    Love the show.

  • I really enjoy The Tester!

    I’ve been looking forward to every thursday because of it!


  • I say instead of Season 2 of The Tester there should be a Dating Reality Show with Star, Luge AND Amped.

    Even if I didn’t get on it… it’d be hilarious to watch and the challenges should all be BASED in video games but even more so than The Tester.

    Guitar Hero challenge would be an actual music challenge, a knockdown dragout UFC contest, that kind of stuff…

    I’m not a developer I just play one on the internet (and I’m not saying I do it well!)

  • Oh Fame Girl should totally be one of the dateables too… I mean… if she wanted. Who knows what any of these girl’s home lives are like.

    I really hope Doc asked Luge if she had a boyfriend before getting serious feelings for her.

  • I can’t believe Doc & Big D blew the first 3 questions! Color of the triangle button? Release year of first PlayStation?? Father of PlayStation??? OMG!!!

    On the flip side, no, I still didn’t know what Brent Gocke’s title was… uh, heh…

  • Hah, it was a great episode! Of course too bad about … though. I like anyone who appreciates game music/sound.

  • There seems to be a major bias towards Star……I mean does she get a pop quiz and not Big D???? The show comes across as somewhat rigged in my opinion

  • **************************************************************


    I completely agree with you. Star should have been home. In my opinion the whole show has been completely biased. Not just towards star but to cyrus’s alliance as well. But whatever.


    Hopefully nauseous wins. It would be nice to see more African American faces in the gaming industry.

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