echoshift Add-on Levels Free Through April 1

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Hi Everyone – I have some exciting news to share with you today about echoshift, one of the most unique puzzle games available for the PSP on PSN. The development team created seven extra levels full of the challenging puzzles and gimmicks that make the full game so much fun! Best of all, SCEA is offering these to our fans for FREE, but only for a limited time.

Beginning with today’s PlayStation Store publish and lasting until April 1, PSN users who have yet to purchase the echoshift game will find a bundle offer on the PlayStation Store. The bundle offer includes the full game plus all seven extra add-on levels for the original price of $14.99! Now is a great time to try echoshift’s innovative take on puzzle games, where you have to create echoes of your actions that you’ll replay and cooperate with to solve challenging puzzles. To learn more about the game, check out our previous posts.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the mind-bending add-on levels:

echoshift level pack shot 2

echoshift level pack shot 3 echoshift level pack shot 1

Pretty cool huh? This is the first time these levels have been available in SCEA, and this offer is only good until April 1!

For those fans who have already bought echoshift and have been enjoying the game, don’t worry we’ve got you covered too! When you sign into the PlayStation Store using the PSN ID that you purchased echoshift with, you’ll see the “echoshift Add-on Levels” content available for free in the “echoshift” page under “view all”. This offer is also only available from March 18 – April 1 though, so hurry and download them before they’re gone!

Thanks for reading!

echoshift level pack shot 4

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