Meet The Tester Cast Members Luge and Doc in PlayStation Home Tomorrow

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Hey fans of The Tester. We have a special treat for you this week. Two of your favorite cast members from The Tester, Luge and Doc, will be dropping by The Tester theater in PlayStation Home tomorrow, Wednesday, from 6PM PDT/9 PM EDT – 7PM PDT/10PM EDT to take your questions. Here’s your chance to get the answers to the questions you’ve been dying to ask: What’s it really like on The Tester set? What’s it like in the hamster ball? How are beerios?

If you’ve been following the series, you know that this past week’s Episode 4 was no easy LARP in the park for both Luge and Doc. And, we all want to know what’s next for Luge and what’s Doc’s strategy to win as we get down to our final six challengers.

More cast guest appearances are slated in the weeks ahead. So let us know the other contestants you would like to hear from. And, remember, Episode 5 hits PlayStation Network on Thursday!

Luge and Doc from The Tester

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  • Get this [DELETED] out of here.

  • no thanks :)

  • lol, sorry got better stuff to do. too busy with studies, if i get a free moment i will play god of war 3.

  • Thanks for making this an accessible time for people! :)

  • I would so do this! Too bad Home blocks out everyone under 18. -_- If I was only 3 years older!

    • You only have to be 13 years or older to enter PlayStation Home.

      Theater 8 where ‘The Tester’ plays is not age-gated for mature content. Hope to see you there!

  • Eh…I’ll pass…

  • @Kevin Furuichi or Jeff Rubenstein

    When I log into and check my trophies, Star Ocean and FFXIII don’t show up in the “My trophies” section. The trophies are counted in the totals, but I can’t view or compare those two games. Would you please have someone look into it?

  • It’s going to be hard to find them thou!

  • I dont get it, this was filmed late 2009 so how are we supposed to ask someone questions about soemthing that already finished? and they have to act like they still in it?

    • This is a ‘virtual’ appearance similar to the way contestants show up during a season’s run to talk about their experiences on the show…except this will be done via text and avatars.

  • Where?

  • hmmmmmm… ok

  • Pretty sure I’ll be showing up… And how the heck do I resubscribe to Qore??

    • You should see a subscription icon appear in the the Qore category page (under the Media section) the month AFTER your subscription expires. If you subscribed last March, you won’t see a subscription icon until April.

      Does that help?

  • Eh, I think “The Tester” is a dud. What really makes a reality show great is the fact that there is always someone that is so crazy, stupid or evil that it makes it entertaining. There’s just no personality…

  • I’m pretty sure Doc has aspergers, or at a minimum has never learned social skills. He’s so creepy.

  • I think people get eliminated too quickly & the challenge have nothing to do with gaming. I wanna see STAR play Guitar Hero to see if shes better than me.

  • I think Doc should’ve gone, and Luge should’ve stayed. Sorry but Luge is more serious, Doc jokes around ALL the time. He’s more annoying than funny, he also hasn’t done any of the physical work yet. He flung the footballs and used the megaphone. Get him running and lets see him fall in a more glorious fashion than Big D.

  • I’ll be there to show support to the contestants, to The Tester and to Home.

    To me, The Tester is a simple and fun program to watch. It’s only about thirty minutes long and only has one commercial (at the very beginning so that it doesn’t interfere with the program).

    I do hope that The Tester will have second and third seasons and beyond. There are many people who do not have the money or means to ask for a job with SCEA. The Tester gives them the opportunity to compete for a highly sought job from amongst thousands of gamers.

    And not only that, contestants will be forever immortalized with their name and face on a tee shirt in PlayStation Home. Now that;s worth the effort of being on The tester!

  • @Kevin Furuichi
    I have a small request. Can you guys get series “LIFE” from Discovery on the video store or Playstation HOME after each episode air on TV? I would love to have each episode on my PS3 after the air


  • sounds pretty sweet. I’ll check it out if I remember!

  • But being a tester is not only of gaming well, is about having a good critical eye which can catch the most of the details, and if u gonna work for any company… believe me, they want people with leadership, comunication hability and somebody which can make the best team work…

    If you play well… just that, you just play well but doesn’t make you the right guy for the job…

  • Doc and luge are the only reson I watch tester cuz doc is funny and luge has a strong posative behavior towords each challange

  • huh, interesting.

  • I guess I’ll be installing Home tonight.

  • I’m glad they fixed load time for playstation home let’s also hope that it’s the real doc and luge and not just sum other dudes who are just pretending lol they can’t tell any info about anything that happend after episode 4 even tho they finished the tester in late 2009

  • He’s actually a paramedic and fireman, but is so passionate about the industry that he put it on the line for this unknown show. Some folks are turned off by his larger-than-life personality, but the man’s got a heart of gold.

  • Is there a special name to add so we can get connected to the correct server?

  • Kevin Furuichi | March 16th, 2010 at 12:42 pm
    “Nicely stated. Hope you enjoy Episode 5 tomorrow.”

    Thank you. I’m sure I will. I even managed to get my Wife to watch the show. Though she ocassionally plays, she’s not as interested in gaming as I am.

  • Count me out, worst thing I have ever layed eyes upon. It makes game testing out to be a Yoga class! What were you thinking PS?

  • This makes me not want to be a tester.

  • Eh no…

    I’m sorry but I wanted to like the show, but it’s pretty bad, lets be honest here. I keep watching it for the reason I’d watch a B movie. Not because it has a great story, cast or any compelling reason to see it through, but because its so hilarious bad you can’t look away. Is that the hook?

    This is the only show I’ve ever seen that features gamers, features people that make games, but has completely nothing to do with playing games. Um miss fire?

  • Kevin – (from #16)

    That’s cool. Being a paramedic & a fire fighter are very good things. There’s no argument as to how big his heart is, or the integrity he puts into his work.

    But if I was having a heart attack, or my place was on fire, i wouldn’t want someone who eats Beerios for breakfast. I’m pretty sure the bigwigs at Sony wouldn’t want something like that either. I’m just saying, it was a [DELETED] move that begged the audience for his attention.

    ~ The Shattered Raven ~

  • I hate that Doc guy! I can’t stand it. It’s so childish and always looking for attention. I just want him to get out of the Tester as soon as possible!

  • yeah this should be funny seeing them being made fun of

  • WOW. i thought i was the only one who think Doc is a [DELETED]. i cant believe he started crying.

  • Doc is a paramedic and fireman? Did not know that.

  • Kinda odd to have this in the theater yes? I figured this would be more suited to the gamer lounge.

    At any rate! Good to see some X over between HOME and TESTER!

  • I’ll be there.i live in HighPoint,nc /USA.
    i WISH that i could have been on The Tester.
    I’m good when it comes to beating video games.
    Most of the time i can beat a game the first day i get it.

    PS: “Weebellion”
    I have both codes,but can’y fine that little Leprechaun at all.

  • we’ll be there. I would like to meet Fame Girl

  • wtf is a beerIo?

  • Damn it, I have class tomorrow! Luge was my fave of the show ( <3 ), and Doc seems like a really cool guy. Maybe I can skip class and instead stay "Home"?

  • I want beerios!!!!

  • I haven’t been following the Tester but I think this is a good use for Home. The way I look at Home is that it is a way to get people to interact. I figure there should be more of this. I would be more interested to hear from or be able to chat with developers though. Or maybe the people from the GT Academy.

  • Man, I got such a crush on Luge but there’s probably gonna be like 10 thousand people there, no thanks.

  • Once again, the tester is awesome. I was laughing and holding my face the entire LARP.

  • Try pufferios!!!


    I don’t know about this show. I’ve seen all of the episodes so far (until episode 4) and I’m unsure about it because of the boring challenges. I mean I expected awesome tournaments between the contestants, I expected awesome gameplay and LAN PS3 battles between teams… I got 2 fat retards running around in hamster balls and playing dress-up to impress some grown men. I don’t know, but where are the actual PS3 controller-handling battles… is (was) there even going to be any of that!? (I mean I know the seasons over already) so just tell me now, were there any game-playing challenges… like videogame playing.

  • i wonder how many people will be there tommrow? :O

  • those people look weird

  • People are so whiny. The show is free. Dont watch it if you dont like it. Home is free. Dont use it if you dont like it.

    I like the Tester ok. Seems kinda cheap, but it has a charm. Should be more involved with game competition though.

    Anyway, people need to lay off Doc. Seems like a good dude to me.

  • Hey Guys, Doc here.
    Ty you all so much for supporting The Tester. A lot of work went into putting this out for you to watch. I look forward to awnsering all your questions. I loving gaming for many reasons, that’s why I was happy that Sony picked me to be a part of this. Gaming is a passion and being on this show was like going to gamer summer camp. I hope you enjoy the rest of this season with only 4 more episodes to go.

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