ModNation Racers Release Date, Pre-Orders and Box Art!

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If you’ve been keeping up with the Blog or recent preview coverage, you know ModNation Racers is continuing the Play, Create and Share movement allowing both PS3 and PSP owners to design their own racers, karts and best of all, custom tracks! Creations can then be raced with friends (four-player split-screen confirmed!) and uploaded to the rest of the PlayStation Network! But the question is:

When will it hit store shelves?

Well it’s official! ModNation Racers on both PS3 and PSP releases May 25! On top of this, we kick off our official pre-order program today for the PS3 version with participating retailers.

ModNation Characters

That’s right! Ratchet and Clank, Nathan Drake, and Kratos have officially been Mod’ed! Depending on where you pre-order your copy, you’ll get to race with one of your favorite characters.

ModNation Racers Kratos Racing

Pre-order from GameStop and score Kratos and his Kart of Chaos!

ModNation Racers Ratchet Racing

Pre-order from Amazon and race as Ratchet or Clank!

ModNation Racers Nathan Drake Racing

Pre-order from Best Buy and score Nathan Drake and his Jungle Jeep!

On top of this, each pre-order gets an additional BONUS Mystery Mod and Kart package that include not just a special Mod and Kart, but additional accessories that you can use to make your own creations!

ModNation Racers DLC 1 ModNation Racers DLC 2

ModNation Racers DLC 3 ModNation Racers DLC 4

Four possibilities in total, and just like a vinyl figure you buy in stores, you won’t know which one you get until you download it and see for yourself. Wondering what they could be? We will reveal them soon enough! Just look for a future post right here on the Blog. :)

So there you go! Pre-order today and you might be racing with your favorite PlayStation character! To make sure you know which box to grab on May 25, here is a sneak peek at our packfront!

ModNation Racers PS3 Box

More updates to come right here on the PS.Blog! See you then.

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39 Author Replies

  • I was wondering what the difference between the PS3 and PSP version are?

    • Here are a few-

      PSP has most the great Race, Create, and Share features that PS3 has plus an exclusive mode called Last Kart Standing where an elimination time destroys the Kart in last place until there is only one left! It’s super fun! It’s also up to 6 players offline and online. PS3 has the graphic edge and supports 12 players online, 2 and 4 player split screen, even 2 player online split screen. Because of the console’s horsepower you will get better physics and deeper customization tools than the PSP, but the PSP has an incredible amount of features in there!

  • You guys need to stop making cool games…..I cant afford it and I dont have the time!

  • Hi fives all around!!!!


    Awesome box art! Fits the game perfectly!

    BTW Nathans ride looks sweet!

  • Thank you for NOT making GameCrazy a place for the pre-order bonus! They’re almost all out of business.

  • Awesome, definitely pre-ordering from Best Buy. Nathan Drake Mod FTW.

    And the 24th is my birthday, yay me!!

  • Awww, look at wee little Mod Kratos. He’s so cute-until he blows you up and cuts you off in the race.

  • Looks Awesome, Nate Drake is my racer!!

  • On the EU blog website it states the US release is the 18th? Which date is it?

  • perfect, will they work on both the PS3 and PSP????

    if that’s so, i’ll preorder one at best-buy and the other one at gamestop!!!

  • This game looks like complete crap.

  • Please reconfirm the date. EU blog is stating the 18th (they specifically state US).

    Other than that…OMG CANT WAIT FOR THIS! Also thanks for 4-player split screen!

  • will this game have splitscreen of 4 players or more?

  • Disappointed.
    Twisted Metal would be perfect for this game.
    Why no Hale or Chimera from Resistance?
    Why no Cole from InFAMOUS?
    Why no helghast from Killzone?
    Where is Sackboy/girl?
    No Jak and Dexter?
    Where is SLY Cooper?
    Plus more
    This is an injustice to all the other great franchise Sony own.

  • This game looks like its going to be amazing.

  • woops disregard my previous comment. didn’t read the post fully.

    either way, this game has a spot on my ps3 and psp libraries reserved


  • i like that famous characters on playstation have been “mod’ed” but kratos looks like something out of cartoon network. :\ this is disappointing. also, where’s the killzone love?! no helghast!?

  • Wow, BloodyCow, why don’t you try appreciating the characters they DID give us? They didn’t have to give us any of them.

    Anyway, will Modnation Racers support 4 player split screen racing? I’m buying regardless, but I may be picking up 2 more controllers as well if it does.

  • Oh, nevermind, I didn’t see it in the post at first either. lol. 4 player split-screen racing FTW!!!

  • dido…

    You guys need to stop making cool games…..I cant afford it and I dont have the time!

  • Awesome! I can’t wait for my Ratchet cart! Quick question, though. Will the packs be avalibale for purchase as DLC?

  • Looking great, can’t wait. I hope the online portion of the game works at launch.

  • Oh more
    Where is the Warhawk characters?
    Some TEAM ICO love would be nice.
    What about Calling All Cars?
    those are the ones I can think of at the top of my head.

  • Look closely at the Kratos pic, he’s giving everyone the finger XD

  • Why is this now coming out the same day as Blur, not to mention a week after Split/Second? Aren’t people going to have racing game overload? (really had to resist saying “racing burnout”)

  • Played the beta, fully customizable and gameplay is fun. This pre-order stuff is irritating though… Will they all be available as DLC? I’m not buying 3 copies just to get 3 codes then dealing with returning 2. Don’t you realize this kid of thing just skews your pre-sales figures? jeesh.

  • Will all of them be available for purchase–I want Ratchet the most but I don’t have the $ to pre-order 3 copies (plus I don’t have a Best Buy near me)–

  • The 4 player splitscreen is a big braw for me but what about 2 player online splitscreen? Splitscreen online is a plus and a lot of games need this. I just wish this game had custom soundtracks.

  • Wow, that first picture is so creepy it’s not even funny. Why would anyone ever want that as a pre-order bonus!?

    I’d rather pay money to never see it again…

  • @filthyvillain
    I do appreciate what they are offering us. But at the same time, I played so many great SONY own IP, that I feel it is a great injustice to leave those games and not show them any love.

  • Finally a release date, I can’t wait for this game. Cool costumes for pre-orders too.

  • Why do you guys consistently split up the pre-orders, I want all 3!!

  • wow ratchet looks creepy it’s that dead eye stare.*shiver*

    “c’mon clank those children’s souls wont eat themselves”

  • @18 BlooodyCow
    This isn’t Smash Bros. or Mario Kart, it’s a new IP based on new characters. They didn’t have to give us anything to begin with…your expectations are beyond reasonable.

  • any chance of getting these characters for psp go owners, I’m not interested but I’m sure my fellow psp go owners would like to know, also. thanks if u can answer this, if u can’t, then thank u for at least reading this, hopefully this will come out for psp go on the 25th exactly and not the following thursday or a week later like Little Big Planet PSP, as long as it comes out for psp go, I’m happy.

    • Pre-Order items are PS3 exclusive right now. But yes, ModNation Racers will be on PSN for all the people who like to play on the GO!

  • @BloodyCow Just a small FYI, Insomniac and the Resistance franchise isn’t owned by Sony ;-)

  • Clothes and more Clothes I bet they sell these on PSN for $1.99 a piece and $2.99 for the bundle. I smell micro tranactions Ops just gave that one away=)

  • Bloodycow, you are consistently dense, and continually complaining about any and everything that shows up here on the blog. Anyonne who was ACTUALLY interested din this game, and paid attention to it, and stayed informed about it, would know that any and all of those characters you named can easily be made with the games tool. Hell, they were all made with the incredibly limited assets that were in the beta, nevermind the full game which has about 200 times more build mods and karts with.

    Seriously, get a clue and stop being a blind hater. In the closed beta alone, there was a Kratos that looked just as good as this one, and there were both Ratchet and Clanks that looked BETTER than these. A spot on ICO was in there, various perfect Helghasts, Sly, Jak and Daxter, SweetTooth and even more that you didn’t mention. All made perfectly, just with the limited tools in the beta.

    All you do is complain in every post though, so pointing out how lame you are isn’t going to change your whacked personality.

  • ok i’ll be preordering at GameStop because if you can only have one it has to be Kratos but will the others be available on the PSN store?

    and can we get a Jak & Daxter hover car or something too?! or a Sackboy & cardboard car? lol. just ideas i’d love to see & would gladly download.

    keep up the good work. thanks to Sony i’m officialy getting no sleep already and will be destroying Olympus at midnight tonight.

  • kratos looks like him from the power puff girls.

  • What with this BS with Sony releasing games at end of the month? Why 25th? So that it can perform badly on NDPs?

  • @32 mywhitenoise
    How can my expectation be unreasonable when there is a little game call LittleBigPlanet out there with all these characters, with an exception of a few? I am just basing what I expect because of what I saw from LBP. If they can do it with LBP, they sure hell can do it with this game.

  • finally a game i actually really want for my psp go, and not a game I’m re-purchasing even if it were at a very cheap price(I.E. psOne classics I still enjoy on my psp go, gave my older brother my psp-1000 and all games with it, re-bought some of my collections either through a sale or if it was very cheap) Glad to know this is one game i’d be getting that’s worth my $40.

  • Awesome stuff, game should be lots of fun.

  • Awesome… I may have to sell one of my psp units just to buy the game though.

  • great pre-order bonuses

  • that is too kewl: Ratchet and Clank, Nathan Drake, and Kratos

    am i gonna be able to collect them all as dlc? if not ill take hale and the jeep..

  • I’m with #33 — I hope the PSP release is intended to release both at Retail AND PSN for us PSP Go folks. I’m tired of the poor selection of PSP software on PSN for the Go. I love my PSP Go, I think it’s a great system — but being disappointed every Thursday is just getting to be too much. Could we get a confirmation that this title will be available both ways?

  • To the people complaining about missing characters, you do know there’ll be hundreds of other options IN THE GAME ITSELF, right? Look for screen shots from the beta, you’ll find hundreds of player made characters many of which you’ll be able to download for yourself, or create on your own with an amazing editor.

  • @40 BlooodyCow
    Stop being a dumb*ss, LBP got most of those characters through paid DLC months…even years after the game was released. Just stop talking.

  • oops i see its drake…in that case, its kratos 4 me. run over that furry lil’ space kitty…va ra room get outta my way kitty

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