GDC 10: Blade Kitten PSN Developer Interview

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Last month, Krome Studios‘ Steve Stamatiadis introduced you to Blade Kitten, an upcoming hi def 2D action game coming exclusively to PSN this Spring. It’s about time we hear more about the cat-girl with the pink hair, yeah?

Good thing “Space Captain” Steve flew in from Brisbane, Australia to show off Blade Kitten to us during GDC. In this interview, Steve talks about the game’s origins as a comic-book-meant-to-be-the-origin-for-a-game, the game’s vivid art style, and when you’re going to get to play it – along with some never-before-seen video.

Let us know what you think so far, and I’ll pass your feedback to Krome!

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  • You should have asked about the price.

  • This game looks awesome! Is there a release date yet?

  • i see.

  • interesting game

  • hey Jeff i know this doesnt have to to with the subject of this post but do you know or can you ask the guys at EA when are they gonna fix the store problem? i realy want to unlock my preorder gun and maps. thanks jeff

  • the BBC2 store..sorry forgot to mention that

  • This looks like a lot of fun. Too bad it sounds like it’s a bit on the short side, but I’ll definitely pick it up anyway. :)

  • I read your comics on your site, good stuff, as far as the game goes, SOLD!!! 8)

  • of topic but will the motion contral be used with 3d

  • I *just* visited the Blade Kitten site to see if there were any updates on its release, and then I come back here to find an interview. Excellent. I can’t wait for this game, it looks different and like a lot of fun. And Steve officially rocks for working on Halloween Harry. I loved that game when I was a kid.

  • Pink Haired Kitten Avatars incoming? Come on Jeff…make it happen.

  • i just herd that there are rumers of insomniac making a multiplat. BUY THEM NOW!!!!

    if the people who made lbp are worth buying then the people who brout us R&C, resitents, and spiro.

    do it now!!!!!!!!!

  • I love all these 2d games on the PSN!

  • This game just keeps looking better. I love platformers, so here’s hoping this turns out great.

  • looks nice, saw the opening scene of the game in IGN and I was not very intrigued by their lines, but other than that looks like a good PSN game

  • music is too plain, made the game feel boring and uninteresting from the video but hope that changes

  • I just noticed that the Blade Kitten web comic is missing page 81. It goes from page 80 to 82 on the site. Will that page be added in?

  • I don’t get the whole Space Captain thing but will play along.

    Space Captain Steve this is mission control over.
    Space Captain Steve: We here at mission control have spent our entire lives jumping over fire over.
    Space Captain Steve: That’s a negative on using fire as a save point for the game over.

  • Ouch. 2-3 hours for the second game only? That is waaay too short. I would have been happier if they were all just included in one game, even if you had to charge 15 dollars for it instead of the usual $9.99

    Unless the second game is half the price of the first (considering it’s half the length), I probably will put off buying this until they’re bundled/on sale. I don’t like feeling ripped off. Which is a shame, really, as I’m quite interested in this title…

    • Steve Stamatiadis

      Don’t worry – we plan on making the second episode half the price to match the size. That’s only fair – otherwise it WOULD be a ripoff and nobody wants that.

  • @Santos

    Rumors say the store will be fixed when DICE brings down the servers for maintenance. Add me if you wanna game.

    Now onto the game. It looks okay, not really in demand for pink hair girlcats. But I do have some questions. What can we expect the price to be? Can she run up walls? Can she hang from a ceiling? But most importantly…How do you pronounce your last name?!


  • Looking great but I wonder how much it will cost.

  • Steve Stamatiadis

    Still trying to work out a final price but it will be value for money. We want to be cool that way :)

  • Game looks awesome, nice job

  • …oh wow. Didn’t expect a reply. And with that news, you just guaranteed yourself another day one sale!

    It really is shocking to see a developer NOT screw over the consumer these days. I had just lost faith with the whole Bioshock 2 making you pay to unlock stuff already on the disc thing recently.

    It really is refreshing to see GOOD business practice these days.

  • This looks like it will be an amazingly addictive and hilariously fun game. I wish you all the success. I just wish I could get a peek at “Source Studio’s” table. They are from my hometown and I wouldn’t mind seeing their setup. Jeff or anyone else can ya help a guy out?

  • Visited the Krome booth yesterday and snagged a hat. Can’t wait for the release guys!

  • That’s… nice.

    …When are you (SCEA) putting the damn Bad Company 2 store patch up? Dice gave it to you Monday. WHY IS IT TAKING SO LONG? This should be a damn priority for you, given how… you know… crucial it is to players?

  • can i post links cuz i saw something u might find interesting

  • When they said worldwide release, do they also mean Japan? I know Japan will love this game also. I remember X-blades sold better in Japan then USA. Also, have you ever thought of getting Blade Kitten into a anime. Well, Halo already got an anime, why not Blade Kitten. I think Shaft Studio, JC Staff, or Sony’s A1-picture can do the animation for it. Just think of that anime as sort of way to promote Blade Kitten.

  • Pink haired anime cat girls ftw! :D

  • Can’t say that I’m extremely interested in this game, I haven’t been following it too much. It looks pretty good, better than most of the stuff thats been hitting PSN lately. I may check it out though.

  • I am so interested in this game, it looks absolutely fantastic. I hope it’s $10 – $15, but I’ll pay $20 if I have to. Definitely going to buy this as soon as it’s out (hope it’s soon).

    I love the animation and how Kit moves, and how the enemies look when you kill them.

    I can’t wait to play this!

  • brilliant. this is wat i want from PS store.

    i dont care 4 pingpong and cardgames. ofcourse i know other pplz might like that so its ok. but i hope to see more games like flower, battlefield 1943, rag doll, fat princess etc. (“real video-games”, in a small format)

    great u got this 4 PSN, i will buy!

  • must buy

  • The animation on the main character looks a little stiff. A bit more polish on that front because she looks rigid running so straight. Other than that the action looks good. Hopefully the moveset increases as you play and it becomes a deeper experience. I’ll definitely consider it if it tightens up before launch.

  • Can’t wait to play it.

  • Okay, so how do you properly pronounce your last name, Steve?

    Looks interesting, will likely check it out.

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