PlayStation Move Developer Diary #2

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If you saw our live broadcast on Ustream yesterday, then you’ve been properly introduced to PlayStation Move. We’re incredibly excited to start bringing you lots of PlayStation Move content in the coming months, starting right here. Head on over to to find out what PlayStation Move is bringing to the PS3.

PlayStation Move

On Tuesday, GameSpot premiered the very first PlayStation Move developer diary, which you can see in its entirely here. And today, we’re premiering PlayStation Move Developer Diary #2, featuring Zindagi Games. In the video, you’ll get special behind-the-scenes insight into PlayStation Move, as well as game footage in action. Enjoy it!

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  • Looks good. Can’t wait for some more info.
    By the way, will the tech demo from E3 be released for this? Because it looks really cool. I want to give headshots with a bow and arrow to those skeletons. Through the skull, lol!

  • I think I may have talked my mom out of the Wii, and just picking this up along with Eye pet.

    I don’t know but the Idea of using The PSMove intrigues me, as long as they don’t develop just causal games, I’m all for it.

  • How often will the PS Move have to be calibrated? I hope it’s not an issue like Wii Motion Plus.

  • great but how much its going to cost in united states?

  • Just keep the price down (not like the psp go), and it will be successful.

  • P.S Will the starter kit or single PS Move controller also include the Sub-controller (Please come up with something better than Sub-controller) or will that be sold separately?

  • Nice show at the GDC, Chris!
    Too bad Jeff didn’t let you talk so much. Damn Jeff!

    Looking forward to the PS Move here. The price took me by surprise. It’s freakinf cheap.

  • I’m excited to see what the developers can come up with for this device.

    Obviously, the PlayStation Eye as a standalone device has been almost completely ignored by the development community.

    And the Wii has been a tragic example of Great Idea, Terrible Execution…with developers pumping out crap title after crap title.

  • As long as there aren’t stupid third-party games like on the wii, It might actually be good.

  • Definitely can’t wait till you come to NY with this. Flying back east on Mon so i’m just waitin on the the date so I can get my hands on this sweet piece of TECH to try it out for myself.

    Also thanks to everybody at the PS-blog for always throwing the best parties/events.

    See you in NY and PAX East….

  • Also will the sub-controller be involved as a motion controller as well or is it just there for the d-pad and stick? I noticed that it did not have a wrist band so I’m assuming it can’t be used as a motion controller like the PS Move.

  • I need to know if PSN games will support this. I don’t want to go and spend $70 on an attachment that only works for the included game. The Wii is horrible for Motion+ control because there is NO GAMES FOR IT.

    You guys need to try hard to convince us that we are not simply buying another plastic fad that no developers will support.

  • Imagine Move with 3DTV.Imagine a boxing game.Imagine the only thing you wouldn’t have is black-eyes lol.I cant wait this looks brilliant.I’m super excited at GOW3 and GT5 but nothing is gonna top this I dont think!

  • We will need some room in our living rooms for this.
    Looks really fun!

  • Jeff, Chris, whoever.

    I’m extremelly displeased with the amount of people SPOILING the endings for Heavy Rain, Final Fantasy XIII and God of War III in the GDC stream chat. 3 great games RUINED for me.

    I was seriously expecting bigger moderation over there. Surely more people from the 14000 that watched the event feel the same way.

    So disappointed, so mad…

  • what just happened in my pants? yes!

  • Please make a dev diary based on SEED STUDIOS and their PS Move RTS game UNDER SIEGE.

  • I, along with everyone here as well, hope that PS Move won’t be just a sexy version of Wii.

  • I already have a PS Eye. Will the controllers be available alone for those that already have the camera? Really excited about this, should open the game world up even more.

  • @15
    Why did you look at those comments for? Also gamespot was streaming the conference as well with better resolution and no comments. besides most of them were just talking about how “awesome” the PS Move is right? right…..

  • @17
    Yes, it was announced yesterday

  • price price price…below 80!

    and with it at least some “not demos” mini games included…

    IF you want to do a device launch proper sometime ;)

  • @18
    EXCUSE ME, but when you read something, can you unread it? Of course I didn’t look at the comments willingly, they just popped up and before I realized what they were I had already read them.

    Pretty hard to not read a simple sentence like “xxxx is the Origami Killer” or “xxxx and xxxx die at the end of Final Fantasy XIII!”.

    It was already too late when I realized what was going on. And it happened at a link publicized by Sony here, so therefore I’m very disappointed.

  • Gonna be great :) Saw another gameplay video of the sword fighting game using MOVE, excited for this!! :D

  • Looks great for the casuals Chris but I’m a little miffed right now.

    Bought my PlayStation Eye 2 years ago and have got almost NO support for it. With the launch of EYEMove I doubt any new games will EVER come out for just the EYE. Not a happy consumer. In the last two years you would think a quick HD upgrade to existing PlayStation EyeToy titles could have been managed.

    Also…anyone else not able to log into the blog with Chrome? I can log into just fine but not the blog. (using FF for this post)

  • When are we going to be able to see videos on this Blog on the PS3?

  • got ps eye and will buy this.

    Will u guys have a bundle of a game and controller?

    i know u guys having bundle of ps eye, ps move and game

  • will we be getting more news before e3???

    can we use the dualshock instead of the subcontroller

  • @12, there are already announced that 32 big publishers and devs are working on games for it.

    I really cant wait to use this thing.

  • I’m looking forward to this, it looks great!!! 8)

  • I can’t wait to play Wii Fit and Wii Sports in HD! Woo!!

  • another great extension to playstation, gj sony, now give me my re5 motion controls please \o/

  • I think move be great for baseball game lol.

  • to be honest at first i basically expected and HD better looking version of what the Wii does. but after the GDC video and developer diaries i think the precision of the PS Move is impressive. that combined with the power of the PS3 is crazy.

    i’m excited to see that gladiator arena game but i think that we won’t really see what the potential of this thing is until the end of this year some time or even early 2011. once developers realize what it can do and someone like pixeljunk or media molecule get their hands on it we could see some amazing applications in the near future.

  • Hey Chris, is the Move controller really 1:1 ratio? I’ve been reading multiple sites and they are saying it’s not. There’s a latency.

  • When the hell is the store update? I want my fricken WKC DLC already

  • Looks great for casuals… but I’m not interested.

    I worry devs will concentrate harder on using the motion controller rather than making an awesome game.

    I mean seriously, how could a motion controller actually make God of War 3, Uncharted 2, and MGS4 funner?

  • This is looking like an excellent product that I cannot wait to buy! Great Job!

    Can we expect some sort of sports arena by the end of this year to extend the PlayStation Move into the social realm of Home?

  • ps: the PS3 really does do EVERYTHING!

  • Why are people excited for this?!?! The Wii has been doing it for three years and 9 times out of 10 the GAMEPLAY (not just graphics) on the system is inferior!

  • OMG look all the update whiners are coming out already, whine complain wheres this wheres that like they are owed something. thanx for taking your time doing the store and other updates so that they are done right, i appreciate it. matter of fact, ya need to hold the update back till midnight just for principle, that would be too good! thanx for the great job you do with updates sony!!!!

  • I already have a PlayStation Eye, will there be a bundle for people like me?

    Also, update the store plz. I need Mega Man 10.

  • @Chris
    1) Why no Analog stick on the move? This is going to give PS3 FPS that awkward scheme from the wii that I despise ooooooo so much. This is as big a debacle as not putting a second analog stick on the PSP.

    2) Why no Accelerometers and Gyroscopes in the Subcontroller? I thought this thing was better than a wii… what gives?

    3) I demand more super awesome, can I have more?

  • Wow PlayStation is becoming pure garbage. Just give me GT5 and then the whole Sony studio can go kill themselves.

  • Update Store Please. :-)

  • go cry to mama about store update, maybe she can change your diaper while shes at it

  • I GOT A BITE!!! LETs see how mad i can really get him LOLOLOL


  • I’m just hoping they make it with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery as opposed to AA batteries.

  • Its really wii on the PS3, I never cared much for motion controls, so for now i will just wait and see what you guys are able to do with it.

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