MLB 10: The Show PS3 Demo Available Today!

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Eager to get your hands on the best sports game this year? Wait no more as the MLB 10: The Show PS3 demo appears on the PlayStation Store later today! Play four innings in the Minnesota Twins’ stunning new stadium, Target Field, against the New York Yankees. See what has had the critics so impressed with this year’s game. Game Informer gave it a 9.5/10, saying “No baseball game has come close to delivering a complete package like this game does.” From fans reaching over the wall to catch foul balls to the sunlight shifting over the field as the day progresses, the rush of the pro game has never been more apparent. We hope you enjoy it.

MLB 10 The Show Box Art Revealed

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  • Great can’t wait to play demo

  • just got the red flashing light as my psp go comes back from repair! oh mlb is hot too.

  • I love the game. Best baseball game to date,period.

  • …Nice to see a demo, but will there be a PSP demo as well?

  • hope guys don’t take so long to update the store and download the demo…I wanna play it so bad!!!

  • Hope the PSN continues to pump out more demo’s. They are, well in my case, a major key factor when deciding to purchase a game or not.

  • It’s awesome as usual this year, just wish the online wasn’t so buggy. It wouldn’t be that big of a deal to me if there wasn’t a 500 pt. trophy. It’s very difficult to get through a game or two without having at least one disconnect. Oh well.

    I wonder when companies will learn that online trophies are much more trouble than they’re worth; for developers to continuously support and consumers to actually achieve.

    Sorry for the rant, again, awesome game.

  • Online trophies aren’t bad…and for MLB 10 they are pretty easy. Same as for Uncharted 2. The problem with online trophies however are that they may require grinding, which if the online is buggy/not for you then its more of a pain than pleasure.

    Also, with sport games especially, online servers go down after a year or two. Then its no longer possible to get a platinum for that game. So I think having online trophies as a “bonus” that don’t count toward the platinum are the way to go there…

    I like online trophies (such as those for Uncharted 2 added in the DLC) as they give you something to “shoot for” beyond the standard win the match goals and change the way you play, I just think they shouldn’t count toward platinum, unless its a game like MAG or Warhawk that is :)

  • What take yall guys so long… Just joking lol Im not a basball fan but I will check this out..

  • Don’t waste your time with the demo. This game is AWESOME!!!
    Just buy it already!!! you won’t be dissapointed

  • so umm approximately when can we expect the demo to actually be up in the store? or more directly when is the update gonna occur?

  • I haven’t played a baseball video games since the Genesis. I’ll give this demo a try.

  • Hey Guys, the feedback option and roster suggestions on SportsConnect through the game don’t seem to work, so I will leave it here.

    For some reason, when you propose a trade, and seeing as how it takes a couple of game days to accept or not, if you have to save game, either before/during/after a game, just about anytime before the trade gets accepted, the proposal is lost after loading up the franchise again. it is tough to fin the time to get 2-3 games in at a time to get a trade approved.

    Also, in franchise, when pitching, if you use the select button to preview the upcoming batter, the PWR vs. LHP rating is always messed up for every batter. It always comes up as very poor; makes managing the bullpen tough. Other than that, I’ve logged 15 games or so, and it is AMAZING!


  • MLB11 The show with motion controller and 3-D HDTV. That just sounds BAD and I don’t even like baseball it might make me a fan=)

  • I’m going to make sure to download this game

  • seems good

  • I wish the demo was at Yankee Stadium, but I’ll take it.

  • come on sony………update please?

  • Yeah #8, I like your ideas dude. Optional online I wouldn’t have a problem with, as in not counting towards a platinum or part of DLC (like in U2 as you mentioned). I guess I was just frustrated before, I tried playing 5 or 6 games and wasn’t able to finish any. Maybe it was just busy today, idk.

  • Qore today, this is why things are taking a while.

  • Hopefully will be up soon it’s already 9:07PM where I’m At (Puerto Rico)

  • FINALLY. I Want to see what it is like before I decide to buy it. Probably won’t be dissapointed.

  • best sports game this year?

    but fifa 11 hasn’t been released lol

    I’ll try it, but im waiting for you guys to incorporate a swing feature with right stick. Works so well with NHL and Tiger Woods games.

  • …mmm its getting late and still no update….available tomorrow maybe

  • It’s after 9pm, why do we have to wait so long for the store to update?

  • where is the psn update

  • WOW!!!! this is fantastic, oh yeah hey Sony, how about u fix the RTTS glitch for Us who actually bought the game and spent NON-REFUNDABLE money on training points and now can’t play anymore

  • Can you guys add new batting stances to use in create player mode or road to the show. Like add matt kemp, ryan braun, evan longoria in the next update if possible.???

  • Hey… I downloaded the demo and it gets to around 5-15% at installing then it keeps saying “An error occured during the install operation. (80029564)”.

    Now I have tryed it around 5 times to install it and it wont work.. im wonderin why it wont work..

  • I brought the game the week it came out and I had no problem logging on to sportsconnect but now I keep getting “NP Auth Failed: Ticket Data Size Mismatch; Login Failed. Please Try again later.” What do I need to do to get logged in? Can anyone help me out?

  • When will the PSP demo be out?!?!!!???

    I already bought MLB 10 for ps3, so the ps3 demo is not a big deal now. They should have had the demo out a week before the game release.


  • Hello again, I am on board with #27, except I am in Franchise mode, offline, and cannot get through a game without it locking up and freezing!!!!!!!!!! It started in Tropicana Field 10-12 games into the season, now I can’t get through a game without the entire system locking up, and having to shut down the system!!

    What a load of $#it!! The system is only a couple months old, my second one mind you, because my first system had the YLOD!
    PATCH PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have MLB 10 the show for PS3 I am in Season Mode(Hall of Fame) my gameplay settings for fielding is Auto I have it on off for the Catch, Position, Tagup, Rob Home Run Indictor’s and still I get the spinning ball, the arrow, and the orange circle near the fence.
    Does any one know what I need to do I ma also in the season mode playing spring training games. the only throught I can think of is if I am finish with spring training,maybe these fielod icons will leave when the season portion of the game starts.
    Please someone reply to me if there a way of getting it right. (I hade no trouble with MLB 09 last year)

  • justano | March 12th, 2010 at 7:00 pm

    Hey… I downloaded the demo and it gets to around 5-15% at installing then it keeps saying “An error occured during the install operation. (80029564)”.

    Now I have tryed it around 5 times to install it and it wont work.. im wonderin why it wont work..


  • What does the message that appears in the upper right hand corner of the screen say after finishing the Mlb 10: The Show demo? I didn’t see it until it went away.

  • I understand wanting to be realistic, but the umps are not this bad in real life.They are sometimes bad but i counted over 10 bad calls in one game and when you steal and dont get tagged until you pop up on the base your not out, but on the show you are. Overall though you guys have once again outdone yourselves.

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