Qore Episode 22 – Featuring Final Fantasy XIII, Dead to Rights: Retribution, Lost Planet 2 and the God of War Graphic Novel

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With Final Fantasy XIII just released, Qore’s got an in-depth walk-through of this stunning title. Get the real story on the story, characters, and fascinating insights provided by exclusive interviews with creators Motumu Toriyama, Yoshinori Kitase and Yuji Abe. There’s also an interactive gallery of gameplay tips, and a look back at the launch day in Japan.

For you God of War fans eagerly awating next week’s release, we’ve got an exclusive digital preview of the upcoming graphic novel from legendary comic scribe Marv Wolfman. Audrey Cleo meets the man to discuss his approach to taking Kratos to print and using Qore’s interactive digital gallery, preview of the comic book narrated by Marv himself.

Qore also visits Volatile games in the UK for a preview of the noir action/shooter—Dead to Rights Retribution. Grant City is a dark and dangerous place, even when playing as a cop on the edge, so it’s a good thing you’ve got a trusty (and deadly) canine companion by your side to help you sink your teeth into the action.

As a follow up to an earlier look at Lost Planet 2, the Qore team’s produced a detailed preview with never-before-scene gameplay. The creatures are massive, the vital suits totally cool and Lost Planet 2’s lush, newly-defrosted environments are very enticing.

And finally, many of you have been asking for dynamic themes, and this month, all Qore subscribers can access a new Heavy Rain dynamic theme. For those of you familiar with the game, this dynamic theme takes place at the crime scene, complete with patrolling officers, police cars, and plenty of rain, of course. Even if you haven’t gotten into Heavy Rain yet, this dynamic theme is still pretty cool on its own.

Look for Episode 22 tomorrow.

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