Qore Episode 22 – Featuring Final Fantasy XIII, Dead to Rights: Retribution, Lost Planet 2 and the God of War Graphic Novel

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With Final Fantasy XIII just released, Qore’s got an in-depth walk-through of this stunning title. Get the real story on the story, characters, and fascinating insights provided by exclusive interviews with creators Motumu Toriyama, Yoshinori Kitase and Yuji Abe. There’s also an interactive gallery of gameplay tips, and a look back at the launch day in Japan.

For you God of War fans eagerly awating next week’s release, we’ve got an exclusive digital preview of the upcoming graphic novel from legendary comic scribe Marv Wolfman. Audrey Cleo meets the man to discuss his approach to taking Kratos to print and using Qore’s interactive digital gallery, preview of the comic book narrated by Marv himself.

Qore also visits Volatile games in the UK for a preview of the noir action/shooter—Dead to Rights Retribution. Grant City is a dark and dangerous place, even when playing as a cop on the edge, so it’s a good thing you’ve got a trusty (and deadly) canine companion by your side to help you sink your teeth into the action.

As a follow up to an earlier look at Lost Planet 2, the Qore team’s produced a detailed preview with never-before-scene gameplay. The creatures are massive, the vital suits totally cool and Lost Planet 2’s lush, newly-defrosted environments are very enticing.

And finally, many of you have been asking for dynamic themes, and this month, all Qore subscribers can access a new Heavy Rain dynamic theme. For those of you familiar with the game, this dynamic theme takes place at the crime scene, complete with patrolling officers, police cars, and plenty of rain, of course. Even if you haven’t gotten into Heavy Rain yet, this dynamic theme is still pretty cool on its own.

Look for Episode 22 tomorrow.

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  • Cant wait to check it out

  • ! If I buy the episode separate do I get the theme?

    I haven’t subscribed to Qore, But this episode looks cool.

  • so.. no GOW3 preview? …

    I got the feeling that qore just got worse with time :(

  • An in-depth walkthrough of FFXIII? Walk straight, hit A during battles, walk straight some more. ;)

  • I am also curious about the theme. I don’t subscribe to Qore, but I do pick up episodes once in awhile.

  • I wanted dynamic theams!!!
    Any way us Qore members can get in the FFIV Beta?

    I can’t find an A button any where are U sure your playing FFXIII?

  • Ive subscribed to Qore since episode 1, is there going to be any special discount for those who re-subscribe? Also THANK YOU!!! for listening to our Dynamic Theme Request :)

  • No Heavy Rain theme for people who buy this single episode?
    Btw this episode is awesome and i will get it, but i was hoping for a God of War 3 feature…well maybe next month.

  • Bit off topic but – Why no Final Fantasy XIII demo SONY?

  • Is the dynamic Heavy Rain theme the same as the one available for purchase right now off of the PS Store? If so, I feel ripped off because I actually PAYED for the theme… :'(

  • @Carl-G. We might see one in a few months. SE knows they’ll have a good launch(as seen by them shipping 5 million copies) and most likely put out a demo once the hype dies down like a good portion of big titles

  • @9
    Probly because they feel they dont need a demo at this time to sell millions of copies, not all games will get a demo on the day of release…maybe 6 months or a year from now there might be a demo, but dont plan on one coming anytime soon.

    Also i get tired of people who refuse to buy a game if theres no demo for it… take a risk, do your homework on a game and buy it or rent it if your still not sure you’ll like it. people like this are missing out on ALOT of great games.

  • Now that Heavy Rain theme isn’t the one I already paid for now is it?

  • Why is the blog now white?
    I like it better black…not so hard on the eyes.
    The way it is makes me not want to visit as much…my eyes are too sensitive to this new look.
    Please change it back!

  • dynamic theme. free. awesome thanks qore

  • I’m glad we’ve finally got a Dynamic Theme offered for free. Thank you very much.. 8)

    By the way, why the lack of GoW III info in Qore?
    That is like the first PS3 exclusive that hasn’t been previewed in Qore. Even third-parties titles were featured in couple episodes, why not God of War III?!

  • The current Heavy Rain dynamic theme is the only one I’ve liked so far, so I am hoping this new one is as good or better.

  • Getting a bit better guys. Please keep the good content coming as i was one of the people asking for dynamic themes.

    I would like to suggest Avatars i know they have been slow rolling but its something simple ppl actually like.Possibly some exclusive avatars in Qore would sell a few more episodes also.

    Im still hesitant about renewing this year.FFXIV beta access might grease my palm though :)And yes i have FFXIII i just wanna insure access

  • quit whining maybe god of war will be in next issue. they gave us grapic novel promo and game has not released yet. demo is on psn. maybe they waill share an updated demo for those of us who cant afford $60+ right now…

  • FF 13 SUCKS!

  • Lost PLanet 2 was gimped to fit the 360. Ignore it. Gotta speak with your wallets, kids.

  • I don’t think there’ll be any GOWIII coverage, we got the demo to play last month which I always prefer to watching someone else play and talk about the game. Even if I did already get the demo from GOW Collection.

    The Heavy Rain theme is a new one, this one is of the first crime scene from the game, not some rain falling outside an industrial park door. Just by looking at the screens I can tell it’s better.

  • If I buy the episode without a subscription, do I get the Heavy Rain theme?

  • That you for the dynamic theme, but the downloadable goodies are still extremly lacking.

    I am very upset with the bait and switch you pulled. I was expecting an equal amount comparred to last year and you made an active decision to not provide the same quality and quantity of downloadable goodies this year.

    It would have been one if you said from the get go “yeah we’re not going to be doing free games anymore” and let us decide if we wanted to subscribe just for the video content, but you didn’t do that. In fact you said year 2 would be better then year 1 and you have completely failed to live up to that promise.

    Are you going to be like “yeah we suckered you in for another year TS” or “you’re right we screwed up, here’s how we’re gonna make up for it?”

    You’ve only got 4 episodes left to fix things, what’s it gonna be?

  • You feature FF13, but the dynamic theme isn’t FF13?

    Heavy Rain is a fine game, just think that FF13 would have more marketing demand for qore purchases.

  • @12 I agree with you that is why I have gamefly anyways demos don;t really give a good representation of the full game look at paradise the demo sucked but the game was awesome

  • @ 21

    Exactly, that’s why we should buy it, to show that it’s the PS3 owners that support them and that it might push them to reward them.
    If you avoid buying it things will stay the same, since they won’t bother to do anything special for the people that don’t even buy their product.

  • The Qore chick is boring, Christina Lee is more engaging, better looking and has a better fashion sense. And then if your going the guy route Kevin Butler is very funny. I say fire her and get something better. I have no interest in buying Qore the way it is, sorry to be so blunt its true though…

  • ive neen a subscriber since day one and no regrets, i have heavy rain and i want this dynamic theme… the first year of QORE as more full with stuff like Calling All Cars, High Vilosity Bowling a at least 3 seperate Betas i can remember, this year is somewhat slower… Its still a good buy tho, dont get me wrong just more incentives last year.

  • I bought the Heavy Rain theme a long time ago. The Qore freebies have been REALLY weak this second year.

  • @KwietStorm

    The Heavy Rain theme mentioned in this post is different from the one you may have purchased. I remember watching last week’s Pulse, and they showed a quick peek of the new Heavy Rain theme which was different from the falling-rain-in-the-alley theme (which I’m betting is the one you already have).

    Anyway, I can’t wait to check this month’s Qore. I don’t see why everyone’s got to whine/cry every month. There’s always one (plus fifty).

  • so where are the previews of gran turismo 5, SOCOM 4, crysis 2, the last guardian, fallout new vegas, final fantasy XIV, blur, ghost recon, 3d dot game heroes, among plenty of others. i can’t remember downloading an episode and immediately delete it after watching it. in other words, better previews.

  • Thanks. Looking forward to the FF XIII coverage and the dynamic theme. Are there plans to cover 3D Dot Game Heroes in future episodes?

  • Dynamic theme for only subscribers right?

  • Despite the last guy, Can’t wait for the FF XIII coverage tomorrow!. Just got the game the night of the launch. Also glad to see this theme is different than the Heavy Rain theme I already got. The graphic novel for GOW should be pretty sick too.

  • despite the last guy? at least I have the balls to tell them truth!!! SUCK UP!!!

  • do i get the dynamic theme if im buy a single episode or i had to be new subcriber Qore??

  • Can you please make the downloadable content this year as good as it was last year? Or at least throw in a good PSOne classic like you did with syphon filter… Or just make that one available to current annual subscribers of Qore??

  • March 11, 2010 and I’m a subscriber to Qore; where is it, or what am I missing in locating the download…or course I checked my account info, PS store, and no download link/add???


  • I’m a Qore subscriber to Qore and I cannot find EP22 in my download list too.

  • Isn’t there supposed to be a renewal offer if our subscription ended last month? I can’t seem to find it on the Playstation Store.

  • the dynamic theme is free to subscribers only.

    sony make.believe is a free dynamic screen saver in the PSN store for everybody.

  • renewal offer is in a big square in the store. click on list by title, q, qore, then boom there it is!

  • Excellent episode. I really enjoyed the interview with the Final Fantasy team. Great job! Please keep up this level of quality in the future episodes, as well.

  • No Heavy Rain Dynamic Theme in my Qore Episode :( Where is it located?

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