FINAL FANTASY XIII Comes to PlayStation Home + Sodium Updates, Indiana Jones Items & a Huge Sale!

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By now you’ve read Jack’s post regarding the exciting new update to PlayStation Home’s core client, which will, among many other things, greatly improve loading times as well as streamline navigation in-between spaces. But we have much more than just the 1.35 update coming at you this week. We’re talking FINAL FANTASY XIII content, new Indiana Jones items, and more personal spaces than you can shake a stick at.

The reviews are rolling in and, to say the least, they are positively glowing. FINAL FANTASY XIII, Square Enix’s latest addition to what is inarguably one of the critically-applauded RPG franchises of all time, has just been released and, chances are, you are reading this blog on a brief detour to the ultimate destination: Pulse. Which means that we caught you just in time to let you know about an additional option for those of you who, like me, simply must immerse themselves in all things FINAL FANTASY-related – namely, the brand spanking new FINAL FANTASY XIII personal space (as well as the corresponding furniture items) that is releasing tomorrow, March 11 into the ever-expanding world of PlayStation Home.

Also releasing this week is a brand new personal space sure to make every racing fan’s pulse pound – the Luxury Race Box. A true must-have for all you speed demons, the Luxury Race Box is the ideal location to kick back and relax with your friends. That’s if your idea of “relaxing with your friends” is being bombarded with the shrieks and squeals of cars that are motoring by mere feet away whilst the smell of burning rubber fills your nose. Peep the video below for a closer look at this exhilarating new personal space.

Magnus Keynes’ Mall Madness sale continues this week with a huge price cut on some of the most popular personal spaces to ever grace the PlayStation Home platform. We’re talking the Summer House, Lakeside Log Cabin, Wizard’s Den, Post-Apocalypse, and even the Halloween favorite “Deadquarters” (which turns you and all of your friends into zombies just by entering) – with prices ranging from $1.99 to $4.99 for a bundle. Needless to say, Magnus has been going a little nuts with the proverbial scissors but it fares well for the rest of us, so let him do his thing! Here are a couple shots of some of the spaces that are on sale this week. These spaces are only available at this super-low price for a limited time, so be sure to pick yours up on tomorrow morning.

PlayStation Home Summer Apartment PlayStation Home Apocalypse Apartment

It’s a new week, which means that a new episode of The Tester will be playing in the PlayStation Home Theater come late Thursday afternoon. And, of course, we’ll be giving out free items to everyone who watches Episode 4 of this PlayStation Network exclusive reality series, as well as offering commemorative items in the Central Plaza and Theater kiosks – like this special The Tester jersey!

PlayStation Home Tester Female Jersey

In other news, another batch of Indiana Jones items are coming to PlayStation Home this Thursday – including your very own Ark of the Covenant for your personal space. Of course, you need to make sure you are pure of mind, body, and soul before you pick this one up…

In terms of Sodium updates, two new Salt Shooter weapons will be available this Thursday: The Multi Shot Grenade Launcher and the Long Range Plasma Emitter. The MSGL is a powerful and deadly addition to your arsenal that is perfect for taking on multiple enemies at once, while the LRPE boasts fantastic accuracy, rapid rate of fire, impressive range, and an efficient cooling system (the LRPE can be upgraded to become the most powerful weapon in the game and will help you achieve new personal high scores left, right and center!) To get these new weapons, all you have to do is purchase the corresponding items of furniture from the Sodium store. When you have these, you will be able to equip your tank with the weapons next time you play the Salt Shooter game.

Come tomorrow, you’ll also start receiving Bronze, Silver and Gold Accolades as you progressively earn more credits playing the Desert Quench mini-game in the Sodium hub. To earn credits as a thirsty customer you must drink your way through beverage after beverage following the command prompts which appear on screen – the less prompts that you miss, the more credits you’ll earn. As an employee, you should aim to serve customers the right drink combinations – correct combinations will earn you the most credits and get you closer to those precious accolades.

See you in Home!

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