Reminder: God of War III GDC San Francisco Meetup is Tomorrow!

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Not like we thought it slipped your mind, but if you’re in the San Francisco Bay area tomorrow, you’re invited to come celebrate the launch of God of War III!

And if you have the means to get here, do it – we have a history of treating our fans to extremely good times. And tomorrow is no exception as you’ll have many chances to win great PlayStation games and prizes, get autographs from members of the development team, create your own God of War III box, and much more. So whatever the means – train, plane, car, bike, rollerblades, horse, camel – get here tomorrow! There’s only one God of War III event and we don’t want you to miss it (In all seriousness, if you arrive on a camel, you’re getting something incredibly cool).

God of War meetup event

Check out our initial post for all the fine details, but here’s a quick recap. We’ve got a couple HUNDRED tickets for our very special community (that’s you!) to get you in to the amazing and mega-exclusive God of War III event, where you’ll get to go hands-on with the final version of God of War III, enjoy some epic food and hospitality, and watch a still-secret-but-guaranteed-to-be-super-awesome band perform.

And all you need to do is show up. But we HIGHLY recommend arriving early. The hands-on event doesn’t start until 7pm – so we’re setting up a community-only pre-event party that goes on all day. What does that entail? Free food from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m, awesome schwag giveaways and raffles, free wi-fi (In the words of Triumph, “For you to Tweet on!”), the chance to put yourself on the God of War III box, autographs and more! So if you haven’t already signed up, RSVP on our Facebook Page!

Important Details:

  • The hands-on event goes from 7-10pm on Wednesday, March 10, 2010 at the SF Concourse Exhibition Center. The pre-party meet-up begins at noon (you’ll see our tent in venue’s parking lot). Directions here. Don’t even think of strolling up at 6.30pm – you ain’t getting in!
  • Keep in mind that you must be 21 or older to get into evening hands-on event, but anyone 18+ (or with their parent/guardian) can come to the all-day meetup. ID *will* be checked!
  • Parking is rough in the area, so try to take BART or Caltrain – both very close to venue.
  • Once you’re in, you’re in — no ins and outs (don’t worry, we will have bathrooms). Unless of course you don’t want to stick around for the amazingly awesome hands-on event at 7pm. Then you’re free to leave at will…but you’re making a HUGE mistake!
  • You must RSVP via this Facebook event invite
  • Be sure to leave your replica Blades of Chaos at home
  • You might wanna think about bringing your PSP ;-)

The End Begins at GDC

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  • Wish I can go but I don’t live there and I have school but it’s ok I’m getting an early copy of God of War III because I won a contest! XD

  • This even makes me want to wish I lived in San Francisco. I sounds like a lot of fun and for true God of War fans…

  • oh well…. at least the game will be fun as HELL! only 6 more days!

  • GDC is tomorrow? What will be seeing of God Of War 3? Chapters, titan fights? Hope it’s good! :D

  • Hey guys, I notice the blog is broken. Can you fix it back to black? This is making my eyes hurt, and I’m looking forward to the resolution of this problem.

  • Here is a REALLY awesome sick Fan made God of War 3 trailer that makes me litterally want to eat this game. lol! i just want to share to everyone.. because a lot of the times fan made trailers are overlooked by a lot of people, or never seen.

  • im from London so theres no way in hell i’ll b able 2 make that trip bt like what im reading

  • Wow so many blog post, in one day keep it up :).

    Anyway poor, no money, no way to get there, and school.

    • Those are tough roads to cross…sorry you can’t make it. But yeah, crazy busy on the PSB! Thanks for reading.

  • I’ll hop in my hover-car and be right over.

  • This is going to be an exciting day. Took the day off just to be here. :)

  • i might go….i have to go

  • nice i really wish i can go but sadly i cant , hey Chris can you tell me how can i get into Sony’s E3 2010 press conference? i really wanna go to E3 this year but if i go it will be my first time , i just wish all these meet ups and game conferences move to NY instead lol

    • Very good question. We’re not quite there yet with E3 (it’s only March!)! But we’re definitely working on some NYC love.

  • Man , God , LEGEND !!!!!!

  • I’m so excited for tomorrow! I’ll see everyone there! :D

  • missing out on the good stuff again – sigh. oh well, back to playing final fantasy xiii!

  • Can’t [DELETED] Wait God Of War 3 is going to be epic!

  • Woah Sorry I forgot if we could swear on here or not. But I Can’t wait!!!!!!!! God Of War 3 is going to be Phenomenal!

  • Made it all the way out from NY… So I will definitely be there all day tomorrow.. see everybody who’s comin there!!

    • That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Anyone further than NY? That’s quite a trek. See you in a few!

  • Someone, please arrive on a camel!

  • Heard there’s going to be a GOW IV… any comments Chris?

  • Im so there, I’ll just get one of the titans to give me a ride from dc to san fran. :)

    oh, If life were so simple.

  • So not only am I blowing off work tomorrow to make this but I also signed up for Facebook just to be able to attend. I hope this shows the insane level of my dedication :P

    By the way, I found a camel rental company, but it’s in Missouri :(

  • I just got here from Seattle, this is going to be awesome!

  • Litterally, Im at a hotel on 8th street and we just walked in our room!!!!!!

  • man you guys are lucky , i wish i could go!!!! well at least i went to the Metal Gear Solid 4 launch event here in NY lol

  • I’m in LA. that 6 hour drive seems very tempting right now!

  • I’d come down from Toronto if I could!

    I demand Sony come to Canada to do some release events!

  • Oh, now that I think about it, I don’t have a camel, but I know someone who has a few alpacas on a farm! It would be cooler to ride on one of those! Too bad I live in Central US….

  • I think I might have to get plane ticket from Seattle to SF tomorrow morning. That would be so cool to join you guys for an awesome kick a$$ event!

  • In the end there will only be…..


    Why could it not have been one day later, lol.

  • @ Mucudadada: LMaO

    @ Chris Morell: This would also be my first time going to E3 if I my wish comes true.

    I always wanted to go.

    Please help out us New Yorkers.

    I really want to go.

    Have fun at GDC. Congrats to everyone who is going to attend.

  • alman i need to teleporter device to get there, oh well i will be there in spirit lol. Playb3yond

  • Hey Chris Thanks for the reply. That’s the first first time anyone has responded to my comments. I gotta say it feels good knowing you listen to your loyal fans. It’s because of this great communication that Playstation keeps on making the best games in the industry. Thanks again!!

  • Sometimes I regret living deep in the heart of Texas.

  • I’ll just wait for the Electronic Entertainment Expo 10′ PSBlog meet-up.

    Chris, can you confirm that there will be a PSBlog meet-up around E3?

  • Hi There Chris. I’m a huge fan of the God Of War series & I’ll be buying the region 3 version of God Of War 3(live in Malaysia), but all I want to know if the game is censored or not in region 3. I know that this has got nothing at all to do with this topic here but I’ve been finding so hard for an answer to my question but all get is very hazy answers. So I guess this is the best place to ask. I seriously don’t wanna play a scaled down GoW3 so it will be an absolutely relief if I know the game is censored or not.Thanks a lot.

    btw, Have fun at GDC Meetup guys!

  • Monster fights. Yawn.

    Standing by for GT5; let’s get on with something GOOD, shall we?

    I have to admit, though; if I were still 12 this thing would seem kewl ‘n rad.

  • PS3 sucks so dose GOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Will there be goodies for the PSPgo or just goodies for the Slim and older models?

    I’ll definitely see you there.

  • Why is it, that when ever their is a useful event in California, it has to be invite only or in SF? I can’t just get to SF for free…no car or money.

  • Have fun guys!!

  • Leaving work early today, using sick hours. (My supervisor is on vacation,… hehehe)

  • See you guys there I will be on my way in a few

  • Well I won’t be able to drive up for the meet but I will be getting God of War III since its being released on my B-day. Yes, I really appreciate that all of you at SCE did this just for me.

    BTW, way back in developer interviews I asked a question about how accessible is the story for those who have never played GoW and GoW2. Thank you Jeff for asking the question. Though effort was made to make the story clear to newcomers an even better response was the release the GoW Collection. Yes, I know you released it just for people like me. Great idea, btw.

    Since I just came on board with PS3 I would not have otherwise had a convenient way of catching up on the series. Now I’m a seasoned GoW fan and ready for the bloody end. SCE really went out their way to make me feel special. lol.

    P.S. so then can we get a Team ICO collection for the release of Last Guardian? Hmmm…

  • Hope anyone attending enjoys the pre-release copy they’re “probably” going to receive.

    Oops! Might I have let the cat out of the bag?

  • are there gonna be some chicks with huge juggs at this event? if so i’m there bra!

  • ack. Wish I could attend, I’ll be stuck in the AI summit all day, and sadly, don’t have a facebook account.

  • I am at GDC till 6pm, I know its close to here but will I be able to make it early enough or should I leave earlier?

  • hope a ps3 bundle is announced with gow3

  • I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH, I had an awesome time and will go to every meet up I can from now on.

    You guys went out of your way to be really cool to everyone and it really was a special event.

    Thanks again!!!

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