Hey, Why is the PlayStation.Blog White?

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Unless this is the first time you’ve ever visited this site* – you probably noticed that we’ve inverted the color palette on the Blog. The aim wasn’t to save your eyesight (though this configuration apparently is easier on your eyes), and we didn’t just make a change for change’s sake.

Rather, we “bleached” the Blog to match our big brother, us.PlayStation.com. In case you haven’t clicked over to the homepage (and you should right now), we’ve redesigned the site to make it easier for you to use.

There are lots of changes – this isn’t just a re-skinning:

  • New navigation makes it easy to find games, TV series, movies, and original shows from any page and browse the entire site from one interface.
  • New search is powered by Google and lets you find what you’re looking for, instantly.
  • Interactive marquees give you video, screenshots and more info about our most exciting content.
  • You can easily share anything from videos and screenshots to whole pages with your friends using the “Share” icons on each page.
  • Our new Web platform is keeping everything running fast and smooth.
  • Finally, and most importantly :-), the PlayStation.Blog is more prominent. You’ll spot new posts on the homepage and throughout the site.

This is our baby, so obviously we think it’s beautiful and perfect, but there might be some hiccups as we get everything up and running. Please be patient while we iron out the inevitable kinks.

Please note that this is just the first phase of improvements we’re planning to make the site easier to navigate, faster to use, and more interesting to visit. And right now we want your input – what do you love? What do you hate? What suggestions do you have?

As far as the Blog is concerned, we’re currently gathering ideas for a full-on redesign, but in the meantime we hope you enjoy the lighter, more readable PSB.

*If this is indeed the first time you’re visiting the PlayStation.Blog, welcome! We’re not always this self-referential.

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