God of War III Path To Olympus Experience Launches on GodofWar.com

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Hey God of War fans. We are excited to unveil Path to Olympus today, a new exclusive feature on GodofWar.com.

God of War Path to Olympus

So what is it?
In short, it’s a primer to get you prepared for March 16 when Kratos will storm retailers. Kratos has come a long way since his days as Captain of the Spartan Army, and the Path to Olympus episodes will take you through some of his most prolific and darkest moments, while providing the back story leading up the beginning of God of War III.

Who is it for?
This feature is for you if:

  • You are a new player and want to learn what all this Kratos mania is about.
  • You’re a gamer who has played the God of War games but are scratching your head trying to remember who Kratos killed, who has killed Kratos and everything in between.
  • And lastly, if you’re a hardcore fan that wants to experience, once again, some of Kratos’ most exciting and brutal moments before plunging into God of War III.

What to expect
We will be releasing new content leading up to launch that will quickly get you up to speed on the story, preparing you to take control of Kratos as he catapults towards his destiny in God of War III.

Take a look at some of the video content from the first chapter:

Click to begin!

One last thing to share. Many of the God of War developers are now on the GodofWar.com forums answering questions. Head on over to the community section of God of War and hear what they have been saying.

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3 Author Replies

  • Stop with temptation! just release the game!
    this is going to be a long week.
    i wanna do some titan rodeo already

  • Everything about God of War just screams epic. BTW, that was the intro to where it all began….

  • Can’t wait to get my hands on this game

  • ha that’s the beginning of this hole mess, the memories, I’m taking my vacation that week even if my wife disagrees with my decision, because that week is kratos week

  • Are you guys still going to be doing a video of the Ultimate Edition Unboxing?

    Also, Although there’s only a week left, are there going to be anymore LE GoW III PS3’s for sale?

    If you don’t want to answer the second question please answer the first one about the video! Please!


  • This is good feature. This past weekend I turned on my PS2 (yes i still own it) to watch the story again. It kind of played out like a movie. I actually should have been trying to beat the titan mode but I get though it eventually. And I really liked the opening video for God of war 1. That is what really out be into this series.

    P.S. Don’t forget to include videos from Chains of Olympus that happened before GOW1…

  • Also when can we expect to see GOW3 commericals? I hope they start this week. The Gamestop commercial that started last doesn’t count since they just want us to preorder this with them. I think the official commercials should have started last week like Bioshock 2 commercials which started several weeks before release.

  • ya kiero jugarlo thanks sony

  • I WILL WASH AWAY THE PAST…. WITH THE BLOOD OF OLYMPUS cannot wait for this game to release it’s going to be LEGENDARY

  • Is Kratos sad?

  • man wtf everytym i go to tha PS blog tha fukkn thing aint supported!
    why would PS do that
    i dont own uh dam computer!!!

  • End. Chaos. Etcetera.

    Get on with the unleashing of all Olympus (time for all Olympus to break loose).

  • I have to say that releasing GOW collection was a great idea, really gets you up to speed if (for some reason) you missed the first two games. Classics.

  • how do you not own a computer, you can get a decent desktop (at least one that you can do basic things on) for like $300 now

  • Where is SUBTITLE embedded into this video??? Can you please do them all in your next (all) episodes leading up to its initial release day? Thanx.

  • Sooooooooooooooooo God of War COO2 when can we expect it lol. When will SCE WWS finally setup some development teams focused on the PSP so we can see epic titles like this on a PSP as well.

    Anyway this is all excellent and I can’t wait to play god of war 3 on my PS3… just hope I’m done with FFXIII by then.

  • Something that’s REALLY annoying is that if you’re from EU you can’t browse the US site, for videos or downloads etc.

    Why not simply allow it? Especially when the EU site is so lacking in content.

  • Let’s get some God Of War 3 avatars in the PSN store. I want more than just Kratos’s head.

  • can we get the god of war 3 trophies list on the blog this week?

  • @footballrule

    I agree with you on that, we should have had more God of War avatars by now. Cool ones indeed.

  • Cant wait, cant wait, cant wait




    Cant wait, cant wait, cant wait

  • lostinplainsight

    if you’re new to the series buy the god of war collection and get up to speed you still have a week.
    if you’ve been with the series since the beginning buy the god of war collection and refresh your memory you still have a week.

    this has been a public service announcement we now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging

  • Ah finished the Collection and the demo. To say kratos is cool is an understatement, he defines bad***. I cannot wait for this game to come out.


  • I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it. One more week!

  • Just for a better tan… lol.

    I can’t wait for this game!

    GOW3 GOTY 2010!

  • You guys are getting awesome reviews so far! Nice work.

  • PLease Please!!! Guys do market this bad-ass game! I know it’s a huge franchise, but it still needs marketing. I want to see the GOW ads everywhere. If M$ had this, even the suckling would know about it. Please Advertise!!! SONY u hearing me????

  • GOD OF WAR my all time favorite game!!!!

    I picked up the GOW collection and I’m currently plaing GOW2. I played GOW1 years ago when it came out and never finihsed GOW2 fully. Now I am just in time for GOW3 and what a game!!!1 It’s been great going from GOW1 right to GOW2 moves are all fresh in my mind and story.

    I can’t wait for GOW3 and great idea with the re-telling of the storys big moments.

    I would agree with others ADVERTISE it everywhere!!!!

  • thanks people. i needed a ram refresher :) i think my first play through i will be nice but, my second play through i will destroy all in my path. (playstation3ForEver)

  • The Uk version has portuguese?

  • i would really like an interview with the whole God of War 3 cast you know ? specially with the voice behind Kratos character

  • Neat feature, but I have no idea why the story is incomplete. It ends prematurely…I’m not even sure why the PS3 Blog is promoting an unfinished product.

    • Hey Huuze, there is more story to come. We will be releasing episodes over the coming days leading up to launch on Godofwar.com

  • Looking forward to it, hope it comes to the psn store.

  • Its from GOW 1?

  • I can’t wait for this game! I am picking up this bad boy

  • I am picking up this bad boy at midnite Monday and I am hosting a God Of War Launch party! I can’t wait!

  • I wish it would be in chronological order and maybe start with the battle against the barbarians, like IGN’s God of War recap did.

  • Good catch, although this is taken from the beginning of God of War I, it does in fact take place later in the game. If you head to http://www.godofwar.com/pathtoolympus/index.htm you can check out the first 3 chapters and will see that Path To Olympus does actually tell Kratos’s story in the right order.

  • next week there will only b chaos in the ps3 nation

  • For some reason when I sign onto the GOW site the only thing I ever find is a huge (but beautiful) picture which I would like to see all of without scrolling back and forth, up and down. At the very bottom are links to other GOW sites for GOW, GOW II and GOW:CoO. I cannot do anything else on the site. Am I missing something?

    • It may be a browser issue. Have you tried using Chrome, Firefox or installing the latest version of IE?

  • Getting my hands on it tomorrow morning! Can’t wait to play this EPIC game

  • hey why does it say there’s 3 replies when there’s actually 4. Does chris reply not count? Aslo waiting for the official GOW commercial heard it would be revealed today…

  • my b-day is this week friday i dont want anything but GOW3

    cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It’s been a while that I played the first two games so its nice to get re-educated on the story of Kratos. Can’t wait to play GOW 3, it’s going to be f**king amazing. Congrats Sony and Santa Monica!

  • I’d love to speak with the developers but I’ve been perma banned due to an alleged NDA violation that has yet to be proven.

  • can’t wait to receive my copy..cant wait!!thanks to San Monica!!!

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