God of War III Path To Olympus Experience Launches on GodofWar.com

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Hey God of War fans. We are excited to unveil Path to Olympus today, a new exclusive feature on GodofWar.com.

God of War Path to Olympus

So what is it?
In short, it’s a primer to get you prepared for March 16 when Kratos will storm retailers. Kratos has come a long way since his days as Captain of the Spartan Army, and the Path to Olympus episodes will take you through some of his most prolific and darkest moments, while providing the back story leading up the beginning of God of War III.

Who is it for?
This feature is for you if:

  • You are a new player and want to learn what all this Kratos mania is about.
  • You’re a gamer who has played the God of War games but are scratching your head trying to remember who Kratos killed, who has killed Kratos and everything in between.
  • And lastly, if you’re a hardcore fan that wants to experience, once again, some of Kratos’ most exciting and brutal moments before plunging into God of War III.

What to expect
We will be releasing new content leading up to launch that will quickly get you up to speed on the story, preparing you to take control of Kratos as he catapults towards his destiny in God of War III.

Take a look at some of the video content from the first chapter:

Click to begin!

One last thing to share. Many of the God of War developers are now on the GodofWar.com forums answering questions. Head on over to the community section of God of War and hear what they have been saying.

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