Lights, Camera, Play Ball! Create Your Own Highlight Reel with MLB 10: The Show’s Movie Maker

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Sports fans, what could be better than the Highlight Reel from MLB 09: The Show, where the game chooses the most significant plays and presents them back to you in a television broadcast presentation style? How about the ability to choose your own plays of the game, your own camera angles, and present them in a highlight reel fashion with your own personal touch? Move over ESPN, in MLB 10: The Show, the new Movie Maker feature allows you to do just that! Be the cameraman, the editor, and the overall director of your own personal highlight reels.

With the new Movie Maker feature in MLB 10: The Show, save up to 10 of your most memorable plays of the game. You can do this by using our extensive Replay Filter System, sorting those highlight quality plays in any order that you desire. You can show your offensive feats first, including every double, triple, or home run from the game. Followed up by your defensive gems, including diving catches, clutch strikeouts, and double or triple plays!

The user has total camera angle freedom by using our free-floating camera controls to place the lens exactly where you want it using close-up or far-out perspective angles to capture the action in any way you see fit. Need some help from the experts? Then go ahead and choose from 10 unique Camera Presets, already built into the Movie Maker.

You can set up to three Edit Points for any play to capture the action from different camera perspectives, editing at the start and finish point of any play. The Movie Maker can also be used at the Post Game Menu, or at any time during your current offline game. The feature works in any of our gameplay modes, including Road to The Show, and from the Post Game menu of any completed online game. After you finish editing your movie, save it to the Hard Drive, and share it as you see fit, the only limit is your imagination!

Welcome to The Show!

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