Lights, Camera, Play Ball! Create Your Own Highlight Reel with MLB 10: The Show’s Movie Maker

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Sports fans, what could be better than the Highlight Reel from MLB 09: The Show, where the game chooses the most significant plays and presents them back to you in a television broadcast presentation style? How about the ability to choose your own plays of the game, your own camera angles, and present them in a highlight reel fashion with your own personal touch? Move over ESPN, in MLB 10: The Show, the new Movie Maker feature allows you to do just that! Be the cameraman, the editor, and the overall director of your own personal highlight reels.

With the new Movie Maker feature in MLB 10: The Show, save up to 10 of your most memorable plays of the game. You can do this by using our extensive Replay Filter System, sorting those highlight quality plays in any order that you desire. You can show your offensive feats first, including every double, triple, or home run from the game. Followed up by your defensive gems, including diving catches, clutch strikeouts, and double or triple plays!

The user has total camera angle freedom by using our free-floating camera controls to place the lens exactly where you want it using close-up or far-out perspective angles to capture the action in any way you see fit. Need some help from the experts? Then go ahead and choose from 10 unique Camera Presets, already built into the Movie Maker.

You can set up to three Edit Points for any play to capture the action from different camera perspectives, editing at the start and finish point of any play. The Movie Maker can also be used at the Post Game Menu, or at any time during your current offline game. The feature works in any of our gameplay modes, including Road to The Show, and from the Post Game menu of any completed online game. After you finish editing your movie, save it to the Hard Drive, and share it as you see fit, the only limit is your imagination!

Welcome to The Show!

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  • This is a great feature. Love the game, there is so much “game within the game” content in here.

  • You guys are being active today. Too bad wasn’t tomorrow when everyone got a PSN store update late.

  • The Show delivers again. Love it.

  • I tried this feature on tuesday and to be honest the movies that u make when you go to XMB and watch them seem to be very pixalated doesnt look nice and clear the replays look better while your ingame… Now what the show has to do next year is work on there WIND effects if its windy out i wanna feel the wind and see things blowing around and uniforms blowing

  • Really neat, thanks!

  • @4 The drop in quality is probably deliberate as an effect of keeping file sizes smaller on the HDD. Are we able to replay a saved movie from within the game? If so, does the quality improve?

  • When is the DEMO coming?

    Or is there even going to be a demo?

  • @8 Demo already came

  • stunning

  • I tried this the first day, and I love it. When watching the video through the XMB, the quality is dropped from in game, but I thought it looked more realistic and it was a little closer to watching a replay from an actual game. I just wish there was an option to overlay the game hud or a scoreboard or something.

  • im logged in as G-force08 ???

  • there is something wrong with the blog these days because i am not G-Force08 i am Sereal_Killer..

    please fix these problem along with the forums thanks

  • ah back as Sereal_killer now i hope….
    anyway aweseom to see al these mlb features pouring in.

  • A MLB The Show developer told me on this blog that you guys were working on PlayStation Home virtual items. Can you give any more details on when these will be released?

  • This game is EPIC!!! Great job SONY!!

  • The game is great, however, one thing does annoy me, and thats the disappearing backstop net when you are using the outfield and pitchers views.

    Can this be fixed via patch?

  • I tryed gettin this the night it came out.. but my mom said i didnt deserve it! WAHH LOL…

  • Looks real

  • Dear: Marcus Efting Love the game and the movie maker is great. By the way one question why when quiting mlb 10 the show it restarts
    my ps3 this happend after the new update hop this dosent burn my ps3

    ps:online is much better this year grear job

  • @CHEO_85: My PS3 also rebooted today when quitting MLB 10 the show. It didn’t happen to me just once today, but twice. Glad to know I’m not the only one experiencing this!

  • so the demo is out alreaady?

  • @ 19 & 20

    There are a few games that do this occasionally on the PS3 if you quit game from the graphic XMB.

    Hold the button down till the black screen comes and there is the quit game or turn off system option. It wont do that when you use that one.

    I am sure they will address it in the next patch.

  • ok so how do you shake off the catcher…?

  • Hey Marcus,

    Does Bernie Brewer come down the slide this year? If not, user will be so disappointed.

  • MLB 10 is the first baseball game I’ve ever purchased. I’m not a big fan of baseball…and really don’t know much about the sport.

    When I first started playing, I was a bit overwhelmed. The printed instructions are useless. They don’t explain any of the game’s mechanics (like the pitching meter, batting, etc).

    Luckily, there’s an awesome “tips” section within the game itself — which details every facet of gameplay.

    I’m still overwhelmed by the number of options available. There’s an infinite number of toggle switches and option sliders, each controlling some micro-level aspect of the game.

    This is a baseball simulation in the truest sense of the word. You can control EVERY little detail of the game.

    Colour me impressed.

    My only complaint is that the presentation is a bit sterile. The developers obviously wanted to simulate a television broadcast — which works — but unfortunately it feels like the broadcast of a meaningless middle of the season game, rather than a vital playoff game.

    It wish the presentation was less realistic and more exciting and fun.

  • a how about adding this to the game when the ball is a ball its green and when the ball is a strike its red that would make hitting way better and also make walks go up which would make pitchers really have to pitch and throw strikes just like they do in real life and now as for the pitching part of the game just open up the sweet spot on the meter sum thats all which would give the pitcher more control of every pitch which all adds up to more strikes being thrown now add both all up and what do you get i know a even better hitting and pitching and more ACTION yeah more ACTION which makes for a funner game to play and who knows maybe the best game this year and oh yeah one last thing whats up with no online play like whom idea was that

  • Can anyone help with the ERROR that reads: NP AUTH FAILED: TICKET DATA SIZE MISMATCH wen loggin into SportsConnect? This is very frustrating as Sony didn’t seem to understand the error when I called. Thanks.

  • cant wait to get this game i loved 09 and 08 the show and i cant wait to beat everyone online =)

  • @ 8 there isn’t a demo for this….. there usually is a demo a week before release but not on this one…

  • I agree with 4 and 10. Having an avid interest in filmmaking, I went for The Show’s “Director” Reward straight away. It was fun and easy to figure out, but when I went to the XMB to view my customized highlight/movie, the picture quality was quite poor. Please consider upgrading this in the future. Maybe offer the User an option for higher resolution/quality in the Edit mode. Just a thought.

    BTW – No big deal, but I did notice fireworks (awesome new add) only happened after a Home Run was hit live, in-game. They were absent in the replay.

  • I picked up the game a few days ago and I want to let you guys know that you did an unbelievable job and I haven’t been able to put the controller down since I got. After playing it for a while I noticed two small things I was hoping maybe you guys could put in some form of an update or would be cool to at least see next year. One is it would be neat if when a reliever comes in from the bullpen and you have custom entrance music if it would play through the warm-up instead of the organ music. (Minor I know, but it would be a cool little detail.) and the second, is there anyway to get the Colorado Rockies black alternate jerseys at home as well instead of just on the road since they’ve worn them at home since the ’07 season. Maybe put it in place of one of the throwbacks since they’re basically the same as the standard home anyways. Or even maybe it could even be a DLC thing, either way like I said minor, but it’s sometimes the little things that are the coolest. Anyways great game again, I think I’ll go get back to my franchise now…

  • Hi Mr. Efting,

    My friends an I are trying to setup an online league. We have set the Max players at 6 (which is the least amount that you can select) We only have 4 players and would like to hold an online draft but it won’t let us. Is there a way that we can make the other 2 players CPU teams? or Begin a league with 4 teams?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    P.S flawless online experience and incredible game and game play!!!


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