God of War Unearthing the Legend Winners!

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Another God of War fan contest has quickly come and gone, and our Ultimate Fans have definitely went above and beyond to prove they are worthy of having their name and video be forever immortalized within God of War III Ultimate Edition .

With less than two weeks before God of War Unearthing the Legend is released, we thought it would be only fair that our PlayStation bloggers be given a first glimpse of the great lengths the God of War fans went through to be part of this epic documentary and receive a copy of God of War III Ultimate Edition signed by the development team.

Congrats to our Ultimate God of War Fan winners:

  • Christopher Adams
  • Riley Anderson
  • Rey Barrera
  • JW Cornelius
  • Juan Cruz
  • Aaron Crow
  • Seth Isaac Everett
  • Angelica Gatchell
  • David Girard
  • William Jones
  • Adrej Miling
  • Samer Mohamad
  • Antonio Padilla
  • Ben Ponce
  • Steven Rickman
  • Jeff Rogers
  • Turk Stancavage
  • Jacob Williams

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  • Congrats fellas.

  • this is an extremely weird bug Sony, but believe it or not, I was just logged in as ‘yoghost’ above. I just left that comment above. why was I logged in as yoghost?

  • Holy [DELETED] I won!!

  • @ Vanquish23


    This is my actual account, though about 20 minutes ago when I logged in, I was on someone else’s account.

    I immediately logged out, and logged back in – Seemed to solve the problem (though I couldn’t help but accidentally feel a bit creepy….I had no intent to use that person’s account.)

    You might want to look into this, Sony.

  • Good to see the quarterback of the Jacksonville Jaguars winning a prize haha

  • Oops, sorry for the naughty language. Just excited :D

  • creative videos, congratulation guys! nice wife cameo!

  • congrats to the winners!!!! too bad i couldnt make my own video , 11 days till i play Chaos !!!!!!
    Man , God , LEGEND !!!!!!!

  • I hope this is not the credit screen after i finish the game or i will not buy it!
    it isn’t clean

  • They stated a while back that this is the credit for the documentary, but you’d really not buy a game based on the credits?

  • Um wtf who the hell is shungokusatsu. My account is Azure_FZ WTF ?

  • Ah fixed, had to log out to get my own account.

    shungokusatsu, don’t know who that is but whatever.

  • congrats everyone. but whats better than a gow3 ultimate edition? being named ‘turk stancavage’…. brutal.

  • OH MY GOD I WOOOOOONNNNNNN!!!!! Man, congratulations to everyone that worked hard on their entries! WE DID IT GUYS!!! WE ARE THE ULTIMATE FANS!!!! God, I am beyond pumped right now. I seriously just cried.

  • Yeah I posted on the official boards to let you know, when I saw it, lol Congrats, mate!

  • They need to make a “Dear Playstation” commercial for GoWIII! It’s almost release date and we still haven’t seen any commercials for GoWIII yet, WHY? :(

  • Awesome music score. This is in GoWIII?

  • horrible resolution can’t even watch it

  • Awesome!
    I love free stuff, it’s the best kind of stuff.
    Congrats everyone!
    And your welcome for my wife’s, um… appearance (strangely it’s been everyone’s fav. part of the clip).;)

  • Oh and BTW participants, upload more of these to YouTube so’s we can see the WHOLE thing!

  • @sindred yeah dude, your video was like the “dear playstation” commercial I wanted. It was uber, good job man

  • @shinja mine is up there on extremerickman’s channel, but hopefully everyone is tagging “ultimate god of war” or “ultimate god of war fan” in their tags so we can find them.

    Yours was awesome, I loved the song, classic.

  • Here is my Dear Playstation God of War Fan Video:


  • Hey Ken,I have a question.For some reason when I submitted my video it didn’t allow WMV files,why?It seems to be accepted on every other website.I had to convert my video from WMV to MP4 to submit it and the quality of the video went down.I’m not using this as an excuse because I didn’t win,I’m just curious.

  • Congrats to the winners!


  • @11
    haha you got logged into a PS forums moderator’s profile. Thats crazy.

    One night I dream I lose, the next I dream I win.
    Thanks so much everyone Sony side and Santa Monica for giving your fans this oopurtunity!

  • Beautiful !!

  • I can’t believe I won :D this made my year and my son is in a video game. Will you guys be sending out email confirmations to the winners soon?

  • nice that chick’s juggs almost bounced out of her shirt

  • @StalkingSilence:
    The Jacksonville QB is David Garrard. not Girard.

    I’m wondering, will Sony ever answer my question regarding whether they’ll issue more Ultimate Editions for GoW III, since they’ve sold out everywhere, or it is limited? I’ve asked several times now and nary a response. Kinda disappointing.

  • Congrats to the winners, btw. Good job.

  • Will there be a GoW III PS3 bundle in the US or Europe?

  • the baby winners i feel dont deserve to win it.. because its not the actual person playing the role.

    There was some funny stuff in there but over all id say a best pick winners.

    getting the Ulimate Edtion :D be paying the rest off in a few days :D

  • Gratz!! All who won :)looking to pick this game up soon.

  • Freaking Sweet! So, do all 20 winners get the Ultimate edition of the game?

  • congrats you guys, well deserved!! 10 days to go!!!

  • Are our names in the video too, or just the video clips?

  • congrats to the winners!
    It’s a shame only US residents could participate this contest, but yet i sent mine entry to the contest.
    Here is mine entry:

  • LMAO @ 31 …we figured a bit of gratuitous cleavage couldn’t hurt his chances ;}

  • What the…no one has responded to my question .C’mon ken,or jeff or somebody.

  • I’m a freakin winner! I can’t believe it, I’m shaking right now, but I’m scared I won’t receive the physical portion of the gift, I moved sine entering the contest! Hope there’s an email verification for address, hope they can cross reference my psn name with my new addy or something. I;m so freakin pumped! Thank you SCEA!

  • @32 you’re completely right, I am in no way a quarterback for an nfl franchise and am in no way paid nearly as much

  • Congrats to the winners

  • Hey Ken, man, could you confirm if you guys manage to receive my entry? I just want to know for the records :)


    Thank you

  • @47

    Unfortunately the entry deadline was a few months ago.
    The contest is over.
    Your video is awesome tho!
    I’d give ya a trophy for it if I had one!!:)

  • Congrats to the winners!

    Glad to see a Gamer Advisory Panel member get a win, congrats EXTREME_rkmn!!! :-)

  • Still no confirmation email? sigh, if anyone reads old posts and comments (which I seriously doubt) please contact me, I am a winner and am seemingly at a loss. moved since entering….

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