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Attention, private military operatives. Brian Gauld here providing you with vital information on how you can become the Ultimate MAG Soldier. Between now and May 29, compete in the MAG online ladder on for your chance at prizes valued at over $15,000 including Sony Style Gift Cards and MAG PlayStation Home virtual items. Every month there’s a new challenge and with each challenge comes another chance for you to win prizes from your friends here at SCEA. At the end of each of the three months, prizes will be awarded to the top 10 challenge finishers.

MAG GameBattles - Become the Ultimate MAG Soldier

In order to participate, you’ll need to authenticate your PlayStation Network ID on GameBattles in your Profile. Not a GameBattles member? Sign-up here. Registration is open so join the shadow war, and sign-up quickly to become the Ultimate MAG Soldier.

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  • Sweet! Love these competitions.

  • Im on GameBattles on the time.

    Great site, prepared to be seriously beaten in the MLG Tourny unless you try hard :D

    If you would like to add me on GB, add:

  • they really need to fix the log in on here…

  • SVER is the best faction !!

  • how am i logged in under someone elses name??

  • jo, are u on a psp go right now also?

  • MAG = boring.

  • sounds fun! good luck to all! i suck at these games so count me out! i’m just a casual raven sniper – hehehe! RAVENS RULE!

  • Sounds cool and its good for everyone involved. I won’t win because I don’t have 24/7 to play games but good luck to those trying.

    To bad the GB community is full of idiots on their forums and has a crap community.

  • I traded in MAG for Bad Company 2. I thought they’d have everything balanced and pretty much fixed so it would only be minor patches and new DLC content like new weapon add-ons, new weapons, and new maps. As it is they treated the retail like a beta and keep releasing giant patches completely re-balancing weapon sets and the like. Seriously, that dramatic of a change needs to happen in beta, I enjoyed it to, so much potential with the massive battles and war-vibe. As it is BC2 just blows it out of the water AND it has a phenomenal single player campaign.

  • i see Raven bias in your avatar :-D

  • Same here. I’m still rooting for SVER :)

  • Cool idea but I (and I bet most of you) took MAG back to the store and traded up for Bad Company 2, Dice put in the work on BFBC2 and it shows, MAG has no draw to it, nothing new, no real vehicles no one works together just a ton of LAG, connection errors every 20 mins and a big crowd of fools playing it. BFBC2 is the REAL deal. :)

  • There’s a typo in the title. Just figured I’d let you know so it can be edited.

  • nice lil tourny

  • If this were 1.02 MAG I would be all over it, but post 1.02, I’ll sadly have to pass :(

  • @17

    update 1.03 wasn’t THAT drastic, was it?

  • Why this hate for MAG? Join a clan and it will be great fun!

    btw. Can zipper tell how many unique players are online every week? Has it sold more then 500k WW? I want the MAG community to grow and be as active as possible. People should stop be so aggressive and give the game time to adjust to the community. instead of trade the game in, hold on to it and speak to the developers and give them info on what you would like to have.

    I have bought Bad Company 2 and it is fun but MAG is the best of them. It offers a deeper tactical nature and it has the good old feel of Battlefield 2 mixed whit Cod4 on a gigantic scale. Just love it and well done Zipper!

  • can anyone tell me, how do i play on gamebattles?

    im very new to gamebattles never been on it b4

  • Not open to Canadians?? (again???)

    Please put this in the damn post and don’t make us search all over gamebattles website reading fine print only to find out that this contest is once again only open to Americans.

    Also, please don’t blame our contest laws, they are no different from the various state laws. There have been contests/tournaments that DID include Canadians (including the Resistance PSP tourney) so it is possible. We Canadians could gladly gather together the $200.00 consultation fee to ensure we get in future tourneys if Sony is so broke that they can’t afford to do it themselves.

  • CANADIANS eh?? it’s because of the hockey thing I understand, GG usa.

  • King0fHearts2007

    I still don’t get it? Is this for team’s only?

  • I traded in my MAG for Bad Company 2 realized how great MAG was and had to sell a few other games so I could go buy MAG again.

    I hate you guys.

  • You may not like MAG, but it’s getting annoying hearing people complain about MAG bringing nothing new to the table, and complain about the new patch.

    Tell me one game that is like MAG; one. Even if it didn’t bring anything new to the table – which it does – big deal? A game doesn’t have to be groundbreaking to be fun.

    Some of you traded in MAG because of the new patch? Wow, you guys must truly suck – bitter, salty and stubborn are some adjectives that come to mind. Guess what, you’re still going to suck at the new shooter. Everyone complained that the guns weren’t balanced before the patch. They improved on the weapon balance a great deal – although it’s still not perfect – and people still complain. You just can’t please some people.


    In fact: MLG anywhere near a game I own = INSTA-DO NOT WANT.

  • Wow, how some people get off topic… I will not comment on MAG but to say I enjoy it for what it is.. Just as I enjoy COD MWWF2 and BFBC2 I have all 3… However this new gamebattles thing really made me excited. MAG is designed for competitions for contracts already. So the concept of team battling for prizes and presitge on a world wild level is very apealling to me.. I’ve gone through the registration and the PSN link, and it has been accepted. But still there are not stats transferred and the teaming system isn’t even set up.. It is truly dissappointing.. I would hope someone from Zipper or somewhere would let us know why you would post this thing when it isn’t set up or working… But I guess look at the game itself and I have my answer… Just another failure..


    WTF? Go MW2!

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