The Tester Episode 3 Available Today

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After only two episodes, it is great to hear that so many of you are enjoying The Tester and making Thursday night viewings of The Tester with your friends in PlayStation Home Theater a weekly destination.

Now, eight contenders remain and in Episode 3, “No Cry in Team,” they face one of the most demanding challenges in the series. This week, it’s all about teamwork. Wielding a giant slingshot and the “TesterNet”, these contenders must prove they can work together when the pressure is on.

If that isn’t hard enough, Mr. David Jaffe is back on the panel. And the cast is definitely out to impress him! Can Amped keep it straight? Will Big D deliver?

You don’t want to miss Episode 3.

And remember, The Tester is available in both Standard and High Definition formats from PlayStation Store and also showing in the PlayStation Home Theater where another free cast T-shirt will be rewarded. The Tester commemorative items are also available in the Theater and Central Plaza kiosks in PlayStation Home.

Thanks again for downloading and watching. Enjoy the show!

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  • It’s actually available right NOW on the video store. Go and download it

  • Love the show so far; great concept !

  • im a huge fan of the show xD 5/5!

  • Keep it up guys!
    I have a feeling that if there is enough fan support for this series, there might be more than just ‘The Tester’ to come in the future. Horrayy for Original Programming!

  • Good show so far

  • Why are you guys wasting Mr Jaffe’s time when he should be working on the next Twisted Metal or wildly exciting game for PS3.

  • Lovin it :-)

  • Awesome. Cyrus for the win :)

  • It seems that only Cyrus (and one time Fame Girl) has been pimping/discussing the show on here. What’s up with that?

    Was Cyrus/We you, Cyrus, chosen as the “unofficial” Playstation Blog dude or what? Not that I mind… dude/you seems pretty cool, I should try and “friend” him/you over on my system, just to see all those trophies! ;)

  • i finally can sign in in to the blog whooo whoo!

    i was beginning to have blog withdrawals because i couldnt comment on here since last sunday XD

  • Love the show and I’m not a big fan of contestant/reality TV shows. More Jaffe! I demand more Jaffe!

  • Great show Sony!
    Keep it coming

  • Great Show


  • I absolutely love this show! Just wish the episodes were a little longer lol.

  • i really enjoy the show , hope to see more original programming on the network very soon and sony’s own playstation tv show too , i have a question i wanted to rent The Eclipse but why is it $12? isnt it supposed to be $5.99?

  • Is it airing in Home yet so I can have my new shirt? Or is there no new shirt this week?

    • Episode 3 rolls in PlayStation Home Theater # 8 at 6 PM EST.

      You\’ll also see Episode 2 then play in the Lobby.

      And, yes, a new cast shirt will be avail in the Theater.

  • yay I can sign into the blog again too. does anyone even know why we couldn’t for like a week? hey kevin, any word on when this is gonna hit the home theater? I prefer watching it their because it streams faster then it dl from the store. either way thanks!

  • No Qore this week
    Tell Square-Enix we are still waiting on that FFXIII DEMO U know it comes out in 5 days=)

    • The March episode of Qore is scheduled for next Thursday. It\’s got a beautiful in-depth feature on FFXIII, an exclusive digital look at the upcoming God of War III graphic novel, an extensive preview of Lost Planet 2, and a Heavy Rain dynamic theme.

  • Y’all shoulda tested the leap year rollover on phats as well as some of these games.

    I seem to have permalost two trophies from Dragon Age. One popped up on the 28th and the other didn’t after the changeover. But now I reload the save file just before getting them and I can’t get them! I don’t have them now and I can’t seem to make them appear either. I can’t find anything on this online.

    Anybody have any advice?

  • When is the store going to be updated? I’ve been waiting for Lunar: Silver Star Harmony for 2 days now. Common already!!

  • wow! i can finally sign in too! i thought it was just me…

    good to be back!

  • This is the first ever reality show I enjoy! Keep ’em coming!

  • Yeah it’s a pretty good show! Yay for Sony and there creativity! Except that first guy they eliminated was just WEIRD! Lol.

  • this show just got awesome. third episode def. kicks butt.

  • Where is Metal Slug XX on the PSN?!

  • haha, I had one of those REALLY proud moments when david jaffe sat there on the table in the 2nd episode, I was like: “THAT’s my guy, from my team! GOD OF WAR!!! and it was nice to see the black guy flippin bout it, (was it “neuseous”?)

  • How about posting a FFXIII demo?

  • I was hoping for a show like this a long time from SONY and it’s finally here…. am enjoying it along with my girlfriend who loves it too.

    Cant wait to see how they do with the controllers in their hands.

    P.S.: 720 Hi-Def is great!!! But, I wouldn’t mind seeing it in 1080p tho.

  • @ 28 what is the point? lol Its not like its the movie 2012 or something.

  • I have actually been quite impressed with the show so far. I really expected it to be one giant groan-fest, but they’ve done a decent job of making the challenges very pertinent to the job so far. Looking forward to watching this one tonight after I get home from work. If it stays this passable, I’ll keep downloading and watching! Congrats so far! :)

  • Watching a show to see who “wins” a entry-level job that pays $10-12 an hour with no job security. (Projects end and you’re 100 times more expendable than developers and coders.) I don’t get it.

  • Loving the Tester, just finished watching Episode 3 and didn’t want to see that gamer go. The show is awesome Sony, can’t wait for next week!!

  • Wow after week’s I’m finally able to login!!

  • how much is it?

  • Pretty good show, but I must the HOST of the show… that chick is HOTTTTT. Very very cute!

    One of the reason I watch this show.

  • I can’t wait until episode 3 is available. I see that some of you have already watched it, but I just checked the store, and it isn’t there. I’ll have to check later.

  • This show is great, just wish it was longer. I hope they keep doing this, and I to would like to see more PS original shows.

  • It’s absolutely free that’s the best part… Free TV!!!

  • @29…My set can handle it, and “I LOVE”

  • We all love high-def…..didn’t know what I was missing until I got it. (Some games didn’t work well on my old tv so I had to upgrade).

  • I don’t get it, it just seems like real world/road rules with a dash of gaming in it to justify the relation to game testing.

    Not saying it’s a bad show, guess I’m just not that in to reality TV to make this show worth watching.


    @40 I could live without high-def. It’s great, don’t get me wrong, but, back in the day, I used to watch tv that was so snowy, you could barely make out the shapes of people. As long as it’s not snowy or really pixelated, I’m happy, lol.

  • i’m sorry but if they don’t play actual video games as a challenge then what is the pont of watching. and that chick that the fat beerios dude and the other chump in their alliance thinks is hot, not that hot.


    @43 Being a tester doesn’t mean that you have to play the game well. That’s not a testers job. A testers job is to find the glitches in a game, not be better at playing the game than the other testers.

  • Anyone know when updates happen there is supposed to be a mlb2k10 demo added? Even though i heard the game is not that good would like to try.

  • Yeah this show is ok so far. I think all reality tv shows are corny and a little lame, this show included. But I do like to watch it, it is cool to see original programing on PSN and it is so cool to be able to watch these in the HOME theater with friends and peers. I hope to see more things like this in the HOME theater, maybe even netflix area for members to watch streaming content together? That would be to cool to be true.

  • I’d rather the contestants each be outfitted with:

    Then, have them compete for the job that way :)

  • whew..finally able to sign in and comment again. i was unable to since Sun. ???? Anyway, the Tester, i love it! to all that anything to with it, sincerely, GREAT JOB!!!

  • ya… but where’s the store update? ): it’s usually here by now

  • why has’nt the store been updated yet

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