Pillar of the Skies – A New World of Topatoi on PSN Tomorrow

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I’m Alex, CEO of Boolat Games. From now on I’ll be with you to share all the news from Boolat Games studio. Firstly, I’m happy to announce that the second episode of our PS3 exclusive, puzzle-oriented platformer Topatoi will be releasing on the PlayStation Store tomorrow. Take a whirligig under control and fasten your seat belts.

topatoi Pillar of the Skies banner

As we already informed you, Topatoi: Pillar of the Skies introduces an absolutely new mechanical world and a plenty of new features. Check out the gameplay video to get a glimpse of what’s coming out your way:

If you’re expecting to read about all the cool features of Pillar of the Skies, check out our previous European post. So I’ll pass on the storyline we described earlier and move to the most important thing – the core gameplay — I believe it would be most interesting for all you guys. So Topatoi is a platformer, but as you might have noticed, it differs from a classic platformer for a few reasons. First of all, it introduces the freedom of a 3D world like most of the latest adventure games. But the main difference here is that you have no character to control, but a whirligig vehicle that you drive. You’ll learn the controls for convenient driving, and in Topatoi, controls are quite simple – you can spin your whirligig up or down:

  • High Spin Rate = High Speed & Long Jumps BUT Difficult Controls
  • Low Spin Rate = Low Speed & Short Jumps BUT Sensitive Controls

topatoi Pillar of the Skies screenshot 1 topatoi Pillar of the Skies screenshot 2

As you can see, it makes classic controls tricky and adds an element of racing, but it’s fun.

So spin, feel spin and control spin are really valuable here! Want to jump as long as you can? Spin up your vehicle! Want to stop? Drop your spin rate to zero! Follow those rules and you’ll pass all 34 levels of Topatoi and earn the 19 trophies it has to offer.

Stay tuned, share your thoughts, ask your questions here or through Topatoi’s group on Facebook and have fun.

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  • wonderful game, still need to get the other addon though.

  • Dyah-koo-yoo Alex! I’m glad we finally get this chapter, great game. Very unique experience, fun and good story.

    • Alexander Chigorin

      Bud\’ laska SpyDudeFX :)! I\’m glad you liked the game. I\’m sure you\’ll find much more fun with new levels! And thanks for a clear Ukrainian speech :).

  • I’ll be getting this tomorrow when the store is updated. I enjoyed the first part and also appreciated the free arcade style pack DLC.

  • sorry, but this still appears to still have a lot of distracting aliasing artifacts and blurry textures. I assume that means the audio quality is still also poor.

    the pricing is right, but until I play a demo with those shortcomings fixed, I won’t buy any episodes. you’re definitely not using all the SPUs, so dedicating one to 2X MSAA and updating your audio assets to FLAC shouldn’t be a big deal.

    make another post when the episodes have been “remastered” to what Gamers expect of PSN games and then I’ll try the demo again.

  • man plaztiksyke, you are one of the most obsessive people out certain things that really don’t matter, and one can never assume that the audio is poor purely based on the fact it used to be, you always ask the same questions of all the devs, and to 99.9% of people that stuff really doesn’t matter, idk what you do for a living but if it’s so easy etc, why don’t you start up your own studio and give us something to play

  • Very fun game

    Episode 2 was released in Europe a couple weeks ago and I really liked the new environments.


  • PlasmaGlory is controlling you.

  • I’m interested in this, but there is no demo for the original. Can’t really take the plunge without a sample.

  • There is definitely a demo on the US PSN store (or at least there was recently). I found it immensely fun, though I haven’t yet gotten around to buying the game. It’s a very interesting physics-based platformer requiring a degree of skill to maneuver about, though I wish the visual quality was improved. Hopefully Boolat sells a ton, because I’d like to see them carry their ideas further.

    And here is a favorable review: http://worthplaying.com/article/2009/8/12/reviews/64259/

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