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Hi Everyone!

In the last Patchwork Heroes blog post, Brian Chou introduced you to the world of Patchwork Heroes…and YES, it’s a very unique game that’s difficult to describe. Coming from our very creative minds at PlayStation in Japan who brought you titles like LocoRoco, Patapon, and echochrome, this is another unique title unlike anything you’ve played before. Thankfully you’ll be able to discover the unique wit and charm of this game soon, because the demo will be available Tomorrow, right here on the Playstation Network.  

Patchwork Heroes screenshot New 4

For those of you that can’t wait, or want to know more about the game before the demo hits, here’s a short description to whet your appetite. You play as Titori, the squad leader of a rag-tag airborne demolition team tasked with defending your small town from an armada of flying battleships. Out-manned, out-gunned, and OUT OF YOUR MIND, you must drop in on these mechanical behemoths and dismantle them piece by piece with nothing more than your hammer, saw, and keen insight on destruction. To make matters worse, these juggernauts are defended by robotic insects bent on taking you out and keeping their ships flying. Fortunately for you, there are a variety of power-ups to make your job easier: among them, bombs to take out hard points and a clock stopper to freeze time and bypass enemies.

game14Patchwork Heroes screenshot New 2  Patchwork Heroes screenshot New 5

I know a lot of people were trying to figure out the genre of the game – the best I can do is describe it as sort of an action-puzzle game. As for the art style, I think it’s perfect – it’s kind of Potemkinesque and reflects the utilitarian nature of these Patchwork Heroes. And, yes, this game is chock full of whimsical humor :)

We’re working on a trailer to show you what the game looks like in action and hope to have it ready in the very near future. But be sure to check out the demo so you can judge for yourself!

Look for more news on the full game, coming soon to the Playstation Network, here on the PS.Blog. I hope you enjoy the demo and the game as much as we enjoyed making it!

Patchwork Heroes screenshot New 1

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6 Author Replies

  • is this for PSP or PS3?

  • Great! Can’t wait to give it a shot. That particular development team oozes creativity on the PSP platform.


  • I see you were from Folklore. Seeing as how the game had good support for DLC, is there any chance, however old it maybe, we’ll see trophies for the game? Or a sequel? It is easily one of my favorite games, and I know I’m not the only one who feels that way. It would be really great <3

    • Folklore was a great game to work on and holds a very special place in my heart. I have not heard any plans for a sequel, but if there is one, would love to work on it. The team has move on and is hopefully working on another hit, but with the ability to patch games, anything (including trophies) is possible.

  • Great! Very interested in this title. First EoJ: Legends demo last week now this for this week – thanks for giving the PSP some love!

  • Looks really good, as long as it’s not $14.99 I’m sold!

  • The PSP sure has been getting a lot of interesting downloadable games from japan recently. If this keeps up I’m going to need another memory stick…

    So the objective of this game is to dismantle stuff? A game based around destructable enviroments sounds cool. I always did enjoy digging up stuff with shovels in Zelda or breaking all the walls in Bomberman and so on. Breaking things apart can be so satisfying at times. :p

  • @2. Psp dude look at the tags.

  • All over this since the first screenshots.
    Thanks in advance for the demo!

  • I’ve played the japanese demo and the game is very fun. was able to get to the 3rd level.

    still would like to see a pdf reader for the psp

  • While I don’t currently own a PSP, that doesn’t mean I can’t be excited for a game I can’t currently play.

    I have a question on the blog post itself.
    Potemkinesque? What does THAT mean when relating to an art style?

    • Was trying to evoke a retro-soviet-propaganda-cartoon style(without saying \’retro-soviet-propaganda-cartoon\’). Was not trying to imply that it\’s a fake village or game ;)

  • If it’s on PS3, this is a definite purchase for me. I loved Qix and this is a nice nod to that classic game with a cute art design.

    Who did the music? Will it be 24-bit and/or losslessly compressed?


  • HECK YES! I’ve been waiting for this since the localization announcement. THANK YOU!!

  • Sounds like a fun game. Looking forward to trying the demo.

  • sounds cool cant wait to try it… also can you please make a patapon game for the ps3


    patapon is the best psp game IMO and i would love to enjoy it on the ps3 in full HD :)

  • looks fantastic. great art style. expect nothing less from this japanese studio. I’ve got my fingers crossed for ps3 supporting psp games. Would be great to play an upscaled version of this game on a tv.

  • I’m new to PSP. Is there anyone that can tell me on how to download music to the PSP. I’m missing something.

  • this game need UMD release, and comes with a mini poster or something. I don’t mind paying 5 bucks more for those

  • @efong
    $9.99?! Even with 22 games currently in my backlog and being unable to complete demo stage 3 I still can’t say no at that price. :D

    Do you think you could get SCEA to drop the Folklore DLC price or make 1 last cheaper bundle of it? $18 for all of that DLC isn’t bad per say, but it’s several years old at this point. I’d love to have it but that price is still a tad to much for me.

  • I was wondering, will this game have AD-HOC mode, or infrastructure?

  • wow all these demo are good and some ar very borin

  • i like uncharted 2 among theifs i beat it in like 3 day lol

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