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Hi Everyone!

In the last Patchwork Heroes blog post, Brian Chou introduced you to the world of Patchwork Heroes…and YES, it’s a very unique game that’s difficult to describe. Coming from our very creative minds at PlayStation in Japan who brought you titles like LocoRoco, Patapon, and echochrome, this is another unique title unlike anything you’ve played before. Thankfully you’ll be able to discover the unique wit and charm of this game soon, because the demo will be available Tomorrow, right here on the Playstation Network.  

Patchwork Heroes screenshot New 4

For those of you that can’t wait, or want to know more about the game before the demo hits, here’s a short description to whet your appetite. You play as Titori, the squad leader of a rag-tag airborne demolition team tasked with defending your small town from an armada of flying battleships. Out-manned, out-gunned, and OUT OF YOUR MIND, you must drop in on these mechanical behemoths and dismantle them piece by piece with nothing more than your hammer, saw, and keen insight on destruction. To make matters worse, these juggernauts are defended by robotic insects bent on taking you out and keeping their ships flying. Fortunately for you, there are a variety of power-ups to make your job easier: among them, bombs to take out hard points and a clock stopper to freeze time and bypass enemies.

game14Patchwork Heroes screenshot New 2  Patchwork Heroes screenshot New 5

I know a lot of people were trying to figure out the genre of the game – the best I can do is describe it as sort of an action-puzzle game. As for the art style, I think it’s perfect – it’s kind of Potemkinesque and reflects the utilitarian nature of these Patchwork Heroes. And, yes, this game is chock full of whimsical humor :)

We’re working on a trailer to show you what the game looks like in action and hope to have it ready in the very near future. But be sure to check out the demo so you can judge for yourself!

Look for more news on the full game, coming soon to the Playstation Network, here on the PS.Blog. I hope you enjoy the demo and the game as much as we enjoyed making it!

Patchwork Heroes screenshot New 1

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