Naughty Dog at GDC – We Want Your Questions!

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It’s almost here! On March 9 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco the Game Developer’s Conference officially kicks off and Naughty Dog plans to have a big presence. Many of our folks will be participating in numerous sessions, panels, and tutorials. For the full list, please see below, but first let’s talk about one session in particular.

On Thursday, March 11 from 4:30 – 5:30 PM PST, Naughty Dog’s co-lead Game Designer, Richard Lemarchand, will be participating in a session with Baiyon, graphic artist and composer of Q-Games’ PixelJunk Eden, and they want to take your questions to be answered during the panel!

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The session will take form as a lively discussion on the inherent similarities of artistic endeavor and will encompass conversations on Richard’s and Baiyon’s games, and the nature of creativity and process in games. We’re hoping to use a number of questions submitted by the community to lead the conversation. If you have a question you’d like to have answered during this panel, please submit it in the comments below and we’ll do our best to get it answered at GDC. We welcome all kinds of questions, serious, fun, etc…we’re looking for variety! Get your questions in before Friday; we’ll close all submissions after that.

Finally, if you’re planning to attend GDC, we hope to see you in the audience or around Moscone!

Naughty Dog at GDC

Thursday (March 11, 2010) 1:30pm — 2:30pm
Among Friends – An UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Post-Mortem
Richard Lemarchand (Game Designer, Naughty Dog)
Room 134, North Hall

Thursday (March 11, 2010) 3:00pm — 4:00pm
Behind the Scenes: UNCHARTED 2’s Unique Cinematic Production Process
Josh Scherr (Cinematics Animation Lead, Naughty Dog), Amy Hennig (Creative Director, Naughty Dog, Inc.)
Room 303, South Hall

Thursday (March 11, 2010) 4:30pm — 5:30pm
Micro or Massive: It’s Fricking Tough to Achieve a Vision
Baiyon Tomohisa Kuramitsu (Graphic Artist/Composer, PixelJunk/Eden), Richard Lemarchand (Game Designer, Naughty Dog)
Room 135, North Hall

Friday (March 12, 2010) 9:00am — 10:00am
GDC Microtalks 2010: Ten Speakers, 200 Slides, Limitless Ideas!
Richard Lemarchand (Game Designer, Naughty Dog), Ian Bogost (Associate Professor, The Georgia Institute of Technology), Chaim Gingold (levity lab), Gary Penn (Guru, Denki), Sam Roberts (Festival Director,, Margaret Robertson (Consultant and writer, Lookspring), Kellee Santiago (President and Co Founder, thatgamecompany), Suzanne Seggerman (President, Games for Change), Jesse Schell (ETC Carnegie Mellon, Schell Games), Jane Pinckard (Business Development, Foundation 9 Entertainment)
Room 134, North Hall

Friday (March 12, 2010) 1:30pm — 2:30pm
Creating the Active Cinematic Experience of UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves
Bruce Straley (Game Director, Naughty Dog), Neil Druckmann (Co-Lead Designer, Naughty Dog)
Room 305, South Hall

Friday (March 12, 2010) 4:30pm — 5:30pm
UNCHARTED 2 Art Direction
Erick Pangilinan (Art Director, Naughty Dog), Robh Ruppel (Art Director, Naughty Dog)
Room 306, South Hall

Saturday (March 13, 2010) 10:30am — 11:30am
UNCHARTED 2 Character Pipeline: An In-depth Look at the Creation of U2’s Characters
Richard Diamant (Lead Character Artist, Naughty Dog Inc.), Judd Simantov (Lead Character Technical Director, Naughty Dog Inc)
Room 135, North Hall

Saturday (March 13, 2010) 1:30pm — 2:30pm
Animation and Player Control in UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune and UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves
Travis McIntosh (Lead Programmer, Naughty Dog Inc.)
Room 135, North Hall

Saturday (March 13, 2010) 1:30pm — 2:30pm
Getting Noticed: Why You Need an Online Portfolio and How to Make One
Jacob Minkoff (Game Designer, Naughty Dog Inc)
Room 306, South Hall

Saturday (March 13, 2010) 3:00pm — 4:00pm
John Hable (Programmer, Naughty Dog)
Room 305, South Hall

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  • I was wondering if they are planing on taking a Q from Heavy Rain,and used multiple controllable characters to tell their next story(uncharted 3).

  • 1) What type of qualities do you look for in a tester?

    2)What programs do use for animation, modeling, are there any books or workshops you would suggest taking to learn them?

    3)How important to you think networking is, as a basis for getting your foot in the door, What do you think the most efficient way to get your foot in the door is?

    4)Where do you see the industry as a whole moving?

    5)What are the main issues when developing a game?

    6)What do you look for most in an animator, level designer, producer, what type of college experience can prepare you?

    7) Are there any particular college courses that helped more than others when applied to game design? Did you go to a school based on Game Design, University, or community college?

    8)How much help do you get from other studios? What are the benefits? What are potential issues from that?

    9) Do you feel that it’s better to improve the foundation of a game to higher levels, or try to innovate with the potential to fall short of your goals?

    10) How hard is it to manage expectations during a project?


  • What was the most useful lessons that you gained from creating Uncharted 2 that you’ll carry over to future games?

  • *Any plans on adding some/more black people in your games?

    *You’ve topped the charts and proven the best in Third Person Action Adventure title in 2009 which will be remembered for a long time.
    Every think of topping the charts in Hack n Slash action adventure games?

    Currently Bayonetta holds the lead with it’s superior mega smashing gameplay.
    Ever think of borrowing more ideas from other Hack n Slash and using it all together to create your own destructive title to top 2011/2012?

    Please make more Hack n Slash, no point trying to top FPS, Criterion is working on that.

    *Which console do you plan on making a game for as it’s lead? You do know the possibilities of the PS3’s 6 axis motion controller. Quantic Dream has proven useful things what the motion PS3’s Dualshock 3 can do.

    Do you have plans for the Dual Shock 3 motion control?

    *Plans for moving on to Survival Horror?

  • When will we see Jak 4?!!?!?

  • lots of good questions here. mine is asked a couple of times:

    when will we see uncharted 3?

    after water (UC1) and snow (UC2) how about: fog and/or lava ? I would love to see a bit darker level design. I really liked the old German parts in UC with the u-know-who in there. I must say I liked those guys better than the new guys (in tibet)


  • @53 cool: *Plans for moving on to Survival Horror?

    yeah dead space sound with UC2 graphics! cool

  • I only have 1 question hope it gets answered.

    With the tech behind GOW3 and its MLAA methods. Will it be possible to incorporate that AA with future ND games?

    If or if not how would you go about sharing specific software techniques with other studios.

  • 1- Why do other developers struggle with the mandatory install?
    2- You claimed that you are using 100 CPU+GPU of PS3… okay you can always make system busy, but the real question is from scale 1 to 10 how much have you optimized the codes?
    3- Will you be improving in destructible environment?
    4-Why don’t you commercialize your engine to other developer?
    5-You are not utilizing the full space of BD, couldn’t it be possible to put more richer texture? or it was is just a limit of your game design?
    6-Why do developer struggle when developing multiplatform, and why the exclusives out performs in term of graphic quality? need a technical answer?
    6-When will you make public your GDC presentations?
    7-How many engineers-programmers worked on your game engine?
    8-Does your engine support dynamic whether?

    Thanks for reading, and congratulations for such a brilliant work.

  • Q: As I was playing through Uncharted 2, I was of course impressed with the amazing graphics and so on. But as I played through, I noticed some details in the game which really impressed me, and got me thinking. I saw one of the chickens in the town, and I noticed how fantastic the animations was, for something as unimportant as a chicken. I watched it for some time, but how do you at Naughty Dog know where to stop? How do you know where to give the extra effort? Surely you can’t (even as much as you wish) keep the level of detail on EVERY object.

    That chicken was a real eye-opener.

  • So, besides uncharted 3, whats next for naughty dog?

  • Do you plan on adding support for the playstation motion controller(PSarc?) to uncharted 2? As far as using it for faster and more accurate aiming in gun fights.

  • 1. Will there be more Multiplayer Coop added to Uncharted 2? I’ve played the 3 available way too many times! (I’m thinking of the Story Coops, not the survival or Gold-rush)

    2. will there be additional weapons added to uncharted 2 some time in the near future?

    3. how much more DLC is planned, or should we go ahead and start hoping for an Uncharted 3?

  • 2 questions.
    1 can you give developers like 2K, quantic dream, polophony digital and all 3rd party developers a few lessons?
    PD have spent 5 years making GT5 its still not out and you have managed to create a better game in less than 2 years.
    same goes for quantic dream, 2K well LA Noire, mafia 2, max payne 3.
    point being there are so many developers that take 4+ years to make a game and cant even come close to what ND managed in 2.

    question 2 when is the remake of crash bandicoot coming out?

  • -What’s your opinion of your Japanese overlords?
    -How do you think they could do their job better?
    -How could they help you do yours better?

  • Will you please make a role playing game, to compete with others like Final Fantasy or Fallout? With Naughty Dog’s skills, I can imagine how epic you could make it. Thanks for the great games you have made so far.

  • I only have 1 question. Is Jak & Daxter coming to the PlayStation 3?

  • Hi guys,

    I have 2 questions for you :

    1°) Is there a 3D stereoscopic patch coming for your already released games ? Or will your next creation will use this tech from day one ?

    2°) We want a Jak & Daxter Collection pleaaaaaaaaase !!!!

    Greeting to you guys from Morocco! Keep up the good work !

  • What did you learn from using Twitter in Uncharted 2 and do you foresee that functionality in your future games? Maybe applied in other ways?

  • When will Naughty dog introduce new IP?

  • My question is pretty good.

    Will you PLEASE consider having talks with LucasArts about taking over the Indiana Jones franchise! Uncharted and Uncharted 2 are modern reincarnations of our beloved archaeologist from the 80s, and LucasArts has YET to make a REALLY GOOD Indiana Jones game. Naughty Dog could make Indy the way he’s supposed to be in a video game – action-oriented, and FUN!

  • Are there any chances of you guys making a Jak and Daxter collection like the God of War one for the PS3?

    I think there are a lot of fans of the series who would love to get to play these games again if say they only have a PS3 slim.

  • 1. Besides the action-adventure genre, what other genres are you looking into for major productions.

    2. Anything on a possible PSP title?

    3. I can’t go without asking an Uncharted question. In Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, you made water look gorgeous; with Among Thieves, you nailed snow. What environmental feature are you looking into perfecting next (not just with Uncharted, but with any game)?

  • I have a question
    when will I be able to voice chat across two different games?

  • way off topic : Hey Jeff or Chris im wondering why there hasnt been a post about the surprise sony sequel game that GTTV claim to be debuting tonight , i guess its not that big of a suprise

  • There has been a lot of news since Uncharted 2 was released up till even now with the release of GoW3 on the technical advancements with the PS3 for providing high quality and great looking games. Has Naughty Dog worked with any third-party developers recently to help them utilize these methods created in-house? Does Naughty Dog see many third-party developers looking to refine and improve the technical aspects of their games based on Sony’s internally developed projects?

  • will we see a jak and daxter game on the ps3? or will u guys bring the jak trilogy 2 the ps3?

  • 1. Have you thought of designing any brand new software for the PS3 this year (non-gaming related) for example, VidZone, Photo Gallery, Adhoc Party and PlayStation Home(sort of) and deciding to purchase other multi-platform franchises for you to work on?
    2. Why did you name yourself Naughty Dog and not something/anything else?
    3. How do you think you got this far, all the way to GOTY 2009?
    4. How grateful (if you are) to Sony for funding your project and giving plenty of aid?

  • Hey whats up Naughty Dog! I’m glad that yall have some talented dogs at the dog house haha, but since yall talk with other developers inside and outside 1st party; Has Naughty Dog ever enticed other teams from 3rd parties to develop for the Ps3? If so whom? In any particular way did yall help Santa Monica to develop “God of War 3”? How would yall feel if Vince Zampella and Jason West/Infinity Ward joined Naughty Dog or any Sony as a 1st Party?

  • 1.Are you up for a new IP?
    2.What was project that you loved the most at Naughty Dog?
    3.Do you love Sony?
    4.i hope you were kidding when talking about sport game with motion control, YOU BETTER BE KIDDING!!!!
    5.Are you happy with NaughtyDog in this position?

    i respect NaughtyDog as much as i respect Insomniac Game

  • i have 1 question and 1 question only…


    I miss crash bandicoot and would love to see a new game out soon, that would b like a dream come true!!!

  • Man so many people asking for jack and daxter blahh what ever happend to crash bandicoot guys? i dont care much for jack and daxter sorry but i love crash bandicoot.

    When (if ever) will you guys make a new crash bandicoot for PS3??? i dont want to go on any longer with no new crash bandicoot game =,(

  • Why did you decide to tack on an utterly pointless multiplayer section to what should have been a strictly single player game?

  • Does Naughty Dog need any more game testers? How complex were the PS3 Dev Kits when they were 1st touched by Naughty Dog Paws? If I was interested in game designing what degree should I be looking to get into? Could you ever see a videogame that implemented many Playstation licensed Characters against each other like a Playstation form of Smash Bros? Dat would be awesome right? Could it be possible to build and engine That combined multiple engines from different Devs and make a Universal Supreme Engine “USE” ;) that way everybody can pitch in their ideas and implement stuff that eases the development struggle for 3rd party devs so they can make fantastic games as well. Thank You for your time.

  • Is there any plans to make new co-op objective levels in multiplayer?
    I’d like to see more of the palace in the beginning of the story, more of shambala, and maybe a level like the train section of the story, 3 co-op objective levels is just not enough because not everyone likes to play the deathmatch or elimination games etc.

  • i know someone’s asked this already most likely but just in case…

    will we see Jak&Daxter on the PS3? if so when?

    will we see a Jak&Daxter space in Home?

    is Uncharted going to be an ongoing franchise or are we in for a new IP soon?

  • Serious Question

    1.) Music, i love Uncharted 1 & 2’s Soundtrack, How important is music for you guys? I think you made the right choice on Greg Edmonson.

    Fun Question

    2.) Throught The Two Games, Nathan Drake encounters many foes, (spoiler spoiler). Could we see him encounter a Cabbage Eating Fire Breathing Gerbil Bat Red Underwater Monkey Squirel?


    3.) In History, we learn that Sir Francis Drake DID Settel in Ireland. So, is Nathan Drake part Irish? No one could be that cool and not Irish !

  • @Arne & The Naughty Dog Peoples.

    In History, we learn that Sir Francis Drake DID Settel in Ireland. So, is Nathan Drake part Irish? No one could be that cool and not Irish !

  • Will there be a GT5 release date announced at GDC? What?

  • how can i submit my music to you guys for all your projects? thanks!

  • When is Game of the Year for Uncharted 2 coming?

  • Swing by our booth (1024) for live mocap demos and a pretty cool camera tracking demo too. See ya there ;)

  • Will it be possible to use custom hero skins in co-op modes like survival or gold rush. I don’t expect it in the story based ones, but those others would be nice.

  • How do you think Uncharted would be different if Drake inherited a spin-attack move from Jak? :P

  • – What do you guys plan on doing with the motion controls?

    – is Nolan North going to be there? if so, can you ask him how did you make the voice of Sigmund on Ratchet and Clank ACiT and can you do it live?!? hes amazing (and he is in almost every game i own on PS3)

  • 1. Has there ever been a point in the devolpment of either Uncharted Drake’s Fortune or Uncharted 2: Among Theives where you wanted to add in a certain feature,but you felt like you couldn’t for some reason and decided to put it in the next game? If so what was it and how did you deal with it?

    2: What is the thing you look the most for when you hire someone at such a unique game studio like Naughty Dog?

    3: Has there ever been a point in the devolpment process when you wanted to change your game so it could compete with other games on the market?

    I LOVE NAUGHTY DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i know this has nothing to do with uncharted but will you return to the Jak and Daxter series?

  • Have you ever thought of developing a game that’s like an Indiana Jones movie but starring John McClane?

  • 1) With the increasing amount of violence in video games, do you think the crash bandicoot series can survive?

    2) Can you make jak & daxter skins for Uncharted online

    3)And jak 4 exclusively for ps3?
    P.S. Can I voice a character in your next game

  • 1) If you could “Re-do” any game that is currently out there (old or new) what would it be and what would you want to do differently?

    2) Have you thought about taking the Uncharted story into space/another planet/reality?!

    3) When can we expect the next Uncharted?

    4) Thank you for making a game that made me want to purchase the PS3. Cheers!

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