Score Tickets to the Final Fantasy XIII Launch Event in San Francisco!

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UPDATE: The quiz is officially closed, and winners will be notified via email. Thanks to everyone who submitted!

There’s this PS3 game. It’s called Final Fantasy XIII. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Yeah, well if so, you’ll definitely be interested to know that we’ve worked with Square Enix to secure 100 very exclusive invites to the Final Fantasy XIII Launch Event in San Francisco. That’s right, 50 of you (plus a guest) will have the chance to mingle it up and play Final Fantasy XIII the day before it hits stores on March 9. It’ll be an afternoon of Final Fantasy where you’ll also get special fan treatment, browse a gallery of stunning artwork, check out some cool videos and meet the development staff. There are also some fantastic raffle prizes up for grabs.

WHEN: This coming Monday, March 8, 2010 (one of two afternoon sessions)
WHERE: San Francisco

Of course, we want genuine FF fans to attend, so we’re not going to simply give these tix away. But if you’re free and can be in the city of San Francisco this coming Monday afternoon and you are 18 years of age or older, take our quiz! If you’re one of the first to answer the questions correctly, we’ll send you your will-call tickets and all the info you’ll need to get to the complete Final Fantasy XIII Experience. And if you’re really quick and over 21 years old, then 5 of you (plus one guest) will be granted access to a super exclusive Final Fantasy XIII VIP event that night! Ready?


Final Fantasy XIII Box

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  • Wish I was in SanFran. I even took next week off.

    Oh well.. Maybe FFXXVI.

  • wow my brother in-law lives in San Fran, but he’s not an FF fan. What a shwaste!

    When are the winners for Ultimate god of war fan being announced?

  • Sounds cool, but I’m on the other side of the country.

  • nothing cool ever happens where i live – sigh.

  • Was annoying trying to find some of the blog posts….their search function is a bit weird! googling the posts worked better. only about an hour from SF, hope i get it.

  • lostinplainsight

    god i hate the west coast so much. no cool gaming events ever happen n.y. I hope you all fall in the ocean I’ll be down at Arizona bay for that. can you tell i’m bitter about the whole thing?lol
    good luck to every one who entered.

  • Sony for the love of god stop going to SF, NY, and other big cities! Hit up the smaller places too once in a while. What about Texas? Minnesota? Vermont? Washington DC? Those places have huge collages and you could get huge turn outs for your products rather then just small numbers of hardcore fans.

    • For what it\’s worth – this is a Square Enix party. We just asked if we could get PlayStation fans in, and they obliged.

  • Cant wait! i got 2 copies pre-ordered for PS3!

  • I will bet that those who gets invited will get the game for free. Its always like that . If there was one here in chicago i’d be the first to sign up .

  • Well, I did the quiz, but I cant get from Orlando to SF in time for all of that.

    I -reaaaaaaaally- want to though. :(

  • is there any way they can release some of the old final fantasy games on psn ive always wanted to try 1-6

  • PS1 classic cds work on ps3…collect them all…

  • I’d love to go, but cant.

    Gratz to the lucky winners!

    We’ll be waiting for the pics

  • Sweet! I took the quiz! I got days off coming up so If I win I will be making a trip there

  • Im surprised Square has time to promote this game for PS3. Thought they were too busy making love with Microsoft.

  • This game looks like garbage.

  • Wow that’s pretty sweet. Cursed having a kid to take care of ;) Hope the winners enjoy!

  • I get from school on friday and have nothing to do next week, i hope my quiz gets through

  • No NYC love?


    Have fun those who’s going tho.

  • yeah i wanted to apply to this event on the square website as well but i don’t live in cali, i could drive over there if i REAALLLYYY wanted to but i found out i have midterm that exact day so no chance… maybe some day there will actually be an event close to where i live

  • Figures this is the same day I have a job interview.

  • I’m only halfway done with Final Fantasy 13 and I have had the damn game since December. It’s pretty, but something about it just doesn’t grip me to put in long gaming sessions like other RPG’s. I do plan an finishing it though.

  • @Gunwing
    Sony hasn’t done anything in NYC dude. Get your facts straight. Don’t you see people on this blog always asking for an event in NYC?

  • I filled out the quiz. Hopefully I’m in!

  • I live in San Jose, and have loved the Final Fantasy series for a long time. So, might as well apply and see if I get lucky!


  • son of a biscuit, I know theyre giving away free copies of the game and I live in texas, this sucks

  • This sounds really cool–but we (my bro, mom and I) live in MT and we’re saving up to come to the PS Blog Meetup at E3 :-) We already got confirmed for E3 itself so yeah, this year’s fun money is going towards that hehe!

    Still–cool you guys scored tickets! Could you run the quiz again for people who can’t make it and let those people win swag? I want to take it to see how I rank as a FF fan, but I don’t want to enter a contest I know I can’t accept the prize in!

  • Why oh why must this be on a monday.. Wish it were on the weekend then i could go!!!

  • Took the quiz. Here’s hoping it wasn’t too late.

  • SWEET!!!!!!!!!! Sony and square even though i can’t go, i live in charlotte NC :(
    but still awsome

  • Thanks for scoring the extra tix

  • Chris or Jeff, any of you guys going to be at the FFXIII launch party that evening?

  • Oh man I wish I could go to this. This is my most anticipated game of this generation. Unfortunately I live in Canada and I am broke.. thanks to all the wicked ps3 games that have been coming out! poor poor me

  • the error only happens with firefox

  • OFF

    There will be portuguese in the american version of God of War 3?

  • You know what’s the worst thing for me?

    I will be in San Francisco, for the GDC, but guess what, my plane tickets are for Tuesday morning. I even have a hotel room starting Monday, but I bought my plane ticket a month ago. =(

    Had to put a “No” in my quiz. Now I’m sad.

  • Man whoever is lucky enough to win and go to this will experience a once and a lifetime event. I hope I am one of the lucky people everyone cross your fingures.

  • Would you send me plane tickets if I win?

  • *crosses fingers*

    I’m still waiting for my confirmation. I seriously hope I can get in because I’m willing to drive all the way from the Los Angeles County to San Francisco for this event! Plus, I have the GDC 2010 to look forward to that same week!!

    A big thanks to everyone at the playstation blog for allowing fans to attend this event. You guys are awesome (infinity+1), lol.

  • wait I’m having a vision I see..wait I see twenty…twenty eight rings in New York’s future.

    what’s your poison Chris dodgers,giants or angels?

  • Hey Jeff I’ll be flying into SFO from NY again so I will definitely be trying out for this 1.

  • I already have the game pre-ordered and guaranteed to arrive on the launch date. If I had free time and didn’t already pre-order, I’d be willing to attend.

  • The only event i have to look forward to ever, is Fan Expo in Toronto. at least Sony does something for us *Hockey Champions* once a year. better than nothing, amirite?

  • Great advertising job by the way, but I think you mixed up the logo at the end… Oh, wait, that was for the OTHER system that they were advertising.

    I look forward to picking up a cheap, second-hand copy sometime in the indefinite future.

  • Final Fantasy 13? No thanks. I don’t like on-the-rails “RPG”s. I’ll get the superior Resonance of Fate instead. I don’t buy gimped games.

  • Can I take the quiz just for fun? lol Too bad I’m not anywhere near there.

  • So when will the results of who won be revealed?

  • jeff:
    why did i see a ffXIV commerical for the crapbox and not for the ps3?

  • i meant ffxii

  • errr fxiii

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